Totally Classified: Mustached Bartender under the Sea

Totally Classified: Mustached Bartender under the Sea

November, 14, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Here we go again guys, another downtowner wants some play from a bartender that may or may not have a wife/girlfriend/significant other, but definitely has “the most spectacular mustache.” We have a damn good clue who the author (a 24 year old woman) is referring to, but we’ll let you guys speculate a little more.

via The Craigslists

I presume you have a wife/girlfriend/significant other, but I just want to let you know you’re one of the most beautiful Men I’ve ever seen..I wanna play with your hair and ask annoying questions about where you get your clothes..I’m down with the 70’s man..I think it’s hot! You also have the most spectacular mustache…I don’t usually dig on men with taches but yours is mesmerizing! I’ve also seen you slightly tipsy around town and you seem like a laugh…anyway….you’re pretty..nuff said :)

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  • That Guy
    11/15 01:45 AM

    I’m fairly sure this ad was written by both my current girlfriend and my two previous girlfriends.

  • Karen
    11/15 11:55 AM

    If she’s referring to the person I THINK she’s referring to, she should just go to a Static Minds or Royal Nites show.

  • CtrlBurn
    11/15 12:13 PM

    Is she talking about the guy who works at Poseidon’s?

  • That Girl
    11/15 01:11 PM

    Original Poster here

    Unfortunately I ain’t one of your old flames (mores the pity!). My presumption that you would be attached was obviously spot on so some lucky gal with a similar penchant for Paisley and epic facial hair is probably in seventh heaven right now! I am new to this town and the fact that my late night tipsy ramblings made it onto this blog swells my heart with unbridled joy! Somebody get’s my humour obviously!

    And as the ad said, I just wanted to let you know you seem cool and are damn purdy..sometimes it’s nice just to be nice!!

    Stay Classy :P

  • mattycakes
    11/15 06:57 PM

    Apologies, when I posted as “That Guy” I did not mean the man who is the subject of the ad.  I just mean, y’know, that guy.  The one who’s around and stuff.

  • mattycakes
    11/15 06:58 PM

    Also, this is not mattycakes.  WHOOPS.

  • That Girl
    11/15 07:27 PM

    Oh noes..we all make mistakes and it has only served to further the amusement of all and provided me with a digital shovel in which to further dig myself into my internet grave of shame! :D

  • behki
    11/16 12:03 PM

    dag girl, it ain’t that serious.

  • That Girl
    11/16 02:32 PM

    I know, my tongue is always firmly planted in my cheek :)

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