UNC-TV Video Short on Raleigh Denim

July, 23, 2010, by Jedidiah

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UNC-TV has put together a great six minute short bio-video on Raleigh Denim, one of our favorite local non-automated duos.

Video Credits
Produced for UNC-TV by David Huppert and directed by Pete Bell.
Produced with major contributions from Jonny the intern and viewers like you.

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  • Jerimee
    07/23 05:01 PM

    How do you buy these?

  • RatherHaveToughskins
    07/23 05:21 PM

    If you have to ask, you can’t buy them.

  • brian_M
    07/23 10:32 PM

    Just curious, RatherHaveToughskins…how much would you charge for jeans if you made them yourself? Would 30.00-50.00 cover the time and materials it took for you to put them together? Or if you were doing this, would 300.00 be more in line, especially if this was your full time job and you had to keep the lights on at your workplace. I am not trying to be a jackass, but I am trying to reconcile the cheap, assembly-line Asian-made stuff versus handcrafted American items. I think there’s going to be a reckoning soon, as people in Asia earning very little are going to be deciding they want a middle-class lifestyle.

  • Phillo
    07/24 04:44 PM

    If an Asian assembly line worker wants a middle class lifestyle, they aren’t going to get (and shouldn’t expect) it working on an assembly line making jeans. 
    Ever since Levi offshored their production, I get 3 or so years out of a pair of jeans instead of 5-7 years.  Even so, I’d still rather pay 30 bucks at Sears than pay $300 for a pair of jeans. 
    A three hundred dollar pair of jeans is better suited for sitting at a coffee shop reading your own shitty poetry than to crawling under a house or changing your oil.

  • Captain
    07/25 09:58 AM

    Great Story.  Great Idea.  There is a a great opportunity to create value in NC’s heritage of textile manufacturing, and they recognize this.  I wonder how my a$$ would look in these jeans.

  • brian_M
    07/25 10:32 AM

    I wasn’t advocating for 300.00 jeans, however somebody must be buying them, because Raleigh Denim is still in business.

  • ninstaller
    07/25 04:06 PM

    I find it ironic that today, it’s news that denim jeans are made in North Carolina, and barely a generation ago, it would have been news that they were Not made in NC.

  • Blzebub
    07/25 05:12 PM

    @Phillo- For those of us who spend most of our waking hours not under a house or changing oil, maybe a better-fitting, nicer-looking pair of jeans is preferable.

  • Ashe
    07/25 06:15 PM

    With respect, though, $300 is STILL a bit steep considering that these aren’t exactly tailored to fit each individual. They are still working off predetermined patterns and measurements. For $300, I’d expect to be able to pick out every little detail from button pattern to the color of the stitching on the back pockets.

  • smitty
    07/25 11:30 PM

    The “non-automated” label is fraudulent.  Is all of their fabric and thread made by hand?  No, of course not.  Only the sewing and cutting is not automated.

  • TH
    07/26 10:36 AM

    It’s great that they are gaining success, but it’s too bad they have to charge what they do to be successful.  I would like to support Raleigh Denim, but I simply won’t pay that much for jeans.

  • RatherHaveToughskins
    07/27 03:09 PM

    FYI, my comment “If you have to ask, you can’t buy them. ” did not pertain to how much the jeans cost. The original poster asked, “How do you buy these?”. My point was to indicate that only those “in the know” or “teh hipster” would know how to buy them. The fact that they might have to work doubles for a month at your_coffee_shop here, is irrelevant. Now, with regard to cost, I have no problem with RD charging $300 +/-. It appears they make a quality product and should be compensated. In fact, I think I’ll skip this afternoon’s shift and go buy a pair.

  • Rostel
    07/28 10:03 PM

    The video wouldnt stream all the way for me.  How much do they cost for real?  If they cost 300 then suck my cock Raleigh Denim.

  • Brian
    07/29 01:09 PM

    I, too, think that quality American materials and workmanship including personal oversight by those with decades of experience isn’t worth paying for.

  • Rostel
    07/29 06:28 PM

    If that is the price for a pair of american made jeans, then they have just proven why outsourcing is actually good for america.

  • Blzebub
    08/02 10:49 AM

    There is no financial justification for the price point of these jeans anymore than there is for any other luxury item.  RD jeans are a luxury item, pure and simple.  They are not meant for the masses.  They are sold at tony shops like Barney’s.  You don’t have to like it or understand it.

  • Rostel
    08/05 05:50 PM

    Yeah, our taxes dollars formed the stimulus which was able to free up money for the banks to loan it so you can sell your 300 dollar blue jeans….God bless America! 

    Keep drinking your PBR you douchebag.  Ill keep buying my jeans at Wal-Mart.

  • Blzebub
    08/06 12:49 AM

    Hmmm.  What are your dollars at Walmart supporting?

  • C
    08/06 09:35 AM

    Are those Wal Mart jeans pleated with an elastic waistband?

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