The Static Minds Unleash “Electricity” This Week

The Static Minds Unleash “Electricity” This Week

November, 08, 2010, by Stacey

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Since 2007, Raleigh’s The Static Minds have been playing local venues and winning over audiences with their 70s-infused guitar rock. Comprised of veterans and current members of a multitude of bands such as Dragstrip Syndicate, The Greatest Hits, The T’s, The Royal Nites, and Corvette Summer, The Static Minds could arguably be called Raleigh’s own supergroup.

While the band has already released a 7” single entitled “Rich Girl Blues,” they will soon be celebrating the release of their first full length album, “Electricity.” The record release party is scheduled to take place this Friday, November 12th, at Kings.

The Static Minds was born when frontman Erik Sugg joined up with longtime friend and collaborator Joel Lindelof on drums. “We were just looking for some fun,” says Sugg. “We’d get together, drink a lot of beer, and write ‘70s-style powerpop songs.” However, it wasn’t long before their Cheap Trick influenced sound changed to something more heavy hitting. “Slowly but surely our hard-rocking Detroit influences started creeping back into the picture, bands like The MC5, The Stooges, Alice Cooper, and The Detroit Wheels. We realized that not only was this the sort of thing we genuinely loved, but it was something we could do well and have even more fun with.”

Rounding out and adding to their sound were the additions of Lucius Cyrus on bass, whom Sugg first met while Cyrus was playing with The Greatest Hits in NYC, and later, Andy Kerr on guitar. “I had seen Andy play guitar before with the T’s, (wherein he blew me away),” says Sugg, “and then met him not long after their CD release show at Slim’s. We were stoked to have him join up with us. Not long after Andy started playing with us, we decided to call ourselves The Static Minds and we started gigging a lot more around Raleigh and other nearby towns.” 

“Electricity” was recorded by Mike Nicholson at Vista Point Studios and released by Dave Allison of Custom Made Music, whom band members met while touring through Virginia and Maryland. “‘Electricity,’ I felt, was a simple word that perfectly captured the flow and feel of the music on the record,” said Sugg in a recent interview with New Raleigh. “For me, whenever you’re feeling any sort of thrill, whether it’s emotional, physical, or sexual, the sensation feels like an electric shiver throughout your entire body. When I hear, or play, a good rock and roll song, it’s that same kind of excitement. I don’t know how else to describe the feeling I get from this music other than it electrifies me and makes me feel alive.” Aptly titled, the record reflects the high energy feel of their performances, which the band’s website describes as “an intense blast of sweat, volume, and freedom with lots of songs about high times, bad girls, and living it up no matter what life throws at you.” And really, isn’t that what rock and roll is all about?

The Static Minds will be performing at their CD release show this Friday at Kings, alongside The Loners and Maldora (which includes members of Patty Hurst Shifter and The T’s). “Electricity” will be available for purchase on CD or vinyl at the show. There is a $5 cover; $10 will get you in plus a copy of the new CD.

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  • allie
    11/08 04:58 PM

    Oh my that Lucius Cyrus is amazingggg. Congratulations!

  • rt
    11/10 07:06 PM

    Looking forward to this one.  The single was great.  I know the album is gonna rock!

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