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November, 05, 2008, by David

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The first black president surfs into a big win with over 90% of the black vote and 43% of the white vote (similar to Clinton’s numbers).  Surprisingly numbers for first-time and black voters did not increase from four years before, still sitting at 11% and 13% respectively.  Groups with income under $100,000 and over $200,000 overwhelmingly elected the senator with opposition coming from those making between 100 and $150,000.  It is said Parisians celebrated as much as Democrats here in the states.  N.C.‘s numbers are still too close to call, with Obama barely in the lead. 

After the greatest election day of our lifetimes, one that represents a reprimand on the Bush era, how do you feel?  Hung over with joy?  Downtrodden because your folks lost? What do you expect come January?

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  • VotedforObama
    11/05 12:57 PM

    Very skeptical, but still hopeful, that Obama will actually follow through on at least a few of his promises.  He is still a politician after all so that is where the skepticism comes in…

  • carolinablue22
    11/05 01:30 PM

    I respect your opinion, but I am not at all skeptical.  After all, we are only human and of course the road will be difficult and he may NOT be able to fulfill all his promises in the next four years but he basically addressed that in his speech last night.  You are right, he is still a politician, but I think he ran one of the most amazing campaigns in world history. I am elated, relieved, joyful, in awe, hopeful, thankful, and I know that I, too, will have to continue to learn and work for the good of our country.  I think Barack needs us to do this, we all know that he can’t do it alone.  Congratulations to Obama and to the USA!!!

  • NPD
    11/05 01:53 PM

    I like Obama but have no delusions that anything significant will change in the U.S.-we are a very static/staid society with the basic philosophy of “give me mine”. Look at all the referendums around the country that failed (this was not a progressive landslide in any which way, shape, or form).

  • ready
    11/05 02:15 PM

    it’s very exciting.

    i hope that he can pull through on some of his promises. i’m optimistic.

    i don’t think much will change.

    i’m happy for him and for america and for me.

    i’m also very over it. we accomplished a major milestone in electing an african american; however, all of our social and progressive amendments across the country lost.

  • Bobby McDonald
    11/05 04:14 PM


    I agree that the basic philosophy of the US population over the past (at least) 2 decades has been “give me mine”.  I am convinced however, that the attitude is changing.  I say that for two reasons:

    1) Obama supports paying for college educations for those students who are willing to do 100 hrs of community service per semester (giving back).

    2) The youth of this country came out in outstanding numbers to support their candidate.  Never again can the youth of the country be called apathetic.

  • Michael
    11/05 05:17 PM

    Never say never. Or, whatever.

  • Johnny
    11/05 11:12 PM

    bodysurfing is harder than you think

  • David
    11/07 02:52 PM

    Your examples of how the attitude is changing appear to be just more of the same “Give me Mine.”  How about people who do community service for free, instead of whatever 100 hours works out to if given a free education ($1000/hr?).  How about showing rising giving to churches and food banks?
    It’s also great that more people are voting.  It always drove me crazy that people did not in such numbers, but for what? Did they vote to “Give me more” (“free healthcare”, education, tax breaks for those that don’t pay taxes).

    I was surprised to see him IN the water and not walking on top of it as the media claims he does.

  • tj
    11/11 02:21 PM

    why is he considered black, not white or mixed?  have never understood why one part black means all black.  he’s as much white as he is black.  even tiger woods yesterday commented on how great it was to have an ethnically mixed (as opposed to black) president.

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