The T’s With The Static Minds

February, 25, 2009, by Tim

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If you missed the one-two punch of these Raleigh rockers at Slim’s in January, then you have a second chance at Tir Na Nog on Thursday, March 5th as WKNC presents The T’s and The Static Minds for the latest installment of the Local Band, Local Beer free concert series. Andy Kerr plays guitar with both bands, so be ready for a back-to-back onslaught of melt-your-face-shit-yo-pants rock n’ roll.

Here is video of The T’s at Slim’s in January. The lyrics didn’t translate so well to my point & shoot camera, but you’ll get the idea by the time Lutie leaps up on the bass amp.

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  • scoop
    02/25 12:26 PM

    What does T stand for?  Or is their name unnecessarily apostrophized?

  • paperclip
    02/25 12:38 PM

    Just say it out loud a few times. It should come to you pretty quickly.

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