The First Friday Agenda August 2009

The First Friday Agenda August 2009

August, 06, 2009, by David

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Ben McKeown at the Busy Bee

First Friday Map and Guide to the Art Exhibitions >

The rain is gone and the humidity has eased up, so it should be a comfortable night to do some gallery hopping. With some great photography and group shows, this First Friday should be busy for the dog days of summer.

If you missed the special Thursday night opening that featured Yuxtapongo and are feeling like a die hard, you can catch Translucence at Miriam Preston Block Art Gallery before 5:00. Otherwise, try to find some time during normal business hours to check out this exhibit featuring photographs by Ron Ward and paintings by Melissa Katherine.

Artspace has a lot going on, including a group show called Reconsidered featuring artists from the Summer Artists-in-Residence Program spanning 1999-2008. Reconsidered features the work of Grimanesa Amorós, Laura Berman, Eileen Doktorski, Ann Marie Kennedy, IlaSahai Prouty, Carrie Scanga, Anthony Ulinski, and Sherri Lynn Wood. The Upfront Gallery at Artspace has Plain Geometry & Natural Wonders featuring woodwork by Keith Allen and paintings by Warren Hicks. Although working in different media, the artists decided to exhibit together after noting a similar interest in geometry and rhythm within their works. The lobby features Kerri Eckes’s Dress Up, an exhibition that explores costume as a form of unspoken communication. Additionally, David Eichenberger and Shaun Richards have taken up residence at Artspace, so drop by and welcome them.

Rebus Works has a nice array of ceramics in View: New Ceramics. Juried by former Raleigh ceramicist Meredith Brickell, she has brought together the work of Joseph Pintz, Lynn Duryea, Mitch Kimball, and New Raleigh’s Tim Ayers. Though the works are diverse, they all are influenced landscape, be it urban, suburban or rural.

New Raleigh’s Ben McKeown has a stunning series of photographs at Busy Bee. The series, Heavyweights, was shot during a heavyweight boxing bout at the fairgrounds earlier this year. Rebecca Necessary and Susanna Birdsong have photographs at Morning Times Gallery that pay respect to the number people experiencing homeless in NC. The show, Finding Home,  will travel to cities around the state and sales will benefit the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness (NCCEH). Points of View Photography Gallery has Edie Shimel’s photo series Echoing Empire. These black and white photographs draw a correlation “between the anxieties of persons living during the Industrial Revolution and those of people living today in regards to the use and waste of the landscape.”

One of the more unique events this First Friday is at 101 Lounge. Billie Karel of New Raleigh and Toxic Free NC has organized Love Bug: The Great Bug Draw Off & Art Exhibit. Featuring live drawing competitions between some of Raleigh’s favorite illustrators, the event will have several heats and auctions. Sales will benefit local non-profit Toxic Free NC. For more details and schedules, see Billie’s feature here.

AIA of NC will also show off previous architecture design award winners at their downtown office- the old city water tower- right downtown on Morgan street near its corner with McDowell.

As always, Blacklisted will be going down at 5 Star with the usual lineup of Thien, Prince, Son of Sam, and special guest Sami Automatic. Additionally, Yes! sputnik will host the Wet Hot American Dance Party at Jackpot following Bike First Friday. Bike First Friday will meet at the Bell Tower at 7.

Be sure to check out other First Friday offerings listed on our guide.

First Friday Map and Guide to the Art Exhibitions >

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  • Marcus
    08/07 09:05 AM

    That boxer’s left hand says it all.  Wow.

  • elizabethbradford
    08/08 04:42 PM

    nice rundown on the arts.  I always love it when you write an article.

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