Triangle Restaurant Week: Celebrating Local Culinary Excellence

May, 11, 2009, by Christian

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The second annual Triangle Restaurant Week, in celebration of local culinary excellence, starts today and runs through Sunday. Forty-eight restaurants across the Triangle are offering special fixed-price three-course menus for lunch and/or dinner. This year the event was expanded to include restaurants from Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham. Each restaurant offers one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert for $15 at lunch and $25 at dinner. Reservations are strongly encouraged at certain restaurants. For more information visit the TRW website. Don’t miss this chance to experience great local restaurants on a budget!

Participating Restaurants in Raleigh:

18 Seaboard
42nd Street Oyster Bar
Dos Taquitos Centro
Duck and Dumpling
Five Star
Fleming’s Steakhouse
The Globe
Irregardless Café
Lynnwood Grill
Michael Dean’s
The Mint
Oliver Twist
The Oxford
The Pit
Porter’s City Tavern
The Raleigh Times
Red Room
Taverna Agora
Tavola Rossa
Twisted Fork
Vic’s Ristorante
Zely & Ritz

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  • Christian Staples
    05/11 03:16 PM

    I just ate lunch at Duck & Dumpling…very good as always! My recommendation is the pork dumplings or hot & sour soup for starters, followed by the chicken and cashews, and the ginger ice cream for dessert. Chef David Mao has truly mastered the art of modern/contemporary asian cuisine, and the atmosphere at D&D cannot be beat for an upscale yet relaxed bistro setting. This is sure to be a popular choice for Triangle restaurant week as the word spreads and the weather clears up.

  • smitty
    05/11 10:54 PM

    HA, $15 for lunch?  This is a bargain how?

  • Beth
    05/12 10:37 AM

    Had lunch at Coquette in North Hills yesterday for restaurant week. Great deal! $15 got me a lovely beet and blue cheese salad, steak frites (a huge pile of food by the way), and two delicious eclairs. The bargain is that this all would have cost me about $25 normally. Dinner would be an even bigger bargin at some of the more expensive places on the list…making an otherwise $100+ dinner only $50 for a couple.
    Plus I just think it is a cool week to show our support for our favorite local restaurants. How can this little city grow into a thriving urban community if we don’t encourage the best privately owned places with our patronage? Skip Apple Bees tonight and check out any of these amazing places instead! Let’s help make Raleigh a better foodie place to live.

  • sally
    05/12 11:55 AM

    Absolutely, Beth!

    (smitty - It’s 3 courses for $15. Take a look at the menus on the site.)

  • Christian
    05/12 01:04 PM

    Had another great restaurant week meal at Four Square restaurant in Durham last night. Went with the artichoke pasta appetizer, followed by the Mahi paella and dark chocolate torte. The Sanford Chardonnay ($45) was a great wine pairing with the first two courses. The White Burgundy by-the-glass ($9.50) was also excellent. I know Four Square is a trek from Raleigh (about 35 mins), but if anyone is looking for an ambiance comparable to Second Empire, this is the place - white tablecloths and excellent service in a historic country house.

  • thirsty
    05/12 04:00 PM

    this is a nice way for the restaurants to increase traffic this week and get some needed publicity.  don’t be fooled by the price though.  $25 is only a good price if you routinely order 3 courses for yourself.  otherwise you’re better off ordering from the regular menu like you normally would.

  • Betsy
    05/12 05:14 PM

    thirsty - That’s what a prix fixe menu is all about.

  • matt
    05/12 06:41 PM

    I have a question: a few of these restaurants (Raleigh Times to start with) I could order all three for under $25 to begin with. Do they have special menus that are made specifically for this event, or…what?

  • craig
    05/12 07:36 PM

    Triangle Restaurant Week is something that all cities should invest in. Props to the creators of the idea. Such an event serves all representatives of the community. It is a win-win for all people in the Triangle. It is the first time I have felt that my food was worth the cost.

  • salley
    05/12 08:25 PM

    Matt, if you look at the website linked in the article you’ll see that Raleigh Times’ dinner offering for this week is $15 not $25 as it is at the other venues. It features small nachos, fish and chips and cake. On the regular times menu that would come to approx. $20.
    The restaurant week website links directly to all the special offerings for each venue, and I have to say in many cases it looks like a very very good deal, and a good excuse to try some restaurants you haven’t been to. vs

  • unhappy customer
    05/13 04:49 PM

    I’d pass on Jibarra…forever. I was treated pretty rudely when after I ordered the “special” 3 course lunch, I found out they did not have the only dessert I could eat due to allergies, so I asked if they could just ring me up for the soup, and entree, and they proceeded to tell me, No that they could not. I had to eventually talk with the manager who came across rude and defensive, asking “WHY did you order 3 courses if you did not want Dessert?” I was shocked. This is a week you are supposed to build customers not lose them. Spend your money elsewhere.

  • unhappy customer too
    05/14 01:01 AM

    I tried to go to Jibarra today for the lunch special.  I was sat, got water and then nothing.  A server came within two tables of me, made eye contact and then did a 180 and walked away.  I waited thinking they had been cut and had gone to get somebody else to wait on me.  I waited and still nothing.  When I told the manager I was leaving because I had been ignored he told me that I had not been ignored.  People have bad days and I usually give places a second chance but with his attitude I am not rushing back.

  • liz
    05/14 10:13 AM

    This is a very special week for the Triangle. The people putting on this week seem committed to 110% excellence. Sitti was really good. I went there for lunch and was so full that I didn’t eat dinner yesterday. Hungry?...Why wait? Triangle Restaurant Week.

  • Matt
    05/14 11:06 AM

    Jibarra was only worthwhile when they were running the $5 lunch and you had over an hour to sit around and wait.  The service there is hilariously terrible.  Kind of matches the decor I guess.

    I won’t be too upset when they are out of business in the next 6 months.

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