The Slammer: Raleigh’s Most Wanted on Display.

Caught Red Handed

June, 24, 2008, by Jedidiah

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For many citizens of Raleigh, the biggest complaint at the gas station is the price of gas. But, just as the price of gas rose to $4.00 per gallon in recent months, another eyesore was placed at your local market, The Slammer.  Price?  $1.00. Value? Just a penny more than worthless. Good Comedy or Bad Karma? You make the decision.

The Slammer is, in the company’s own words, “an informative and entertaining weekly newspaper that focuses on local crime in a straightforward, humorous and revealing manner.” While this is the rag’s intention, the outcome is a bit less graceful than publications such as The Onion, The Smoking Gun and local independent papers which feature “dumbest criminal” sections. Many times these columns are based on true stories, but names are changed and details become hyperbolic in nature to exaggerate the humorous nature of the crime. One section of The Slammer, entitled Wanted, does exactly this, exaggerating stories of criminals for the price of humor. Sadly, this can’t be said for the rest of the newspaper, which blatantly exposes mugshots of Raleigh criminals, hoping for a laugh or two….. All of these criminals have been arrested in the previous week and have not been found guilty of the crime that has plastered them onto the front page of this source.

Sure The Slammer states on their website that “once you were arrested, you became a statistic. As a public record, news organizations have the right to publish your arrest information. We hope you weren’t wrongly accused.” Does this make it kosher? When does a right to expose equal the right to humiliate? Although humiliation and humor are similar in phonics, their definitions are fundamentally different.  And, according to this this Craigslist posting - “The Slammer offers the best ROI and dollar for dollar advertising investment available anywhere in the Charlotte Metropolitan area. We’ll guarantee it!” Let’s see, in this week’s issue there is a couple of “Get Debt Free” ads, a Real Estate ad, two bail bonds ads, an ad for the buying of Junk Vehicles for minimum $150 cash, and one for a Criminal Record Web Search engine.  Quality advertising with quality distribution?

The cover of The Slammer comes off as an advertisement poster for Jerry Springer, which was labeled, by many, the lowest form of entertainment possible. Maybe the reality show overindulgence that has graced televisions in the past 10-20 years has started to trickle down into even lower forms of “entertainment”. Seeing this in gas stations makes Raleigh seem like a town without grace, a town without style. We can map crime all we want to create awareness and read about daily crime in the local bigwig newspapers, but griding mugshots throughout a 30 page publication is not progressing Raleigh’s culture one bit. Money is spent weekly on this publication and for what?  Humor? Laughing at someone’s misfortunes is disgraceful and only continues to segregate society.  So, instead of spending a buck on The Slammer, give it to someone who needs it.  Maybe it’ll keep them from ending up on the cover.

I’ll end with one more quote from The Slammer. For many this may seem like good ‘ole comedy, for others it could stir up thoughts of bad karma….

“We agree that crime is a very serious problem in our community. The Slammer has every intention to help reduce crime, locate missing persons, bring fugitives to justice and provide information that assists authorities in making our communities safter. If you don’t like to laugh, please just skip over the funny parts “

Some may enjoy laughing at a guy who is wanted for killing a child. Personally, I don’t. I love to laugh, I’m even guilty of laughing at my own jokes, but is this humor or humiliation? be the judge.

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  • BG
    06/24 03:31 PM

    I found a church member in mine who was in for failure to pay taxes. There she was for all of us to judge!

  • Katherine
    06/24 06:24 PM

    This article is horribly pretentious.
    Raleigh is not a town of grace or style. Ever been to Glenwood South? North Raleigh? South Saunders St.? Capital Blvd.?
    The Slammer is not the problem. The problem is that there are so many people being arrested for stupid, selfish, and terrible things everyday. Arrests are public information. If someone wants to spend their money making a $1 publication that informs others about current arrests in Raleigh, I have no problem with that. If you do not want to see a picture of yourself in The Slammer, then don’t drive drunk, don’t fail to appear in court, don’t sell drugs, don’t assalt someone with a weapon, don’t steal, don’t kill anyone, pay your taxes. At the very least don’t give the police the opportunity to think you are doing these things.
    Some of the photos are funny because the person is making a ridiculous face or has a silly hairstyle. It is not funny to see a photo of someone wanted for the murder of a child. It is informational and could possibly lead to the arrest of the alleged murderer.
    I will continue to buy The Slammer for amusement and information about my fellow citizens. And you can continue to complain about it. There are more important things happening in Raleigh.

  • Michael
    06/24 07:50 PM

    Whether this reflects or influences Raleigh’s grace or lack thereof seems irrelevant. On a personal level, if you demean others you also demean yourself. For those who end up in the “Slammer” by incidental misfortune; why add to their humiliation? And for those who are in it because they are shiftless, immoral or mean; why participate in their shame?

  • Logan
    06/24 08:20 PM

    I put The Slammer in the same category as the stocks, the dunce cap, donkey ears, scarlet letters—all devices used throughout history to shame people for their “crimes”. We have a long history of (gleefully) humiliating our fellow citizens, paying a lot of attention to the crime and not the cause. Even though public humiliation is banned by the UN Convention on Civil Rights, it’s not precisely defined which is why you still hear stories of small town judges giving out sentences like making a teenager wear an “I am a Thief” sign around their neck outside a store where they’ve shoplifted. The last paragraph of this Guardian article (re-published at Common Dreams) sums it up nicely. “Americans are great at a lot of things, but sometimes we are not all that great at empathizing with others. We expect people to get themselves together, to pull themselves up by their bootstraps; we sometimes expect public disgrace to compensate for social injustice. Sometimes we would simply rather solve things with a spectacle.” The Slammer = a spectacle. And an embarrassing one for Raleigh. []

  • Katherine
    06/24 10:49 PM

    Pretentious 1. making usually unjustified or excessive claims. 2. expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature.
    The entire article seems excessive and of exaggerated importance.

    Bad Karma? I will have bad karma because I look at people’s arrest photos? Public information is bad karma? I think that the people that were arrested might have the bad karma if they actually committed the crimes for which they were arrested. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t believe in karma.

    Your opinion about people that read The Slammer seems excessive. I do not think that The Slammer was intended to be a “progressive” or intelligent read. It has been informational to me and some people that I know. I have known 2 people whose arrest photos were in The Slammer. I think no less of them. Maybe they broke the law, made a mistake, whatever, and maybe they will pay the consequences. My roommate saw a photo of a former coworker in the registered sex offenders section. I would like to know if I work with a registered sex offender.

    Why is The Slammer so humiliating? If someone was arrested under false pretenses then there should be no embarrassment. Wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to walk around your neighborhood and introduce yourself to your neighbors as a sex offender when you get out of jail and “done your time”? That’s what registered sex offenders have to do.

    There are people that think that being arrested is commonplace and just a hassle or even some sort of right of passage. Some people are even arrested for the same crime, like drunk driving, more than once.  I think you should be embarrassed for being so stupid as to drive a car while you are drunk, or for stealing, or for beating some one, or for molesting or raping someone. I do understand that most of the pictures in The Slammer are of people that have not been convicted and it is plastered all over the pages of The Slammer so I would not think otherwise.

    Again, it seems like to me, the issue is not really The Slammer. The issue is the crime that land these people in The Slammer. You shouldn’t be so enraged with a silly $1 publication, you should be lobbying to better our educational system and community enrichment programs and job market so that less people will be enticed to commit crime or be in a situation where they are arrested.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  • Ryan
    06/25 03:05 PM


    Your arrogance and inability to empathize is evident.  You use other people’s mental illness, misfortunes and bad decisions for entertainment?  Shame on you and your sheltered, callous view of your ‘fellow citizens’.

  • Katherine
    06/25 06:46 PM

    I think you have a very sheltered view of our fellow citizens. If you think the only people committing crimes are mentally ill or people that have fallen on hard times, you are sorely mistaken.
    I think that people make lots of choices. I think that people sometimes make bad choices and I do think there should be some punishment for that. Why shouldn’t someone who decided to get drunk and drive not be punished for their bad choice? They are endangering themselves and others, including you. They can walk or get a cab.
    I do think that someone who is mentally ill or has a disease, such as alcoholism, should have the opportunity to receive medical help and/or guidance. I don’t think people are dispensable or worthless. Everyone is equal in my eyes.
    I cannot feel empathy for someone who has been arrested, because I have never been arrested. I can sympathize with the idea that some of these people made a bad choice, I have made bad choices in my life.
    I am sure you have never laughed at someone in a picture that is making a funny face or has a funny hairstyle. I am sure you have never laughed at someone else’s “misfortune”. I don’t laugh at other’s misfortunes. I laugh at their silly pictures.
    The Slammer is not a new idea. Have you ever seen the television show ‘Cops’? Or the news? Or ‘America’s Most Wanted’? People watch those shows every single day. Am I callous and arrogant for watching the news?

  • tcwhit
    06/25 08:32 PM

    Not everyone that is arrested broke the law.  Cops decide who gets arrested, judges decide who broke the law.  The Slammer jumps in at the midpoint and implies guilt (whether they intend to or not) before due process takes place.  Cops make mistakes, or unjustly arrest people, not all the time, but it definitely happens more often than you think. 

    It’s funny how you list Cops, America’s Most Wanted, and “the news” like they are all sources of similar repute.  The newspaper has a law log that lists arrests, but they do it with more dignity/taste and a lot less Springer-ish.

  • nate r
    06/25 09:45 PM

    Let the Slammer mag go.  Raleigh is so far off from having any sort of crime problem.  If the magazine sucks, then in time it will go away, if it doesn’t suck and people buy it, well good for them, yet another great capitalistic scheme.

    read those stories, and find the humor…

  • Ryan
    06/25 10:41 PM

    We have a system in place to punish people who are found guilty of crimes.  It is the job of our judicial system, not Katherine or The Slammer, to determine guilt and punishment.

    What have we really learned from this discussion?  Angry, unhappy people use the mistakes and bad choices of others to feel better about themselves.  I guess it is cheaper than therapy.

  • Amused-
    06/26 03:51 AM

    The Slammer is exactly what it says it is, “informative and entertaining.” Jedidiah snidely suggests our fair city is irreperably polluted as a result of weekly arrest information being made avilable to the citizenry.

    I believe just the opposite. “It’s the crime, stupid”, not the reporting! Head-in-the-sand political correctness and the mollycoddling of criminals are part of the reason The Slammer fills its pages every week. There is no harm whatsoever in an informed populace- unless you are a fugitive or unregistered sex offender. The Slammer shines a kleig light on the real face of crime in Wake County.

    Jedidiah, (and like minded readers) I suggest that when you or a friend are mugged and beaten downtown you contact The Slammer and ask them not to publish the photo or charges of the accused. You could spare that misguided but decent soul the humiliation of being associated in any way with a criminal act. You can then bail him out, take him to counseling and kindly and gently encourage him to be an upstanding citizen. It’s easy- just put your karma where your mouth is!

  • Michael
    06/26 09:05 PM

    Whether the people pictured in The Slammer deserve what they get or not seems irrelevant. The point is: Do we let the The Slammer degrade the rest of us by paying for the cheap amusement of mocking the deserving (convicted) or the possible undeserving (charged with) that appear in it?

    Just don’t buy it.

  • Rusty
    06/27 11:47 AM

    “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”

    I’ve made my fair share of bad decisions… thankfully nothing that would put me in here, but I definitely know people whose mistakes and bad decisions would / could land them on the pages of this fine periodical. With that in mind, I’ll abstain from this one.

    It appears that self-righteousness is much more prevalent in Raleigh, than crime.

  • daniel
    06/28 03:50 PM

    @michael: i agree with you.

    i think this publication is very sad, just because it does not promote forgiveness and living peacefully. it promotes negativity and permits those who have made some bad mistakes to be shunned by the community. it is the job of good citizens to help those who do these things to better our community and learn from their mistakes. if we do not believe this is possible, then we are probably more of the problem than we think.

    this has nothing to do with faith or god or religion, but rather with living peacefully,  promoting positive living and believing in the potential goodwill of ALL people. i know i sound idealistic and naive, but i really do believe it.

    the slammer will not be around long. there are more good people than bad in this community and this type of publication will not stand on its nubs…especially when it comes to securing advertising for publication of such a questionable nature.

  • Dirty Durham
    06/30 05:48 PM

    It does have a good selection of the latest in corn rows fashion.

  • Franny Fresh
    07/02 02:07 AM

    I find the ‘slammer’ amusing, I have discovered alot of people there which I know personally, and even professionaly. 

    If you dont want to be exposed and made a fool of, dont do anything to get “locked up”.

    Point. Blank. Period

  • Brother Malcolm Abdul Shabazz "You Better BELIEVE
    07/04 08:22 AM

    I was incarcerated without probable cause due to the fact that my faith is not the capitalistic and baptist obedient way, like so many of the men and women of color in the bible belt we call raleigh north carolina are.  The SLAMMER, did nothing but show case my picture under my SLAVE NAME, but I was already in the process of changing my name and from leaving from a Mosque, the PIG CAME FOR ME and some weasel from the SLAMMER took my picture from a line up and posted my assaulted image for everyone to pass judgment on.  Alas by the GRACE of ALLAH, ALL CHARGES WAS DROPPED AND A FORMAL APOLOGY WAS MADE FROM THE AUTHORITIES THAT PLACE ME IN BONDAGE.  THE SLAMMER MADE THAT STORY WORSE AND I DIDNT EVEN COMMIT THE CRIME!  I am in the process of a BAN of the paper and civil actions against the them for defamation of character.  Only fools, stay at home moms, sadists, holier than though worshippers and as my Indian brothers would say, he or she who bears the pale face.  THUMBS DOWN FOR THE SLAMMER AND THOSE LIKE THAT LOST SISTER ABOVE THAT BROTHER RYAN SPOKE OUT AGAINST. 

    “‘God does not judge according to your bodies and appearances but He scans your hearts and looks into your deeds.” Elijah Muhammad

  • Amused-
    07/08 08:09 PM

    Sounds like the Brother should have been committed instead of locked up! Forget about “The Slammer”- this guy needs to be in “The Looney Bin”. Loosen that do-rag up a little, holmes.

  • Comical
    07/10 02:13 PM

    I have to say that after reading some of the comments on The Slammer magazine publication I see where a lot of people are very clueless to somethings. Someone mentioned that if they were obeying the law then they wouldn’t have to worry about their faces being splashed all over a magazine. Well it doesn’t take much to get arrested and for the most part I really think that some of the things taht people get arrested for makes no sense, and then to publically post someone for all to see is just sickening to me. Someting as simple as a driving violation for a break light being out can lead to problems. I do however believe that if someone has commited a serious crime that they need to be looked at as a mockery to society, but something as little as a traffic citation is taking it a bit to far. Some very prestigous peoples faces are splattered for all to see which in turn can cause a lot of problems for that individual down the line. Hey agreed if you do a crime you should pay the price, but to publically post a picture up is not where it’s at.

  • informed
    07/17 11:49 PM

    I discovered through the Slammer that a person that instructs my 5 year old was in trouble with the law.  Was is bad? No.  But it made me realize that you really don’t know what someone in your life might be up to.  If you saw that the guy that lives two doors from you in an apartment building was in the slammer for assault or for a sex crime or anything that could even possibly cause you or your loved ones harm would you not want to know about it.

  • David Kearney
    07/17 11:51 PM

    The Slammer is yet another example of the erosion of individual rights and freedoms, and shame on those who don’t recognize that and try to stand up for the principals on which this country was founded.  These people have NOT BEEN CONVICTED, but are lumped in with those that may be true criminals.  They are defamed regardeless of whether or not they are found innocent.  If any of you believe that the police only arrest the guilty, you are complete imbeciles and puppets of the state.  This deplorable publication ensures that all who are arrested are subjected to public humilitation regardless of whether or not they did the crime. How can anyone think that this is in any way a good thing?  Lighten up hell!  Know that in this town you can be arrested for drunk driving even though you blow below .08, which is the legal limit.  You can be arrested for possession of a narcotic if a friend’s prescription pill fell out in your car.  You can be arrested for assault when you were only defending yourself.  You can be arrested for rape if you are 18 and your girfriend is 17.  The list goes on and on.  So for you holier-than-thou jerks out there who laugh at the predicament of these people and say they got what they deserved, think about how sorry you will be when you find yourself or a loved one wrongly arrested with their reputation forever ruined.  All for the profit of a sleazy company.

  • Brother Malcolm Abdul Shabazz "The REALEST"
    07/21 05:03 AM

    Exactly!  This man CLEARLY understands what the truth behind this paper is.  As for the gentlemen who spoke so colorfully about my turmoil and wrongful prosecution, which has been rectified publicly…I hope you NEVER get picked up for anything.  From your comments, I think you’d get a gender change the 1st day in lock up!  Speak with knowledge not ignorance…holmes~

  • murph
    07/23 01:53 PM

    I’ve never seen this site before and it seems to be patrolled the bleeding heart liberal, PC crowd.

    I personally would like to know if my neighbor was arrested for fraud or a sex crime, etc.  This is public information.  I have a right to know who has been arrested.  I also understand that sometimes people are arrested when they are innocent.  I would rather have my picture there if I was arrested and have a follow up picture posted if I was found innocent.  Otherwise, anyone that heard on the rumor mill that I was arrested would always assume that I was guilty without knowing the facts.

  • Jedidiah
    07/23 01:59 PM


    A: Because you have a right doesn’t mean that it is right to plaster a paper with individuals faces. Ethics come into play here.

    B: Sadly, the Slammer doesn’t work in the way that you stated about the “follow up photo of the innocent ones”. The paper isn’t out for redemption, it’s out to make money by showcasing crime. 

    While you may see New Raleigh as a place for the “bleeding heart liberal, PC crowd”, you won’t see it collaging criminals on its homepage. There are more important issues to cover.

  • murph
    07/23 02:43 PM

    Your comment about this paper is only interested in making money could possibly be true.  I’ve never even seen the thing.  But if I do see it I will buy it.  I believe that a publication that posts this info is valuable.  It should post mugshots of people that are arrested for DUI, violent crimes, theft and any other crime that could have a negative impact on my life.  They should also post follow up pics and stories when/if any of these people are found innocent.  That is also valuable info that i would like to know.  Information is power and “showcasing” crimes as you put it is information that I want to know. 

    One person stated that they found out that someone in their church didn’t pay their taxes.  Who cares.  But that is still public record.  I could care less if my neighbor didn’t pay his taxes.  However, I do care if he is a violent criminal or a thief/scam artist, child predator or anyone that could harm my family in any way.  They also stated that now this person is “judged” by the whole church.  It’s God’s job to judge, not theirs.  So obviously they aren’t exactly practicing what they are learning.

    What do you think of the state sex offenders website?

    The one thing that you said that I really don’t understand is that ethics comes into play here.  How is it unethical to post mugshots of people that have been arrested.  This is public knowledge and I think I have a RIGHT to know this information.  Actually I believe that the county has a responsibility to share this info with society.  They are the ones that should have this kind of website.  Show those that are arrested and follow up if they are found not guilty.

  • David Kearney
    07/23 02:53 PM

    Ideally only people convicted of a crime should be defamed, not those simply arrested. It is obvious from these posts that the average person considers people guilty before being proven innocent, so posting before conviction is definately damaging to a person’s life, public record or not. Would the man who’s child was being taught by the person arrested pull them from class and advise others to do so? What if that person is innocent, which is often the case? The damage has occurred, and trials generally go on for months. If found innocent, do you think some retraction posted in that rag would somehow make it all better? I’m not a bleeding heart, I just have a heart, and a brain to go with it. Use yours, people.

  • Jedidiah
    07/23 02:55 PM

    Well stated David.

  • Victum
    11/23 02:52 AM

    I have been a victum of the paper.  I was arrested for Failure to Appear charge from 1983.  I lived out of NC for 24 years.  It was for a traffic ticket that was paid then.  But due to the years, I was unable to produce the receipt.  I came to visit and was stopped for a out back light.  They ran my present license and stated I had a old NC license and was provoked from driving in NC. I have visisted NC for 24 years and worked in NC a couple of times.  Background checks have been done and nothing was mention about it.  Now, all of a sudden I am arrested for something 23 years ago.  Now my picture is in this paper for it and my family is embarrassed in the small town they are in.  I am hurt, embarassed and depressed.  My career maybe over due to this arrest and publication.  So for those who think that its okay, I pray that no one in your family and yourself is not arrested falsely and see yourself in this paper.  So don’t be so quick to think everyone deserve to be humiliated this way.

  • legal_eagle
    11/23 02:57 PM

    if you don’t like the fact that mugshots are public information, i invite you to lobby to get the law changed. otherwise, you are barking up the wrong tree.

  • niq niq
    12/01 11:32 AM


  • Victum
    12/01 04:17 PM

    I see it is okay to defame a person in this state.  I guess that respect is out the window.  I feel that the person that is running this paper thinks it fun.  Was it fun for you when you was locked up. Then, again, why bother to say that, it probably is the best thing that happen to them.  I hope that God forgive you for doing this.  Because, now I am unemployed and feeling like there is no need to live anymore.  I hope one day someone will see the paper for not helping society but harming the hard working people that are trying to provide for their homes and children.  And respect the law that a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty.  Now they have people judging the person without all the facts.  I pray that no one is killed due to you telling someone that the person did something that they didn’t.  Don’t forget, there are people out there that you helping to harm this person.  May God Be With you and God please forgive them, for they no not what they are doing.  If you believe in the Bible, Jesus was treated the same way and the people that did it almost perish by the hands of GOD.  But Jesus as his Father to have mercy.  I am asking him to have mercy on you all too.

  • Victum
    12/01 04:24 PM

    legal_eagle, its not that the pictures are public information, it is published for entertainment purpose.  See how you feel when a love one of yours is published and the neighborhood laugh and talk about your family in a negative way due to the information public for all to know.

  • phil
    12/01 04:58 PM

    to Brother Malcolm Shabazz,

    I think the time has come for you to drop the attitude.  Nov. 4th has proved that this mindset is a thing of the past.

    I am sure the police had no reason whatsoever to arrest you.  Oh and by the way, the “I ain’t done shit” defense always works.  Keep the laughs coming, my man.


  • Sawyer
    12/30 02:16 AM

    1984 - George Orwell…

    Anybody read that one lately?

  • Hilarious!
    01/02 02:47 PM

    This newspaper is hilarious! It’s also informative. Since it came to Durham a few weeks ago, I’ve picked up a copy every week. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with printing who goes to jail! Yes, there are probably some people in the “wrong place at the wrong time” that are arrested- but they should stay away from the “wrong places!” The Slammer should keep up the good work!

  • Scott
    01/16 07:19 PM

    Aren’t the publishers concerned about the consequences of advertising someone’s misfortune by posting their photo on a magazine.  It may seem funny from the outside looking in but these people are directly affected by this stuff.  Not to mention that these people are already in a bad spot in life and having thier grief publicized could drive someone over the edge. I wouldn’t be suprised if eventually one of these people, or their friends or family, decided to get revenge on these publishers.  You may think it’s funny now, but if someone snaps they might come get these guys.  Of course I’m not condoning that to happen, but it is a real possibility.  Some people should just not be messed with.

  • Colin
    02/19 05:51 PM


    You have to be the most sightless person I have ever had the chance to hear. To say that Raleigh does not have a crime problem is ignorant. I live downtown where crime has been a huge problem in my neighborhood. The Slammer is humorous at best. Why not expose those who commit crimes… it’s public record. I agree with everyone who has said ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’, don’t end up in the Slammer. It’s almost become a running joke. The Slammer is a reporting newspaper. They report criminal activity. They dig up the dirt just like the reporter of a reputable paper. Deal with it. Sorry if you or one of your friends has ended up in there. They were either forgetful or just plain stupid. Everyone knows about the Slammer. Don’t get yourself thrown in there.

  • JT
    02/19 07:27 PM

    Since when is 1.9 per 1000 rampant…  We have the lowest crime rate of any metropolitan city in NC.

  • Right U R
    03/12 10:21 AM

    It is a public record a lot of you seem to want to remove free speach . Brother Malcolm Abdul Shabazz could you be any me racist?
    Being a Muslim is not about hate and trying to get by blaming others for your problems Seems like everything is somone elses fault but yours. Try telling the president that.  Your lawsuit will not get past the first court, the Slammer clearly tells what is up you were arrested and that is what they said. It is called freedom the press.When a drug dealer ,drunk driver,child molester,rapist,purse snatcher, a public figure is on the TV news they also charged with a crime and never had a day in court, but no uproar. Seems to me alot of you are mad you or one of yours were in the Slammer.I was in the paper Front page with circulation of 150k & I ran a service business bearing my name. I did not whine that the parer should not print public events. I looked in the mirror eliminated what brought me in to that problem . No ONE makes or does anything to you but what you let them.
    Defame nice words for a load of horse pie’s

    I bet you alot of this papers sales go to people who hang with the criminal element to see who got arrested.

  • Laughing At YOU
    03/17 09:27 PM

    I think this is a great way to expose the dumb ass people that do stupid SHYT. this is a great way to know the nasty ass people that mess with kids( you pervs). and the also the drunk ass people that think they cant get away with drinking and drivin. People sont understand that what you do have consequences even the small things like not going to court you have to pay and that way is in the SLAMMER. so if you dont want your pic to be in there stop messing with kids, put the damn bottle and ride the bus to go to court and we wont have to laugh at you every week.

  • Told You So
    03/18 05:12 PM

    there is another site that is online that has wake county mugshots for free too I can’t wait to check and see if anyone i saw at the bar last night is on there for a St. Patty’s Day DWI.

    Do the

  • kia
    03/25 01:09 PM

    i love this book

  • christina.c
    04/03 09:57 AM

    I’d agreed with nearly all of the comments   above mine until i’d went to jail behind a girl i’d met threw who i’d thought was my friend next thing i know i go to jail behind her friend stealing… All of my bills are paid up to date, i have a decent job, and most of all I DON’T STEAL!!! Going to jail for something i’m so against was so humilating and more.

  • micheal
    05/05 08:30 AM

    I don’t thin you have the right to publish peoples photos until they are charged. Innocent until proven guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be sued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Brown
    05/22 02:46 PM

    You guy are messing up peoples lifes. Some one could have just gotton a parking ticket. And end up in your paper. Then they mybe even loose there job. Please stop the maddness.

  • Mr.Allen
    06/01 04:52 PM

    I too, have to agree that the magazine is unfair, unjust and downright pointless. Publishing and distributing photographs of people arrested in and around the Triangle is risky business, particularly when the person has not been convicted of anything. Lord forbid that someone would lose their job on account of a low-budget newspaper that hits the shelf before they’ve made even their first appearance. 95% of the magazine is no one’s business!

  • Amused-
    06/04 08:22 PM

    It’s a crime fan-club in here!

    It is 100% my business to know which of my neighbors are going to jail! I want to know if my child’s teacher is arrested, if the guy down the street is a pedophile and if my employee is using illegal drugs!

    Men like the dark because it hides their dirty deeds. This magazine clearly reveals who is tying up our police, courts, jails and prisons. Are people innocent until proven guilty? Absolutely. At the same time- an arrest based on a reasonable suspicion of criminal behavior is what it is.

    My suspicion is that the critics of this newspaper are upset about their (and their family members) irresponsible and illegal criminal practices are out there for all to see. Boo hoo.

  • ferrell
    06/09 01:41 PM

    Well ive only bought the slammer one time and im glad i did! A guy that my mom knew for years was in there. And she has always wonder about him.But anyway he was in the slammer for sexal assalt whit a kid man a kid. And i have a 15 month little girl. So how do you think i felt? That could have been my kid!!! It could have been your kid !!!!! so i am so greatful for the SLAMMER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!

  • Out of towner
    07/04 12:21 PM

    Katherine, you either work for the magazine, or are an ignorant, frustrated bitch.

  • John
    11/18 08:40 PM

    “Some may enjoy laughing at a guy who is wanted for killing a child. Personally, I don’t.”

    Really Jedidiah? You think people buy the Slammmer so they can laugh at baby killers? You are such a douche bag.

  • Deanna
    12/02 04:47 PM

    I don’t think the magazine is the least bit funny especially when the person has not been convicted yet.  I could possibly see a serious magazine that showed arrests of felony type situations like sexual predator, robbery, etc. but not make fun of a person’s lapse in judgment.  Everyone has them and if you haven’t been caught driving after that one margarita you had with your mexican food than count yourself lucky but don’t make fun of someone elses misfortune or Karma will turn around and bit you on the behind.

  • CR
    12/02 05:29 PM

    Deanna, which issue were you in?

  • David Kearney
    12/02 09:07 PM

    Well CR, aren’t you holier than thou.  Deanna, well put.  Now why don’t we talk about Officer Keith of the Durham Police Department, who was arrested over the weekend for DWI at twice the legal limit, but there was no mug shot taken, and he did no jail time.  They took him straight to the magistrate and bypassed the system that would have landed his picture in The Slammer.  Anyone offended by this besides me?  What an abuse of power.  Typical.

  • ashley
    12/17 05:35 PM

    So sorry to hear that so many of you bible thumpers are disapointed in the slammer. get over it. like many have said before…dont do anything to get in there and you wont be.

    To the guy who didnt pay his ticket…sucks you ended up in there 23 years later but you should have paid your ticket and you wouldnt have been in that situation. Breaking the law is breaking the law no matter what the crime is and I doubt anyone reading the paper got a hard on over “failure to appear” so man up and move on with your life honestly.

    Im starting a similiar paper over here in washington state so to those of you hoping it will just dissapear sorry to disapoint…seems like the majority of americans dont like to be ignorant. To your defense though I will have a section featuring people who were proven innocent and it will be up to them to contact me if they wish to have there name cleared.

    Again and again….its public information so go out there and help those “poor souls” and see how far you get. Let me know when one of them rapes or mugs you. And in the mean time I will ocnitnue not to pass judegement but to inform myself of the character of those around me becuase my safety and my families safety comes first…at ANY PRICE and a $1 seems pretty damn fair.

  • CF
    12/18 09:54 AM

    Your family’s safety?  Please.  I challenge anyone to prove that one crime has ever been prevented because of The Slammer or a magazine like it.  “Honey, I recognize him from the slammer, let’s cross the street.” - Rape avoided.

  • Brian
    12/18 12:55 PM

    I, too, hate it when someone comes up with a creative way to make a living.

  • gd
    12/18 01:14 PM

    from my understanding the profit made goes back to the police.

    i can’t support that one.

  • CF
    12/18 01:21 PM

    I’m not against these mags at all.  But don’t pretend that they’re some type of public service, here to help us protect ourselves.

  • Sue M.
    12/19 10:13 AM

    A close friend of mine was charged with a heinous crime against a child.  His salary, name and picture were printed in multiple publications multiple times.  The TV news also jumped all over his case.  After three years of this along with jail time, lost wages and benefits he was found innocent.  I now have a whole new perspective of what should and shouldn’t be public information.  Because he was innocent he did not lose any friends but he did not deserve to have strangers judge him.  May you never be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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