Truck Lodged Under Peace Street Rail Bridge Sunday Night

September, 22, 2008, by David

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Reader Margo was nice enough to send in pictures of the tractor-trailer lodged beneath Capital Blvd bridge over Peace Street. 

I was out walking tonight around 7:30 pm and saw the semi truck stuck under the Peace Street rail bridge.
The roof of the trailer was ripped apart and the cops were picking up the metal scraps off the ground.  I’m not sure how the truck got as far underneath the bridge as it did, but you can see from the pics that the driver made it halfway before grinding to a halt.

Thanks Margo!


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  • Anonymous
    09/22 02:00 PM

    How do you not see all the signs and the flashing yellow lights?

  • revolu
    09/22 02:26 PM

    i got there right after this happened.  metal everywhere….pretty amazing he did get that far under the bridge…the bridge seemed pretty stout.  it didn’t seem to budge at all.

  • sarah emily
    09/22 02:50 PM

    It’s not the first time, nor the last I’m sure.

  • RaleighRob
    09/22 04:36 PM

    If there isn’t already, there should be automatic points put on a truck driver’s record for “Not knowing how tall your damn truck is”.  :-P

  • bowed bridges
    09/22 04:55 PM

    they better as hell check the structural integrity of the bridge after it!

  • Jedidiah
    09/22 05:05 PM

    I saw this last night as well and we looked back to see the sign that said - Low Clearance 12’4” but the truck was probably already at a good speed going down that hill to stop.  Our question was…“shouldn’t drivers know appropriate routes”?

  • Leo
    09/22 05:27 PM

    Trucking FAIL!

  • luke
    09/22 05:29 PM

    this happens a lot more than you might think. it’s not quite as common as people driving the wrong way down morgan street, but it’s up there.

  • 150
    09/22 05:39 PM

    Luke:  Sadly, you’re probably right about the Morgan Street thing.

  • eek
    09/22 09:33 PM

    It has less to do with how tall the trailer is and more with how long it is.  Because of the way the hill bottoms out at the bridge, a trailer that comes in under the height requirement may still get stuck if the bed is long enough.

    They need to compute and post the maximum length as well as height.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    09/22 10:22 PM

    Time to let the air out of the tires!

    Happens on Duke Street (IIRC) in Downtown Durham (near the DBAP) alllll the time.

  • Oberlin
    09/22 11:26 PM

    I saw a Pepsi truck stuck under the train track bridge just up the road on Peace about 4 years ago. I definitely hope that there is a requirement by the city, or DOT that forces the trucking company to pay for a structural engineer.

  • brian_M
    09/23 01:49 AM

    This has happened several times over the years…the most jarring of which was just a year or so ago, with a truck just like this lodged underneath, and a train with a couple of locomotives stopped right overhead! How many times can this trestle be hit like this and still be sound?

  • VaNC
    09/23 12:59 PM

    I have seen this at least four times myself, so it must be more than that.  I, too, worry about the integrity of the bridge!

  • revolu
    09/23 02:40 PM

    trains coming through right now.  fingers crossed.

  • scaredy cat
    09/23 07:29 PM

    yikes!! all of these good points. Now I’m paranoid. I drive under that bridge multiple times daily - would hate for a train to come crashing down on me & many others due to unsound bridge…...  I wonder where we can investigate this further??

  • oberlin
    09/23 08:34 PM

    I apologize as my comment may have confused the focus of this article, the truck above hit the Capital Blvd bridge, not the railroad bridge. Nonetheless, it appears that several of us have seen trucks hit the railroad bridge on Peace near Glenwood, so it does seem to happen fairly often. I do hope the railroad has their own inspectors who check on these things after any accident occurs with their railways though.

  • Margo
    09/27 12:14 AM

    No, it hit the railroad bridge.  The headline is a misprint - read the text I sent in.

    How frequently do trucks hit this bridge?  Now I’m nervous too!

  • Oberlin
    09/27 04:57 AM

    You’re right! Sorry Margo, thanks for the correction!

  • RightByHere
    10/01 03:14 AM

    I’ve owned a business right by this spot for 5 years now.  This is the first time in this many years I have seen something hit it.  I can tell you that NS always works on the tracks by here and I doubt they will let any train cars fall off of it because the cost of those are extremely high.  I don’t understand the scare as I walk under, walk over, walk by, and drive under it daily.  It’s good to go.

  • sex lobnan
    11/16 07:50 PM

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  • Raphael
    11/29 11:40 PM

    I drove thru Raleigh last week and I got stuck under the bridge, my tractor was clear and the trailer cannot clear.It should be a clear posting for tractor trailer to not go under that bridge if your trailer is more than 15 ft because of the small hill just after you get thru the bridge clearence. TRUST ME YOU WON’T KNOW UNTIL U HAVE DONE IT, in my case I came to a full stop check the clearence before going thru and I did not pay attention to the hill effect, so drivers be aware of the situation and paid lot of attention when u r in Raleigh(full of bridges).Thanks to the police officer passing by who advise to go thru and help me stuck under the bridge…

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