The First Friday Agenda: November 2010

The First Friday Agenda: November 2010

November, 05, 2010, by David

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Devil Dowsing, Lee Misenheimer @ Lump

First Friday Map and Guide to the Art Exhibitions >

This month opens new work at Flanders, Lump, Morning Times, designBox and ArtSpace and special group shows at Visual Art Exchange and the Raleigh Furniture Building.

Flanders will open with a huge show of North Carolina photography.  The show represents the who’s who of photographers in the area, work by photographers in collector Allen Thomas Jr.’s collection. Many have exhibited in museums, and nationally.  The list includes: Keliy Anderson-Staley, Tim Briner, Jesse Burke, Katrina d’Autremont, Ian F.G. Dunn, Nils Ericson, Dan Estabrook, Jody Fausett, Taj Forer, Anthony Goicolea, Allison Hunter, Michael Itkoff, Bill Jacobson, Sara Anne Johnson, Carrie Levy, Chris McCaw, Pamela Pecchio, Kristine Potter, Francesca Romeo, Kerry Skarbakka, Tema Stauffer, Bill Sullivan, Tim Tate, Brian Ulrich, Burk Uzzle, Stacy Lynn Waddell, Shen Wei, Jeff Whetstone, and Cosmo Whyte.  This show is up through January 2nd but tonight’s opening ends promptly at 8:50 pm.  Catch it while you can.

Lump brings back NC born NYC artist Lee Misenheimer, an artist who we are very excited to see.  The above work may not be part of this show, but it gives a good example of eastern influenced painting-like illustrative style that Misenheimer has developed.  The artist attended ECU so this visit won’t feel unfamiliar.  Still we owe him a good attendance, the work is fabulous.

The Morning Times hosts Allison Overton.  From the tiny preview pic we are expecting something dark.  This young Raleigh artist has evolved quite a bit through the years, and is always worth checking in on. 

designBox has the ever popular Paul Fredrick’s newest works.  Stop in for pop character satisfaction.  This prolific illustrator is always on to the next one.

Visual Art Exchange hosts SLUGFORK the brainchild of two of the quirkiest artists in town, Yes Sputnik! and crittervision aka Tuv Squad - expect all things slug tonight and tomorrow as they present, videos, music, illustrations and other art all inspired by nature’s slime balls.  Saturday will include performances by: VVAQRT / A. Stroud / Neil Prewitt / YOHIMBE / Secret Boyfriend / Spring Roll / Bone Slugs in Harmony / Noise Trauma / Spring Roll / Sex Mouth

119 East Hargett Street (check our map) or the “Raleigh Furniture Building” is Empire Properties hosting the prodigical partner Tracy Spencer’s curated show of UNC MFA student’s cross media works by:  Carolyn Butler, Lee Delegard, Travis Donovan, Ashley Florence, Cora Lim, Lydia Anne McCarthy, Jessye McDowell, Chris Musina, Hollin Norwood, Jason Osborne, Ray Padron, Neill Prewitt (Is there anything this guy doesn’t do?!), Jonathan Sherrill, Seoun Som, and Tracy Spencer.

As always you can ride bikes with the “Bike First Friday” Crew. Meet at the Belltower at 7pm with locks, lights and your best in cycling fashion.

Preview the shows:

First Friday Map and Guide to the Art Exhibitions >

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  • Photographer
    11/05 01:51 PM

    This month Flanders Gallery has one of the best photography exhibits Raleigh has ever seen.

    That is certainly a must see too.

  • sadslacks
    11/05 02:04 PM

    Definitely check out Flanders.. I peeked in at the show on Wednesday and it is top notch!!!!!

  • sean
    11/05 02:21 PM

    slugfork! fun!

  • Todd Morman
    11/06 08:26 PM

    That Flanders show really is amazing - tons of rich, unusual photography. It’s beautifully curated, too, with an obviously thoughtful take on the arrangement of pictures. Definitely one of the best gallery shows I’ve seen in Raleigh this year. The Lee Misenheimer drawings are a lot of fun at Lump, too - an odd mix of organic swirling loops and beasts from oriental mythology. The main gallery at Artspace seemed to be a hit, lots of folks taking pictures with the cast heads reflected in mirrors. Not something you see every day, and kind of cool. That’s all I had time for (except for the percussion/hula hoopers on Hargett again - is that a regular first Friday thing now?), but it sure felt like a full evening of neat art.

    11/08 11:59 PM

    “This is America 2.0!!” - Slugfork

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