The Rockford on Glenwood South Closed

The Rockford on Glenwood South Closed

April, 06, 2010, by Jedidiah

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photos by John Morris at Goodnight, Raleigh

The Rockford announced on its Facebook page today that it has closed permanently. The Rockford has been on Glenwood South for 15 years, help leading the way in revamping the area into a nighttime district.

We called the restaurant and received only an answering machine saying they are still open regular hours, but sadly this is not the case. This is very sad news for a lot of folks in the downtown area as the Rockford was a great place for a family lunch, a first date, a work meeting, a beer alone at the beer and just about any other reason you can think of going to a restaurant or bar.

The reactions to this include “no fucking way” to “this brings tears to my eyes” to “sucks dude” to “OMG” to “is the Jackpot gone too?” Seriously a sad loss, kinda like when they took the Tuna Steak Sandwich with wasabi mayo off the menu.

Dear Friends, Thank you for the 15 years plus of good times and great memories. Sad to announce that Rockford is now closed permanently. Many thanks to the wonderful crew of talented and beautiful individuals whom I had the pleasure to work with. All will be missed. Love, Rockford

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  • danimal
    04/06 01:44 PM

    there goes my last reason to go to glenwood south.

  • Peter_K
    04/06 01:50 PM

    A sad day indeed

  • Kristin
    04/06 01:52 PM

    It is true. Micheal called all of us today. Very sad indeed.

  • DPK
    04/06 01:53 PM

    What?!  No!  I refuse to believe this.  This was like the first restaurant I ever went to when I moved to Raleigh on Glenwood South!  :(

  • EE Welch
    04/06 01:54 PM

    Hey guys, April fools only works on April 1st…oh…you’re serious…DAMN IT.

    Hopefully they find another spot to reopen.

  • Dan London
    04/06 02:00 PM

    man…it will be missed. It was hands-down the best place to eat in the area.

    I was actually in there on Saturday night and there was no indication that it was closing.

  • Tyler Durden
    04/06 02:00 PM

    I’m weeping. Heavily.

  • Ben
    04/06 02:02 PM

    Sounds fishy.  I was there recently as well too and there was no indication of it closing.  That place was always hopping.  This sounds really shady to me.  Any employees know the scoop?

  • Andy W.
    04/06 02:06 PM

    Oh wow…this is so sad.  This was by far one of the best places to eat on Glenwood.  It is going to be sorely missed.  It had great atmosphere, a great bar, and great food.

  • T-Plain
    04/06 02:06 PM

    What the hell happened?

  • Kristin
    04/06 02:08 PM

    I wrote the facebook post. There will be no other location. Business at Rockford has been very slow for a long time and it could no longer sustain itself.
    Support independent business, frequent your favorite places. Rockford would like to thank all of our customers and regulars, you are the best. I, for one, will miss you guys.

  • Drew
    04/06 02:08 PM

    My favorite place downtown.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of places.  For me, you couldn’t beat the value for the quality and taste of the food.


  • Jeff
    04/06 02:10 PM

    never heard of it, so i guess i wont miss it.  sucks tho…

  • Dan
    04/06 02:15 PM

    wow. It was always crowded when I came in (aside from early sat night this week). I guess it was all of the non-peak hours that were too slow to keep it going.

    very sad.

  • kay
    04/06 02:15 PM

    I love the Rockford, this makes me sad. It was like the little gem of GlenSo. :(

  • T-Plain
    04/06 02:17 PM

    I’m trying to remember being there when it *wasn’t* crowded.

  • Jonathan
    04/06 02:17 PM

    Wow this is terrible.  The Rockford was probably one of my top 5 Raleigh restaurants, and one of the few places giving a bit of diversity to Glenwood South in terms of restaurant/bar options.

  • Caroline
    04/06 02:20 PM

    I am very saddened by this news! I always enjoyed my time at the Rockford and have great memories there. I hope everyone that made up this fantastic wait staff and BOH team find success somewhere else. You all inspire our spirits and put smiles on our faces.

  • miamiblue
    04/06 02:22 PM

    In my three years living in the Glenwood South area, I only ate at Rockford once, but not for lack of trying. Every time we went there for dinner it seemed there was always a 45+ min. wait for a table. Usually we were just too hungry to wait that long.

    I’m definitely bummed because we really liked it when we did get a chance to eat there. Maybe things were different at other times of the day or week, but the Thurs., Fri., Sat. evening business certainly didn’t give the impression of slow business.

  • Chris
    04/06 02:26 PM

    the waitstaff there was always rude and not attentive at all. no wonder it hasnt been busy for a while.

  • Kirk Bennett
    04/06 02:34 PM

    So sorry to see you go.  Thanks for some great times.

  • Mishaun
    04/06 02:41 PM

    This is a shock! I am very sad. This was my all-time favorite place to meet friends. Thank you for all the memories I had.

  • luke
    04/06 02:54 PM

    wow! i used to go there all the time, but i haven’t been back much in the last 5 years. it got to be too hard to get to with the heavy Gle-So traffic outside. what a bummer.
    i used to love that you could tell who was bar tending before you went up the steps depending on what music was playing.
    i will still never forget Jon’s ‘purple rain’, Claire’s bloody marys (best ever), or that HUMONGOUS shot of makers mark Cheetie poured me the night before thanksgiving in 2003…or the hangover i had thanksgiving of 2003…..

  • Ron
    04/06 02:54 PM

    Awful news, I am very sad about the Rockford moving on…  One of the few really cool and inexpensive spots on S. Glenwood!

  • L
    04/06 03:01 PM

    why…..... (tears)

  • Jennie
    04/06 03:08 PM

    When there for lunch today and thought I was going to cry.  I had to stand there for like 2 minutes rereading the sign.  My friend was looking around for the cameras thinking this must be a prank.  Very heartbroken….

  • Ford
    04/06 03:14 PM

    The only complaint I’ve ever had about the Rockford was having to wade through a sea of douche to get there. It was by far the best restaurant on glenwood south, and the best sandwiches in town. Where else can you get lagunitas IPA for $3 a pint?

  • Richard slater
    04/06 03:17 PM

    Oh no! We love that place. We went there a few weeks back for lunch and had a great meal, as usual. I first went there in the early 1990’s, and have been going ever since. So Sad!

  • andra
    04/06 03:18 PM

    im so bummed have lots of good memories there…was such a cool place to eat and get the evening started…

  • t
    04/06 03:30 PM

    No more Mission Style Burrito :(

  • Jeff
    04/06 03:33 PM

    A sad day indeed. The Rockford was an institution long before there was a Glenwood South. I know in the evenings there was often a long wait to get a seat. Although the service was often rude, the food was good, the place was great, the bartenders good and it had the best location. It really was a good locals place that the new hip crowd trolling up and down Glenwood missed.

  • Not Nearly As Cool As I Think I Am
    04/06 03:36 PM

    I would like to take this opportunity, in commenting on a lost Raleigh landmark, to take underhanded shots at anyone who dared go anywhere else on Glenwood South.  If you need me, I’ll be standing in front of my bedroom mirror stroking my beard with one hand and holding my PBR with the other.

  • MKM
    04/06 03:41 PM

    I, for one, would have been happy to pay more for my food & drinks there - well worth it!! Wish they had tried that to see if it helped before closing down. I will sorely miss The Rockford : (

  • Richard Slater
    04/06 03:43 PM

    also no more ABC (apple bacon and cheddar), asian tilapia, cannellini, caesar salad or black bean hummus. Or from way back to over 10 years ago the rare roast beef….

  • Josh
    04/06 03:44 PM

    I would like to thank the Rockford for being the first bar to ever get me completely smashed while still underage. I will miss you deeply. It was one of about 5 places in Raleigh that aren’t extremely lame.

  • Phil
    04/06 03:44 PM

    I always assumed the lack of visible signage was evidence of the strength of their business.  I’m no marketing expert, but any chance that actually indicating your presence on the street to random people walking by would have been worth the reduced cred if it helped keep your business alive?

    Anyway, I’m definitely among those sad to see Rockford go.

  • Alex
    04/06 03:47 PM

    good sammies are still available at Sadlacks

  • Louise
    04/06 03:54 PM

    We can’t take our favorite local businesses for granted!  We say “how sad” when a place closes, but if we haven’t been there in months….This was always one of my first stops with out of town guests and my “secret” lunch spot for those not in downtown regularly. I’ll miss it!

  • TSnow27604
    04/06 04:03 PM

    I have no idea of their financial situation, their lease, or anything else but it is hard to believe that “lack of business” is the reason they closed.  Like everyone else has said, they were always busy.  Lunches and dinners.  And it seems they were a lot more busy than other places that are still plugging along too.  Was there an attempt to sell it?

  • corey3rd
    04/06 04:08 PM

    Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded”
    —-Yogi Berra

  • katdesign83
    04/06 04:25 PM

    nooooooooo!!!!!! I used to go there all the time. ALL the time. Sad that it’s closing.

  • -J
    04/06 04:31 PM

    If anybody wants to join me I’ll be perched in front of the door with a fifth of Jose.

  • matt
    04/06 04:33 PM

    A terrible loss for the area. I have a clear conscience,though, having continued to eat there too often and drop large chunks of money on good drinks while enjoying excellent music. And I don’t have anything bad to say about the staff either - I never saw any rudeness of any kind, just familiarity. Finally, I am also gonna miss the Mission Burrito. I always felt like that place was my very own, and I’m so sad it’s closed. Nothing can take its place.

  • smitty
    04/06 04:46 PM

    Goodbye old friend.

  • Mimi
    04/06 04:52 PM

    How is the rockford closing and an overrated piece of crap like Irregardless still in business?  No justice!

  • j0hn
    04/06 04:58 PM

    Truly the end of an era. I’ll miss the Rockford as much as I still miss the Stingray. Those who use the word GloSo will now rule the roost completely. :(

  • Dan from Detroit
    04/06 05:05 PM

    I haz a big sad - I loved that place & just ate there for lunch last week.  Since moving from Detroit it was the only fun independent eatery I always knew would be delicious and affordable (Remedy not included).  Now I have to face the dragon shirters without an ABC or Blue Max in my gullet.

    Suck with a capital F

    /favorite place in Raleigh now gone… Hey Sitti - you close now and I swear to God I’m moving to Portland

  • Kate
    04/06 05:07 PM

    My family and I have eaten at the Rockford many a time.  I feel terrible I hadn’t visited in recent months.  Sorry I wasted my dining dollars visiting that plasticky diner joint on Glenwood South and trying other new places :-( sorry guys!

  • Miss K.C.
    04/06 05:13 PM

    Very sad. The Rockford was maybe the first place I found when I got here that hinted to me that Raleigh might actually be a cool town.
    Their prices were always really good and, with so many obvious fans, I bet they could have raised them a bit without much fuss (except from the people who have to fuss over everything.)I wonder if that would have made a difference.
    Rockford, you’ll be missed.

  • James
    04/06 05:16 PM

    I’m not surprised in the least bit.  The wait staff was always rude.  There have been countless complaints.  Good food can only take you so far.

  • Matt
    04/06 05:16 PM

    Great beer at a great price. Gone. DAMN!

  • tw
    04/06 05:35 PM

    Anyone out there have contact information for the owner?  Maybe an email?  If so, can you let me know?  Thanks.

  • spookyjon
    04/06 05:40 PM

    Really surprised to hear that, and it does sound awfully strange that they weren’t making enough money to sustain the business.  I’ll miss ‘em.

  • gonzo
    04/06 05:41 PM

    “Business at Rockford has been very slow for a long time and it could no longer sustain itself.”

    I don’t believe this is actually true.  From what I understand, financial mismanagement was an issue.

  • John
    04/06 05:43 PM

    WOW!  We just went there Friday for dinner.  As good as always!  Such a shame.  Thanks for 15 years!

  • Mary
    04/06 05:43 PM

    This is the saddest thing ever.  I’m seriously depressed.

  • Ellen Hartzoge
    04/06 05:55 PM

    too sad and am very shocked…I too thought it to be bustling most of the time! 
    Hasta lluega, mission style burrito- you were the best ever. 
    It’s really too sad when a unique, independent spot closes like this b/c there are too many silly restaurants and skeezy places junking up Glenwood south.

  • Kurt Schlatzer
    04/06 06:07 PM

    I almost rented that space before the Rockford did. I’m glad I didn’t because Elizabeth and I really enjoyed spending Friday evenings there. It was always fast, cheap and consistently good. We probably dropped more than $14,000 there over the last 10+ years. Thanks to Michael and all the staff for great food and memories. I’m going to go build a shrine with all those little paper receipts now…

  • Jimmy
    04/06 06:24 PM

    With all this outpouring of fans and only a few people saying the service was rude is pretty funny.

    You obviously are a pain in the ass to wait on.  Everywhere you go the service hates you, so don’t take it out on The Rockford who is scoring and A+ right here.  I’ve worked in the service industry before and I know your kind.

  • uncwgirl77
    04/06 06:38 PM

    No——say it isn’t so. How can the Rockford be closed?! I loved the ABC——my world won’t be the same without it. I live in Glenwood South, and the Rockford was one of my favorite neighbors. My day has been pretty shitty, and this seems to be the icing on the poop cake that has made up my Tuesday. Rest in Peace, Rockford. You will be missed and remembered fondly.

  • Synaesthesiac
    04/06 06:44 PM

    This is not so surprising.  With all the Fayetteville St. activity, there are sufficient dining/nightlife options away from Glenwood South for satisfying those with refined taste.  Raleigh is becoming developed enough to support distinct cultural districts.  Think of the dozens of distinct districts in NYC (anyone with more NYC knowledge than me could probably match up Raleigh districts to their NYC equivalents).  Rockford was the oddball compared to everything else going on in Glenwood South.  It really belongs near the Fayetteville St. area.  It would be awesome to reopen it on Fayetteville or Wilmington where there are plenty of second floor properties with a similar vibe.

  • betty
    04/06 06:44 PM

    @Gonzo: I also doubt “business is slow” explanation. It’s always crowded when I’m there. If that was really the problem, maybe they could have tried putting a sign above the door or any number of measures ... so, clearly there’s another reason for this.

  • Julia
    04/06 06:47 PM

    Anyone have the recipe for their sweet potato quesadilla? I crave it every day and the thought of it not being satiated is excruciating. Been going there for nearly every birthday for years. This is sad.

    Can anyone varify whether the rumours of Jackpot closing are true or not? Been hearing rumours for awhile but they finally sound more convincing with the closing of Rockford.

    Also, I’d like to say that my thoughts are with everyone I know who has been employed by them. I’m sorry and good luck on your journey for income.

    You can always try Lilly’s Pizza (ka-POW).

  • ghost
    04/06 06:49 PM

    “Business at Rockford has been very slow for a long time and it could no longer sustain itself.”

    “I don’t believe this is actually true. From what I understand, financial mismanagement was an issue. “

    Have you been there recently? Every time I’ve gone (about once a week for lunch) it’s been about 1/4 to 1/3 full. I’ve constantly said “where the hell is everybody”. The food was great and it will be sincerely missed.

    I’m craving an ABC. Fuck.

  • BP
    04/06 07:22 PM

    I can’t believe I ate there last night… so glad I did.  This restaurant was so beloved in Raleigh, if they had announced that they were closing a month ahead of time, it would have been packed and could have made a lot of money.  That much is obvious from all the posts.  They could have even made a party of it, and gone out with a bang.  Such a shame…

  • kimbo
    04/06 08:08 PM

    You were my first “Cheers”. It always felt like I was going to a secret meeting in a Treehouse…which made it that much more fun to watch the douches down below.  I am sorry you’re gone but I am proud that you didn’t sell out. I had my first date with Derek there , four years ago. Goodbye old friend.

  • MJones
    04/06 08:23 PM

    About a year ago, I took a friend from Charlotte to the Rockford.  After about 10 minutes in the place, he was ready to give Charlotte the middle finger and move here…
    Very cool spot with great eats.  It will be sorely missed.

  • Drew
    04/06 09:06 PM


  • Psalm
    04/06 09:19 PM

    :( I never had a chance to go there!

  • abbsouth
    04/06 09:36 PM

    beyond bad news… how can that area sustain so many Irish-ish pubs in the area (Natty Greenes? Napper Tandy’s? Hibernian? and whatever Tobacco Road is?) and yet lose the one place where there was really decent food, really good prices, and really excellent folk? i am at a loss.

  • uncwgirl77
    04/06 09:47 PM

    No—-say it isn’t so. How can the Rockford be closed? I love the ABC—-my world won’t be the same without it. I live in Glenwood South, and the Rockford was one of my favorite neighbors. Rest in Peace, Rockford. You will be missed and remembered fondly.

  • M. Miller
    04/06 09:50 PM

    Sad, indeed. As Kristin commented, support local business. It is most important in progressing the culture of Raleigh. MM

  • BA
    04/06 09:54 PM

    Rockford has been my favorite restaurant in Raleigh for many years. I’m really saddened by this news.

  • will a
    04/06 10:31 PM

    sorry to see you go rockford !!

  • Todd Morman
    04/06 10:45 PM

    This is really where New Raleigh should make a mark and do some investigating. “Why exactly did the Rockford close, anyway?” is just the kind of question New Raleigh was invented to answer.

  • Captain Dipshit
    04/06 10:54 PM

    But I need to rockford out with my cockford out!

  • lastcaseofzima
    04/06 11:29 PM

    too damn bad. gonna miss this place. hopefully it’ll get a backeer and pop up elsewhere and hopefully that spot will get something similar.

  • Van Alston
    04/06 11:32 PM

    Goodbye to one of the true pioneers of Raleigh.  A restaurant that defined a time and place, and will never be replaced.

  • dtrite
    04/06 11:35 PM


    Say it isn’t so.  You’re a landmark - an institution - a friend.  Open back up and I swear I will eat there at least 3 times a week.

  • rob
    04/07 12:01 AM

    I just really really live all of you!

  • Ashley Sue Allen
    04/07 12:12 AM

    My heart broke to hear this tonight!  I ate there yesterday for lunch.  Good crowd.  Super yummy.  Rob served us.  It was Rockford.  It was amazing.  It was another trip that continues to remind me why I love Rockford so and talk it up to friends in the area.

    Sad.  Sad day for Raleigh.  For sure.  And I love the outpouring of comments that let me know I’m not alone in this sentiment.

  • Kathy
    04/07 12:24 AM

    I am really upset to hear the Rockford closed. It was the first restaurant I went to when I moved here 11 years ago. I always take my out-of-town guests there because there’s no other place in Raleigh like it.

  • grif
    04/07 12:25 AM

    Why no advanced notice? I would have loved the chance to have had one last meal before they were gone. I almost went there this weekend but ended up going elsewhere. Now I’m kicking my self. I also doubt that lack of business was the reason they closed—it always seemed plenty busy when I was there.

  • rob
    04/07 01:07 AM

    and when I say live I mean LOVE. I just really really love all of you. Thanks…

  • smitty
    04/07 01:19 AM

    Who was that dude who drank beer on the rocks?

  • William
    04/07 01:48 AM

    Article up on Raleigh Art Architecture & Urbanism

  • Ktran
    04/07 02:22 AM

    Rockford was my hands down top place to go in Raleigh. ATLEAST went there once a month, most recently last week with a date. Told her it was my favorite spot.  Everything was around 8 bucks! Maybe that’s they went under who knows.



  • michelle
    04/07 02:27 AM

    I will miss The Rockford… it was a secret clubhouse hidden on Glenwood South, and I was more then to show its location to as many people as I could.
    If a restaurant can survive 15 years without even a sign up, and then it starts struggling (who of us isn’t these days?) did it not even occur to someone that maybe putting up a sign or throwing an ad out there or two would have brought the crowds back in?  Sure, word-of-mouth carried it this long, but it hardly seems like an effort was made to save it.

    Clearly the number of responses, both on here and on The Rockford’s facebook page prove that a LOT of people cared about this restaurant and are very upset to see it go. Tragic.

  • Raleigh Hipsters Must Die
    04/07 07:36 AM

    Raleigh bar and restaurant owners:

    This is what happens when you cater to hipsters.

    Stingray, Vertigo, Rockford—soon Jackpot, Slims, Landmark, Kings II.

    Stop pandering to pansies. The rest of us have money we want to spend, too.

  • RaleighRob
    04/07 09:17 AM

    I’m surprised too.  Many posts here say “but it was always crowded when I was there…”.  I’m guessing that’s Friday or Saturday night when you were there.
    Get out to your favorite local/downtown restaurants at non-peak times folks.  THAT is how you know if they will last or not.  Having a packed house on Friday or Saturday night doesn’t pay the bills if you’re empty Mon thru Thurs.  Support your favorite places on weeknights whenever you can—-you’ll at least get a table faster anyways!

  • Kris
    04/07 09:56 AM

    I still can’t believe it. Just went there on Monday night. The service was great as usual, the food & beer was delicious as always…no hint of closing the next day! This is/was my absolute favorite restaurant in Raleigh for years. So heartbroken. :(

    Cheers to the waitstaff who’ve always done such a great job & been so kind to me & whomever I’ve come with. I’ll miss this place so much.

  • George Doctoroe
    04/07 09:57 AM

    The Rockford was a wonderful place. Great lunches and a happening night scene.  We will miss it, although must confess we hadn’t been there at night for awhile because of limited parking opportunities around Glenwood South.
    Anyway, a reminder to patronize your locally owned business firms.  They really make a difference in a community.

  • 150
    04/07 10:23 AM

    Rockford was a great asset to Raleigh’s dining options.  It was unique, fun, and a great place to show out of town guest.  This is a loss for the city.

  • Ray
    04/07 10:37 AM

    I want to say thanks to the staff at the Rockford.  In 8 years of going monthly with my wife we always got the best service and had the best time.  Thank you very much for never showing a cheesy faux smile or greeting us with a scripted “Have you been here before?”.  We view the loss of Rockford almost like the loss of a friend. Thank you for providing a special and delightful place that truly has no equal.

  • sha sha
    04/07 10:42 AM

    think it has anything to do w/ the reopening of kings?

  • m
    04/07 10:46 AM

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an outpouring of surprise and sadness from folks around here. It’s a pretty great statement to how much [most of us] love the Rockford. I’ll miss the ABC and Rob’s deadly dirty martinis - best in Raleigh. Mostly I’ll miss being able to go up there and feel at home. Rockford was my favorite place to take out of towners and my fallback whenever I just wanted good food. Doesn’t make any sense to me and saddens me beyond belief. Thanks for all the years and memories.

  • JT
    04/07 10:59 AM

    Where is the Rob fellow going?  He was a kick ass bartender.

  • Andy O
    04/07 11:19 AM

    Just adding to a long list of mourners.  Rockford was wonderful.  The mustard alone was enough to keep me coming back.  The stairs, the 1/2 address, the big windows, the mashed potatoes.  One of the best, maybe the best.

  • MC no longer in Raleigh
    04/07 11:31 AM

    I was very sad to recieve the link to this news today.  This was one of my favorite places back when I lived in Raleigh.  Goodnight, sweet prince.

    Dear RHMD, let me direct you to the Carolina Alehouse - they should be able to cater to all or your needs.  Landmark, Slims, and the Jackpot were where I would go to escape from people like you.  And I am no hipster.

  • alison
    04/07 11:32 AM

    I didn’t realize I’d be so upset over this. =( Rockford was my favorite place to go for delicious vegetarian food, and I was never disappointed in the quality of the food or the service. I think a Rockford recipe book needs to be created!

  • rob
    04/07 11:38 AM

    Smitty, that was Joe. I’ll miss him. JT, I’ll be at the Humble Pie. Please come by.

  • mwbsc
    04/07 12:22 PM

    Wow!  What a shame.  Always know I could count on Rockford for something good and inventive.  Will be sorely missed.

  • L
    04/07 12:25 PM

    I loved the Rockford. I’m glad I was able to eat there last week, to get in one last mozzarella sandwich.

    Can anyone at New Raleigh tell us why it closed? If anyone might reopen it. :)

  • cath
    04/07 12:58 PM

    Rob/“Hamilton”, you are the only bartender for me. Please tell me there will be something bubbly for me to drink at Humble Pie.

  • NicoleinRaleigh
    04/07 01:10 PM

    Everyone who is shocked that another locally-owned business has closed has me rolling my eyes out of my head.

    I am the former owner of a small clothing store that won numerous accolades for ‘Best in the Triangle’. When we had to close because of low sales we had so many people coming in to say, ‘Where will I shop now?!’.  My response? ‘Well, judging from your (lack of) spending history here…....’.

    People - if you want your local places to stay open you need to get out there and spend your money.

  • Kate
    04/07 01:27 PM

    Nicole, you are right, but a lot of us have less spending money than we used to, and things like eating out and new clothes have been put on hold.

    But I don’t know why Raleigh needs so many frickin “Irish” “pubs.”  Bring back the Rockford!!

  • John Deans
    04/07 01:31 PM

    That was the best place to eat and drink in Raleigh, hands down. New Raleigh needs to find out what happened.

  • mahatma
    04/07 01:31 PM

    If you’re looking for another locally-owned restaurant to frequent, there is a great little place right across the street from where Rockford used to be. It’s an Irish bar, owned by a real Irish expat. I can’t think of the name, but the sandwiches are all good. I like the Shepard’s Pie.

    I liked eating at Rockford too. Used to try to go there for lunch during the week, but usually couldn’t get a table.

  • arthurb3
    04/07 03:35 PM

    This should be a reminder to everyone the next time you thing of going to grab a bite to eat or drink. Visit your local establishments. They do not have big corporate accounts to fall back on when business slows like Applebees and the such. Eat local, buy local, support your local business!

  • Shoplocal
    04/07 04:03 PM

    Go get your Starbucks coffee, Brueggers bagel, Super sized Big Mac and $5 foot long while walking right by the independent place.  Then, come blog about how you can’t believe any local place goes out of business.  “Shop Local” is more than that bumper sticker on your car that makes you feel good about yourself.

  • T-Plain
    04/07 06:29 PM

    I am realizing that supply and demand works differently than I thought. If something is supplied by a local, it appears that one had damn well better demand it multiple times per week lest they be labeled a Cary-living, dragon-shirted, Solas-going Walmart-shopper. There is no middle ground. I went to Rockford but apparently not enough. All the people who are wailing about its closing and blaming any stereotype they can think of also apparently didn’t go there enough*, but what’s done is done. If only I never ate at Bojangles the Rockford would still be open. Oh well, back to the tanning bed with me, I want to be nice and orange for my next drunken stagger down Glenwood.

    (* this is all, of course, despite the fact that no one has explained the reason it actually closed)

  • M
    04/07 07:22 PM

    Raleigh Hipsters Must Die -  “The rest of us have money we’d like to spend too”

    There are PLENTY of places to go to eat, drink, dance, etc.
    Just because one place wasn’t your scene doesn’t mean it should fail… Should all the places you don’t like just stop existing? Glenwood South was already 95% places that ‘hipsters’ wouldn’t want to step foot in. Was that 95% not enough for you?

  • roofstain
    04/07 09:00 PM

    Would the owner (s) of The Rockford please contact me if there is any interest on your part AT ALL in REVIVING the (obviously loved) place? Please?
    841-7686, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    And now MY story, seemingly a typical one. First awesome place, second: I went there on a mid week lunch date with a fantastic girl, our conversation was amazing and we were intent on each other, and I (at least) lost track of time. One and a half hours AFTER closing time I looked up and noticed emptiness and the waiter sitting on the edge of the buffet swinging his legs like a kid waiting to go fishing with his Dad. The waiter just WAITED! We were getting on fine having a great talk, and he just sat there for an hour and a half WAITING for us!
    How amazing is that?
    That, in my opinion, is a culture, and a place, worth saving. And ummm..I own a SIGN company, if business slowing was the real reason… were not exactly easy to find the first time, I’m just sayin’  !
    Seriously call me.

  • roofstain
    04/07 09:12 PM

    ok Michael, I just looked you up and left you a message! Call me if you want to revive it. I have ideas forming. I hope all is well with you and wish you the very best.
    -Jim Jackson, Artcraft.

  • Joel
    04/08 02:05 AM

    Turns out ABC is NOT easy as 123.  How will I get that kind of chow again??

  • Dude in Raleigh
    04/08 11:56 AM

    All of the people I know who are complaining about Rockford closing, complained about going to the Rockford.  They complained about bad service, over crowded, having to drive to downtown, and having no where to park. 

    One particular friend said less than a month ago “The Rockford is played out, I do not want to go there anymore.”  Today her facebook status says she is shedding tears every time she thinks about the Rockford closing.  She is just one of the many posers out there wanting to be trendy.

    People, quit being idiots.  If you like somewhere, you need to go there.  I hate these people who jump on the boohoo bandwagon after places close, when they were the dbags who had become too cool for “that place.” 

    Sorry to rant, I am just tired of the fake caring some people have.

    To everyone who went to the Rockford and will truly miss it, I am sorry for your loss.

  • L
    04/08 12:30 PM

    Get a grip haters. NicoleinRaleigh said, “Everyone who is shocked that another locally-owned business has closed has me rolling my eyes out of my head.”

    I’m sad the Rockford closed. And I ate there ALL the time. I waited for ridiculous amounts of time to get a table. I was supporting my local business. Does that mean I’m allowed to be sad??

  • Tucker
    04/08 01:19 PM

    Sad news.. One of my fav places in Raleigh! To the folks saying the waitstaff was rude, I never, never experienced that in my countless visits. I’m in the serving biz and one thing I have learned is that rude people beget rude reactions!

  • Mark E
    04/08 01:24 PM

    Uber bummed, screw chain restaurants. I always thought the business was great there, guess i was mistaken.  Great place for cheap micro-brews.

    320 1/2 will be forever missed..

  • APM
    04/08 02:20 PM

    When my husband and I moved here from NYC, the Rockford reminded us of our former home.  I loved the food, but sadly did not go there often enough.

    I couldn’t agree with Tucker more.  If the waitstaff is rude to you it’s probably because you’re a d-bag to begin with.  Having worked as a server before I can attest to giving bad service to rude customers.  A tip sometimes wasn’t worth my self respect.

  • bc
    04/08 05:38 PM

    -Couldn’t agree with ‘Dude in Raleigh’ more. I hate to see ANY local business close (including the ones you people love to bitch about) but, after reading all of your cries about Jackpot and Rockford, I can’t help but smile.  All you had to do was practice what you preach, but then again, it is a whole lot easier to criticize others anonymously on some blog.

  • sarah emily
    04/09 09:58 AM

    Just want to add to the lamenting.  I also will miss the Rockford.  They close just when I was starting to make going there a ritual.  $3 drafts; gone, gone for good.  Bummer.

  • Margo
    04/09 05:42 PM

    I am sad, but I realize why I stopped frequenting The Rockford.  They tried out all these great specials, but none of them I liked ever made it to the regular menu.  I prefer restaurants that rotate items once in awhile.

    Still, very sad because the ABC is gone :(

  • Andrew
    04/11 12:03 AM

    This stinks. Loved the ABC.  I took my wife to the Rockford for our first date 7 years ago.

  • Aaron
    04/12 12:29 PM

    Another good place to eat and drink bites the dust.

  • Gumpfy Finklegrinder
    04/12 05:07 PM


  • NatalieF
    04/14 02:20 PM

    I’m so glad someone else asked about bartender Rob’s whereabouts.  Best Gin Gimlets I’ve ever been served!  I’ll be coming to Humble Pie for refreshment.

  • Sonya
    04/15 09:10 AM

    My husband and I had our first date at the Rockford followed by pool at Jackpot.  So sad to see the loss of both within a week of each other.  I remember going there the day Barry White died and all the daily specials were named after him and his songs.  I’m still holding out hope for a revival because that place had some magic.

    I heard the tax man caused all this.  There’s your scapegoat if you’re looking for one.

  • Uncle Sam
    04/15 09:18 AM


    The tax man doesn’t cause a business to shut down- NOT PAYING YOUR TAXES sure can, though.

  • impaitaspeefe
    02/27 05:28 AM

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