Travel Channel’s Man v. Food To Visit Raleigh Eateries

January, 22, 2009 , by Ladye Jane

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On Jan. 27th, the Travel Channel’s show Man v. Food will be stopping by Raleigh to film a segment at local restaurants. The tour starts in Chapel Hill at Mama Dips, but arrives in Raleigh at The Pit from 6 pm-9 pm, where host Adam Richman will be visiting with local barbecue legend Ed Mitchell to learn some bbq techniques, throw a pig on the fire, and chat with the customers. From there, they’ll head over to the legendary Roast Grill for a hog dog eating competition. Adam will attempt to eat 15 hot dogs, 15 buns, a half pint of mustard, one pint of chili sauce, and three drinks. And then…  probably some Pepto.

UPDATE: Was finally able to get the Roast Grill on the phone, and they will actually be before The Pit (which makes a lot more sense, since the Roast Grill is not open at night). The Roast Grill says that they will have a crew there from 7:45 am - 5:00 pm.

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  • richardfoc
    01/22 01:44 PM

    Roast Grill is open for dinner? Who knew?

  • ladye jane
    01/22 01:59 PM

    they aren’t normally

  • tc
    01/22 02:31 PM

    The Pit is good BBQ, but it doesn’t deserve all this attention.  I wonder how much is autobiographical.  There are several places in the triangle alone that have better Q. 

    I guess I shouldn’t be picky, because any attention to Carolina’s Q is good. I just hope it doesn’t give tourists a false impression of what is the best around. 

    I don’t expect him to make the trip out to Lexington, but Allen&Son;‘s and Cooper’s are just as accessible.  (and much better)

    Perhaps I’m just too sensitive when it comes to North Carolina BBQ.

  • kg
    01/22 02:34 PM

    bbq is subjective.  no point in trying to figure out which is best.

  • CF
    01/22 03:00 PM

    Roast Grill closes at 4.  They’re probably just having this contest there after hours.

  • raleighsignshop
    01/22 04:02 PM

    no ketchup! ha!

    i feel the same as kg - but i’m more inclined to eastern nc bbq because i grew up near lexington

  • richardfoc
    01/22 04:10 PM

    raleighsignshop: isn’t your comment geographically confused? Lexington is considered Western NC barbecue is it not? Or am I reading it wrong?

  • raleighsignshop
    01/22 04:17 PM

    oops - i meant eastern us. thanks rich!

  • richardfoc
    01/22 04:20 PM

    Ah, Eastern US as opposed to Memphis or Texas or Kansas City. Got it…and agreed!

  • ernie
    01/22 04:36 PM

    Recently had authentic kalua pig in Hawaii.  Also takes a back seet to NC.

    This is where I’m supposed to post about how much I like barbecue right?

  • niblosis
    01/22 07:20 PM

    I just heard they are at the Pit on Wednesday, not Tuesday.  I wonder if that’s true for Roast Grill as well?

  • ladye jane
    01/22 07:23 PM

    Producers at the Travel Channel just switched the Pit to the 28th, but I didn’t hear about the Roast Grill… will find out tomorrow when they open.

  • RaleighRob
    01/23 09:45 AM

    ^Well, I cannot imagine him trying to fit in Mama Dips, The Pit and hot dog contest at Roast Grill in one day.  Humanly impossible I would think?

    (But then as a vegetarian who hasn’t ever eaten at any of those, maybe I just don’t get it?)

  • Tony
    01/23 11:08 AM

    Why is Mama Dip’s so well known? As far as I can tell, no one who lives around here thinks it’s special (or even worth visiting), and it doesn’t get good reviews. Is it really just the Oprah effect?

  • Meagan
    01/24 04:15 PM

    It depends where you are. Mama Dips is a Chapel Hill staple, its one of the places you take your parents when they come to visit, and it has some good fried chicken. Plus the atmosphere is friendly. I don’t know anyone in Raleigh that goes there though.

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