Tyler’s Taproom Opening Soon in Seaboard Station

Tyler’s Taproom Opening Soon in Seaboard Station

June, 07, 2011, by Jedidiah

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According to The Downtowner, the long wait for Tyler's Taproom to move into Seaboard Station is finally over and the space is officially under construction. Tyler's currently has locations in Durham, Apex and Carrboro each wich vary in size. Raleigh's location will be a whopping 10,000 sq. feet so expect a situation similar to the American Tobacco location. We assume Tyler's will be taking over the old Tookie's space as well as the empty space next door. 

Tyler's typically has a large collection of beers on tap and the food is a slightly better version of your typical pub-fare. I've always had mixed reviews when eating at Tyler's but one thing's for sure, the beer's always great. The Mordecai and Oakwood residents will now have a neighborhood bar (although a bit larger than your typical neighborhood bar) to walk to in Seaboard Station. We love Pie Bird as a neighborhood bar but are sure there are a lot of residents who want more of standard bar and they'll definitely get that with Tyler's. Thumbs up for Seaboard! New City Design is doing the interior design, but no clue when the restaurant will open but we suspect (hope) a Fall opening date  and they hope to have the space open by late September or early October.



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  • Phil
    06/08 12:50 PM

    I’ve been to Tyler’s in Durham once and will never be back to a Tyler’s again.  They served fine (and expensive) Belgian beers to my friend and I in a plastic cup while we sat on stools at the bar.  We inquired why, and it was because it was a Durham Bulls game night…but that is no excuse to treat a $9 pint with such contempt.  In Belgium (and most of Europe, for that matter), you’d be tarred and feathered for such an action.

    If it’s not Bud/Miller/PBR crap,it deserves proper glassware!

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  • Jeff
    06/09 09:56 AM

    So you had a beer in a plastic cup in Durham once.  Great story.

    Anyways, this opening is good news for Raleigh and Seaboard Station in particular.  Not really walking distance but that’ll be 3 miles from me.  Can’t wait!

  • Juanimal
    06/09 10:27 AM

    Been to Tylers in Apex. Beer was in a glass. Food was on a plate. Twas all good.

  • eric
    06/09 11:35 AM

    Was @ Tyler’s in Durham last Friday before the Bulls game, they went out of their way to use Stone glasses for the Stone beer I ordered. The bartender happily offered another drink, on the house, when we simply didn’t like a beer we ordered.

    Fantastic service at a super-busy bar at 6pm. Glad to have them in Raleigh, the more the merrier.

  • Frank
    06/09 02:21 PM

    Just what we need. More places to drink beer!

  • Phil
    06/09 05:05 PM

    I’ve only been to the one in Durham once before. Great beer selection, decent food.

    I live near Seaboard, so I thought Tyler’s was nice, but that I would never trek that far to go back.

    Now there will be one in my backyard. Awesome.

  • bcap
    06/10 11:34 AM

    I think Tyler’s does a great job of bringing in high quality unique beers at all their locations.  Speaking as someone who’s always looking for something new or different from a beer I am rarely disappointed by their selections.

    Food on the other hand could stand some improvement.  I know it’s a bar so burgers and fried everything is the norm but how about something other than a salad to choose from if you don’t want to eat the standard pub fare?

  • King D-Bag
    06/10 05:22 PM

    This news just made my day.

  • EC2K
    06/11 04:59 PM

    The Raleigh Times will no longer have the best BBQ nachos in Raleigh.

  • Bryan
    06/13 10:53 AM

    Very excited…with Tylers going into Seaboard.  Will most likely use the R-Line more to head up that way.

  • queerbeerengineer
    06/16 04:30 PM

    now I can drink while I wait for the R line. I love it.

  • dbd
    06/16 11:05 PM

    I love Tyler’s, as an Oakwood resident (and former Chapel Hill & Durham resident) I’m thrilled about this.  The garlic fries are addictive.  It’s pub food, yes, but I’m both health-conscious and a vegetarian and whenever we are meeting friends to watch a game in Durham I suggest Tyler’s because they have good salads and lots of vegetarian options in addition to the burgers etc.  It has been so long since this location was first announced that I assumed they’d abandoned it, so glad that isn’t true.

  • Francesco Zappa
    06/20 12:14 PM

    Excellent news! I hope they will continue their tradition of offering more gluten free beers than any other business in the triangle.

  • Tyler Durden
    08/23 12:32 PM

    Is there any word on when the opening will take place?
    I rode by there on a weekday evening last week and the place was gutted and the beginnings of a bar foundation but didn’t seem like there was any immediacy to the effort.

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