The Pit Named “Secret Restaurant of Celebrity Foodies”

June, 20, 2009, by Christian

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Budget Travel Magazine’s June 2009 issue names the Pit a “secret restaurant of celebrity foodies. Check it out here!

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  • Phillo
    06/20 04:49 PM

    Budget Travel Magazine.  That’s funny.  I’ll have to rush out and buy a copy. ~

  • corey3rd
    06/22 11:18 AM

    who is Patrick Ford?

  • Carl
    06/22 11:36 AM

    Who ‘on a budget’ is eating at the Pit ?

  • arthurb3
    06/22 11:50 AM

    I think they pay for these “advertisements” just like professionals pay to be in “who’s who in America” ect.

  • Celebrity Worship
    06/22 01:00 PM

    Patrick Ford = creator of Bone Suckin’ Sauce.  Didn’t know he was a celebrity.

  • jnw
    06/23 02:18 PM

    Whatever happened on the Bobby Flay Throwdown with Ed Mitchell and the Pit? I know it was broadcast but I never heard the outcome.

  • corey3rd
    06/23 02:51 PM


    Bobby Flay got beatdown with his twice cooked ribs. he started cooking them over at the Brownstone hotel parking lot before taking them over for a final firing. He screwed up again on a rib challenge since he refuses to at least go with an apple based sauce to make it taste different.

  • Charlie
    07/05 02:53 AM

    Flay lost cause he mixed Eastern and Western NC styles. They’re both great, but you have to pick one and go with it. Only a moron would mix them (though I do love Flay)

    That said, The Pit seems to have an oddly good PR department. Too bad, cause there are much better q joints in NC

  • LB
    08/11 11:13 AM

    Small data sample, but the one time I ate at The Pit it was average at best. [I did like the feel and layout of the place.]  I think they have a great marketing budget because this place is everywhere. I will try it again at some point, but would not want this place to rep my cities best BBQ.

  • arthurb3
    08/11 12:12 PM

    I am with LB. It has nice atmosphere but the food is average. All the pretty people go there!

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