Tyler’s Taproom at Seaboard Station Now Open

Tyler’s Taproom at Seaboard Station Now Open

December, 15, 2011, by Jedidiah

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The long, long wait is finally over. We have word that Tyler's Taproom over at Seaboard Station is now open. The long rumored restaurant was finally announced earlier this year and construction has been ramping up ever since. The construction has included a fantastic outdoor patio space that will be perfect in most months in North Carolina, especially considering how beautiful this Fall and Winter has been so far. 

We look forward to checking out the new Raleigh location of Tyler's Taproom (which we hear has taps that allow you to pour your own beer and get charged at the end of your visit) and know that if it's reputation is anything like the Durham and Carrboro locations, the restaurant will be packed on a daily basis. Seaboard Station has needed another keystone business to boost the business in the area. Tyler's is sure to give this area a huge boost and as soon as the buildings just to the Southwest of the Tyler's location start construction as well, Seaboard Station will be an even more extensive commercial addition to the downtown core, especially for the residents of Oakwood and Mordecai. 

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  • RaleighRob
    12/16 09:08 AM

    Yay.  Finally a place in the Capital District that serves booze past 11pm.  Well overdue!

  • ben
    12/16 09:14 AM

    April Fools’ Day already?

  • Jeff
    12/16 05:56 PM

    What’s that about more buildings in the southwest of Seaboard Station?

  • abully
    12/30 02:21 PM

    LOVE Tylers!! Best wings, beers and garlic fries!!

    Tho I will probably continue going to the Apex & Durham locations. I am sure the downtown version will attract the same pretentious people I prefer to avoid.

  • abully
    12/30 02:22 PM

    LOVE Tylers!! Best wings, beers and garlic fries!!
    Tho I will probably continue going to the Apex & Durham locations. I am sure the downtown version will attract the same pretentious people I prefer to avoid.

  • Ruester
    01/03 09:15 AM

    My wife, young daughter and I went for lunch on the 2nd and had a wonderful time. The food was excellent and the wait staff were all delightful. The beer selection is also respectable. We live in Mordecai and have been waiting for a quality establishment of this type for along time. We can hardly wait for the weather to be nice enough to sit out on the deck. We plan on doing our part to support Tyler’s!

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  • stevebit
    01/11 07:11 AM

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  • john
    01/16 03:08 PM

    Like the Tyler’s in Durham, great atmosphere and great food. Unfortunately, like the other Tyler’s we have the same untrained staff and lack of quality service. It’s the small things that keep a good dining experience from being a great dining experience. Let’s hope they turn things around.

  • scansi
    02/11 07:15 PM

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  • lacylauranlori
    03/14 06:51 PM

    Last time I went to Tyler’s Taproom it was pack full with boomers and their kids. Our server was some guy in cargo shorts who’s favorite movie was Meet the Fockers. It was one of the worst nights I have had since moving to Raleigh.

    I mean, not to be an elitist who doesn’t enjoy cargo pants, but I don’t get that excited about blooming onions. Heck, the real reason I went was to sample the beer, which was cool, but not worth the scene. SCENE DOWNER.

  • kolkom
    03/18 01:35 AM

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  • Mike
    04/18 04:42 PM

    Great beer selection but horrible food.  On top of that, arrogant owners who held a beer distributor hostage for years because they got into a dispute with a different beer distributor that sells similar products . . . so they hold it against people that had nothing to do with it??? 

    Wouldn’t step into that place if you paid me!

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