U2 Playing Raleigh

March, 09, 2009, by Jedidiah

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The rumors were mostly true. U2 looks to be coming to the Triangle, and if so, they will be playing a Raleigh stadium and not Wallace Wade in Durham.  I can only assume that it will be Carter Finley Stadium, but is currently listed as unspecified stadium now.

The tour, called U2/360, which isn’t far off from U2/3D will include a lot of technology and visual stage antics. U2’s new album No Line on the Horizon was released last week to mix reviews from a lot of the nation’s rock critics. Tickets go on sale April 6.

October 3, 2009
Which Stadium?

Update: Menconi has more info on whether or not this will actually happen.

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  • shawn rocco
    03/09 10:45 AM

    hopefully the screen won’t be ‘broken’ this time around.

  • John
    03/09 01:49 PM

    The Raleigh date doesn’t appear to be official or part of the initial listing on U2.com. I hope the other sites are correct and Raleigh is confirmed soon for October.

  • Michael P
    03/09 09:36 PM

    Durham can keep “bands” like this.

  • Isaac
    03/10 01:30 PM

    Yes, Raleigh will surely turn down the money that will be dropped by people coming from out of town to see this concert. Otherwise, it will surely lose it’s hipster cred. Seriously Mike, the Hold Steady doesn’t sell out the Lincoln Theatre, let alone a stadium.

  • wg
    03/12 03:02 PM

    RBC center.  october 3rd.

  • hackles10
    03/12 03:22 PM

    ^you have confirmation…I had been hearing Carter Finley.  Would make tickets easier to get ahold of.

  • Ken
    03/12 11:44 PM

    Carolina and Duke both have BIG home sold out games and NCSU is at Wake on 10/3. Looks like I-40 will be a parking lot all weekend. U2 should skip the triad and play CHARLOTTE.

  • John
    03/13 02:12 PM

    FYI - Dook and Tarhole home game traffic don’t affect traffic around Carter-Finley and the RBC Center.

  • trianglemusicfan
    03/13 04:07 PM

    Isaac:  There is an underlying theme to the Raleigh music scene in your comment.  The Hold Steady sold out Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro last summer, and the Drive-by Truckers had a 2-night stay there last May, yet when they put both bands together for a $20 ticket at the Lincoln Theatre, tickets didn’t sell out.  Sure, a band like U2 would do better since many non-concert goers will shell out $100 for U2 for the single show they go to during the year, but Raleigh may not be as tempting as another city where the music scene is embraced by a larger population.  That being said, I’d choose to see the Hold Steady over U2 any day of the week.

  • cp
    10/03 05:19 PM

    Shame on your city and Bono too. To overbook and falsely promote your infrastructure’s ability to handle the traffic. It may be optimism on your part but for hard working Americans with little to spare a weekend of travel, over $200 in attmitance fees, only to be stuck on your innadequate freeway and miss the show Is a Very hard pill to swallow. I see it as greed and arogance.

  • matt w
    10/03 06:12 PM

    Hahaha what?

  • raleigh resident
    10/04 08:25 AM

    Two things.

    (1) That was a great show last night. And if you’re too hip for a spectacle and musicianship like that, you live a sad little life.  But hey, you’re cool in your solitude, so you got that going for you, which is nice.

    (2). Dude on the freeway.  Leave earlier.  Park and walk.

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  • Keith M
    07/19 12:51 AM

    LOL!! I can’t believe someone was actually trying to compare Hold Steady and Drive by Truckers to U2.

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