The Olde Snap: Cockfight

The Olde Snap: Cockfight

November, 11, 2010, by Ladye Jane

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Found this photo in the archives of the Raleigh City Museum simply labeled “Cockfight” with no information on the people, location, or date. The main indicator of when this photo was taken is that a few of the men seem to be wearing Civil War soldier uniforms.

Here’s a closer look for more detail.

UPDATE: I hate having photos in our archives that aren’t labeled, so did some digging on this photo after I posted the article. I was actually able to locate the photo and info in the Library of Congress database. Turns out the above image was not taken in Raleigh. It was taken between 1862-65 at Gen. Orlando B. Willcox’s headquarters in Petersburg, Va. Still an interesting photo though, so I’m going to leave it up.

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