Triangle Gives Back Launches Website

February, 04, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Triangle Gives Back is a new philanthropic endeavor organized by the Triangle Community Foundation. They have created a website that is the Web 2.0 answer to the question, “I want to help, but how?”

The website is open to both individuals and non-profits to come together, create profiles and connect relative to their mutual interests. There are over 7,500 non-profits working in the Triangle who all need help and this is your chance to give back to your community by lending a hand. Click here to give back.

Using research and recommendations, education and connection, Triangle Gives Back strives to:

  * Demystify philanthropy
  * Raise awareness of the current status of giving in the Triangle
  * Inspire more participation in philanthropy in all forms

Get the Story Behind the Kindness in PDF form here.

Triangle Gives Back



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  • Robyn
    02/04 10:19 AM

    If the Triangle so often ranks 1st in places to live, work, play, eat gourmet, why is it that we lag behind places like Portland and Austin in terms of giving back to our community?

  • 150
    02/04 10:49 AM

    Robyn:  Do you have any statistics?  To be honest, I’d expect Raleigh’s philanthropic activity to be pretty high.

  • Robyn
    02/04 10:57 AM

    Indeed, there are statistics.  The Triangle Gives Back 2008 report noted that the average contribution per person in the Triangle was 3.7% of their income.  In Charlotte, folks give 4%.  In the Triad, it’s 4.74%.  And, the state average is 4.38%. 

    The report also lists giving by zip code, so we can all see how our neighborhoods compare.

  • Kelly
    02/04 11:26 AM

    Finally!  ONE PLACE I can look for volunteer opportunities for my high school kid to build that all-important extracurricular/service activities portfolio for college applications.

  • John
    02/04 03:11 PM

    I would agree that the Triangle Gives Back report is an interesting one. It really challenges some conventional thinking about how people in the area give.

  • JenA21
    02/04 04:16 PM

    So glad to see The Nature Conservancy is on there. Already signed up to work an event with them.

  • 101
    02/05 09:57 AM

    Stats may be one thing, but I think virtually everyone and every business downtown has been involved with community giving in some form or another.

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