This is the New Electric Car Charging Station in Downtown Raleigh

This is the New Electric Car Charging Station in Downtown Raleigh

November, 23, 2010, by Jedidiah

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This morning, the City of Raleigh unveiled two new electric car charging stations in Nash Square. A crowd of about 100 people gathered just North of the square to hear Mayor Meeker and others speak about Raleigh’s progressive steps forward to become a more sustainable city in the 21st Century.

The new Eaton charging stations are Level 2 stations with 240 volt outlets and will take 4 to 6 hours to recharge an electric car that is completely empty. The city sees the two new stations at Nash Square as more like top-off stations. The electricity while parked in these spots is free but the typical parking meter fees will apply. “Pay to Park, Free to Charge” goes the City’s motto.

The City currently has 10 hybrid electric cars that their employees use for city use and will charge at their storage locations overnight. They will also be getting 10 more full electric cars in the next year or so. As mentioned before, these new charging stations are only the beginning of an additional 30 to be installed over the next year. Word is that one will be installed at the Convention Center in the next week or two as well.

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  • CtrlBurn
    11/23 12:56 PM

    Is there anything posted to specify that those spots are for EVs only?  If not, those two spots are going to be occupied by regular cars all day, and won’t be available for EV owners.

  • Cody
    11/23 01:28 PM

    Yes there is a posting.  It is there on the sign behind the Charge Station.  It says “Electrical Vehicle Parking and Charging station.”  I do hope, however, that the City of Raleigh enforces that those spots are for EV’s only!

  • Phil
    11/23 03:43 PM

    If a regular car parks there, the EV should just block them in the spot and make sure the cable is long enough. :P

  • Hudson
    11/23 05:48 PM

    I agree with Phil, any jerk who parks there should be blocked in. Or even better, they should be towed by the city and their impound fee should go to offset their carbon footprint.

  • Adam
    11/25 12:03 AM

    How much do these stations cost and where did the money come? The people with electric cars probably won’t be driving so far in a day that they need to “top-up” (read: no/few rural people who will own electric vehicles for highway transportation any time soon). Seems like a waste to me.

  • DPK
    11/25 06:58 PM

    The city did not pay for the stations.  Their costs are covered by Eaton, most likely as a PR opportunity.

  • Arthur
    11/30 09:22 AM

    So do they have to pay for the electricty or is my tax dollars giving them free electricly?

  • Paul
    12/02 08:33 PM

    Waaaaaaaaaaahhh Im a baby and am whining that my tax dollars might provide a public service to its citizens.  I dont realize my .10 cents of taxes will go to provide the most efficient fuel possible.

  • John in Ral
    12/03 12:35 PM

    Safely estimating that there are no more than 100 electric cars in Raleigh right now, it wouldn’t make sense to reserve those spots for EVs now.  But, as the demand increases, I think you will see that change.

    There is no prohibition on parking a regular car there, but there is no legal prohibition on parking your car in an “employee of the month” spot, either, but people tend to abide by it.  There is a pretty strong suggestion there that the spots should be used by EVs.

  • John in Ral
    12/03 12:37 PM

    It would cost $1.50 to fill up completely.  Again, given that not a lot of demand is there yet, why put an impediment of cost in the way of encouraging the behavior?

    Once demand increases, the CIty will start passing on the cost - the machines can easily be fitted with charging for charging.

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