Tornado Funnel Cloud Downtown Raleigh Video

Tornado Funnel Cloud Downtown Raleigh Video

April, 16, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Check out this wild time lapse video (link below) of today's tornado funnel cloud that came through Downtown Raleigh with destruction reported all along South Saunders and just Southeast of Downtown Raleigh through Shaw and into the Oakwood neighborhood.


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  • me3p
    04/16 09:32 PM

    link’s not working…

  • TacoTodd
    04/16 10:25 PM

    Seemed to have an unnecessary s -

  • frank
    04/17 12:53 AM

    wasn’t it a few years ago that there were tornadoes that couldn’t quite form that were heading toward downtown? It’s like there’s a mobile home park in the center of Raleigh

  • arthurb3
    04/18 10:29 AM

    I was in Cameron Village and they sent every one to the underground stores. Then when I tried to get back home to East Raleigh, New Bern Avenue at the Old Cemetery was blocked by trees and Bloodworth Street was blocked by telephone poles and trees. The storm just missed my neighborhood but South Park, Oak Park, Mordicai, up toward the NE look bad. We had no electricty until Sunday. It is quiet and dark - and sureal- with out the usual noise at night!

  • Heather A.
    04/18 11:35 AM

    New Raleigh & readers - does anyone know if there are any churches or groups offering meals to the folks in the downtown area who’ve been affected? Does anyone know where people have been relocated to?

  • JT#2
    04/18 12:12 PM

    Been living downtown for 4 years now and have heard the weather siren (located near WRAL/NCSU campus I think) several times for previous thunderstorms yet I never heard it on Sat. when we atcually had a freaking tornado!  WTF???

  • Heather A.
    04/18 12:18 PM

    Got some answers in case anyone else had the same questions:

    “Wake County and the City of Raleigh are organizing people for future volunteer efforts. Interested people can call either the Wake County Emergency Operations Center at 919-856-7044 or send an e-mail to Raleigh Assistant City Manager Dan Howe via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    The county is also collecting storm debris to aid in clean-up efforts at various sites in the area.

    “It is very important that only trained workers aid people affected by the storm,” Wake County Emergency Management Director Josh Creighton said in a statement. “While we truly appreciate the spirit of generosity, it can be extremely dangerous for volunteers and those they are attempting to aid.” WRAL

  • 150
    04/18 12:52 PM

    Isn’t the actual tornado the portion visible on the left of the video, and not the high precipiation portion associated with the mesocyclone?  Based on the NWS description, the path of the tornado was over Shaw, which would be to the left of the Progress Energy building.

  • Stephen
    04/18 02:46 PM

    Oakwood is fine! Idlewild and South Park got hit.

  • Andrea
    04/20 09:50 AM

    NE Raleigh of Trawick just got power yesterday. It has been such a mess! I am just seeing this video now. Sobering.

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