Tir Na Nog Local Band Local Beer Fall Schedule and Mixtape

Tir Na Nog Local Band Local Beer Fall Schedule and Mixtape

September, 15, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Mixtape artwork by Helen Shaffer

Tir Na Nog unleashes another season of Local Band, Local Beer this time under the guidance of Mikey Perros, as Chris Tamplin has gone West to Motorco Music Hall in Durham. This season is full of great bands and a few showcases hosted by local blogs (us!) and local companies (Raleigh Denim and Odessa Records). It’s great to see some folks curating shows in the new season and we at New Raleigh are honored to be a part of this collaboration. Our show on November 11th will include Bright Young Things, Gray Young, Heads on Sticks (full set and DJ sets in between), and maybe a few surprises as well.

A bonus this Fall is that Mikey has put together a (digital) “mixtape” including one song from each artist playing Local Band Local Beer in the Fall, with the exception of Kid Future, who is currently writing/recording new songs.  Featured on the mixtape are new and unreleased songs from Embarrassing Fruits, Veelee, Old Bricks, Aminal, Gray Young, Wild Wild Geese, Left Outlet, and HaLo.  The rest of the songs were released in 2010, with the exception of the ones from A Rooster For The Masses, Bright Young Things, Motor Skills, Inflowential, and Americans In France. Maybe they’ll even get copies of this mixtape burned on disc or free USB drives at the shows.


Below is the full Fall schedule and mixtape tracklisting.

All shows are free except for 11/5 which is $5
Ages 21+
Shows start at 10pm

9/16 – Inflowential, HaLo, DJ Ill Digits
9/23 – Veelee, Motor Skills, Cassis Orange
9/30—Luego, Schooner
10/7 – Odessa Records Showcase - Wild Wild Geese, Wesley Wolfe, Shit Horse
10/14 – Aminal, The Honored Guests
10/21 – Mount Moriah, Old Bricks, Filthybird
10/28 – Halloween Party - A Rooster For The Masses, Left Outlet
11/4 – TBA
11/5 – First Friday – The Light Pines, Twelve Thousand Armies
11/11 – NewRaleigh.com Showcase – Bright Young Things, Gray Young, Heads On Sticks
11/18 – Embarrassing Fruits, Americans In France, Kid Future
12/2 – Raleigh Denim Showcase – Secret All-Star Local Line-Up – Lucky attendees will win a free pair of Raleigh Denim Jeans!


Mixtape Track Listing:
1.  Embarrassing Fruits - Long Distance Breakup Summer
2.  Twelve Thousand Armies - No Hearts Were Saved
3.  Heads On Sticks - Lady’s In The Lake
4.  HaLo - Nevermind (Prod. by Khrysis)
5.  Wild Wild Geese - Stuck Inside
6.  Veelee - When You Gonna Come Home?
7.  The Light Pines - White Forest
8.  Mount Moriah - Lament
9.  Aminal - Hopeless To Ignore
10.  Left Outlet - Bring You Down
11.  A Rooster For The Masses - Homebodies
12.  Gray Young - Vermilion
13.  The Honored Guests - Opportunities
14.  Wesley Wolfe - Gone For Good
15.  Old Bricks - Limb
16.  Luego - Carry The Load
17.  Filthybird - Now I Know Better
18.  Bright Young Things - Truth In Short Doses
19.  Schooner - Feel Better
20.  Cassis Orange - Listen Heartbeat
21.  Motor Skills - Right As Hell
22.  Inflowential - We Get Down
23.  Americans In France - No Love From A Prophet
24.  Shit Horse - Don’t Smell Too Good (But It Keeps Me From Burning)

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