Unnamed Bar to Replace Fayetteville Street Tavern

Name that Bar

April, 07, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Fayetteville Street Tavern closed its doors over the weekend but it looks like there is already a bar in the works for that space. The new bar will open in a few weeks (after a bit of renovation) and will feature some of the same menu items that were popular at the old bar.

No name has been chosen for the bar, yet…let’s see if we can come up with some good ones. I’m crushing on Sir Walter’s Tavern.

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  • JP
    04/07 10:52 AM

    That’s not the spot probably, but someone does need to open a proper English pub - and if you wonder how that’s different from an Irish pub, get on the Googles. Sir Walter would be a good name for that.

  • Heff
    04/07 02:21 PM

    Proper English pub???  What do you consider the Oxford at 319 Fayetteville Street?  It bills itself as an English Gastropub.  It has a pub feeling (most of the time) and quality pub grub.  The service is good as of my last visit.  Just curious what the difference might be besides the live music and the large size.  I’ve been to many pubs in England and have to say that the Oxford comes pretty close to hitting the mark.

  • arthurb3
    04/07 03:12 PM

    Awww, I like the Fayetteville Street Tavern. It was the last non-snobby place.

  • Old guy
    04/07 03:47 PM

    Yeah, that Slim’s sure is a snobby joint, huh?

  • arthurb3
    04/07 04:00 PM

    Ok,old guy, second to last or maybe third if you count Mecca?

  • Micah
    04/07 04:43 PM

    I would love to see a “real” English pub open in that space!  I would also like to see something similar to Fayetteville Street Tavern there, though maybe a little bit updated and clean.  As for the Oxford…Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • why
    04/07 04:46 PM

    Arthur, what makes a place snobby to you?  Is it the fact that the newer places opening up actually put some pride, passion and thought into opening a restaurant or bar?  You seem to be there when all the new restaurants/bars open up with a snarky comment regarding just how cheap and unsnobby you are.  Every comment you make seems to have some ironic snobbery to it.  If bars and restaurants aren’t putting more effort into making themselves stand out a little more in these economic times, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ll shut down.

  • shim as req'd
    04/07 05:14 PM

    what about andy griffith’s place or the acorn, maybe oak taven - living in raleigh you can never get tired of those buzz words

  • Josh
    04/07 05:45 PM

    “Raleigh: Where Barney Goes to Party” An Andy-themed bar would make me gag. I’d like to see an underground vampire-themed bar of the likes you only see on the X-Files or Blade movies. Every real city needs one!

  • Old guy
    04/07 05:48 PM

    Why?  I guess because sometimes all you want is a bar and a vibe.  It all doesn’t HAVE to be manufactured.  Some places just turn into good spots and it has nothing to do with the decor or the amount of money that is spent on the place. 

    That is just my opinion.  I have no idea what Arthur thinks.

  • Josh
    04/07 05:53 PM

    it’d be called the Black “something” or “Something” Moon. I’M SO EXCITED!

  • Ibu
    04/07 06:38 PM

    What about Isaac Hunter’s Tavern?  It played such an important role in the history of Raleigh, that it seems a shame that no one has taken on the name…

  • Dj
    04/07 10:52 PM

    ” This space available for lease”

  • Angus
    04/08 12:13 PM

    I’ve always wanted to have a wrestling-themed one called “The Armbar”.

    I love puns.

  • WiseOne
    04/08 12:40 PM

    Good point OldGuy. Somethings are manufactured (contrived)and somethings are simply a ‘good spot’. I believe the patrons make the most important contribution to what makes it this way. And Why you make a valid point also, there is nothing wrong with pride and passion in your business. If I was dropping six figure sums on an investment I would want to have some self esteem in what the public sees. And I will miss the FST with its casual atomosphere (maybe a synonym for non-snobby Arthur), like I missed the Capital Room. It reminded me of a Hillsborough St establishment in downtown. But I have no doubts that another bar will open in the spot, since Raleigh’s savy leaders of industry will ride their one trick pony business plan and sell alcohol. Can’t wait to have another drink in a different hole!

  • Mindcrime
    04/08 08:23 PM

    Yet another bar with bad food…

  • Mindcrime
    04/08 08:27 PM

    lol @ the oxford being a real pub and having a “pub feeling”- have you ever even been to a real pub?

  • canessenac
    04/08 09:18 PM

    Hopefully they’ll purchase the NHL center ice package next season.  FST/Capital Room was an awesome place to watch canes’ games in 05/06.

  • Chico
    04/09 06:22 PM

    I second “Isaac Hunter’s Tavern.”

  • roi
    04/10 12:06 AM

    Since Chapel Hill has the long time tavern-bar “He’s Not Here” what about something like “She’s Not Here”, “They’re Not Here”, “We’re Here”, or the “NewRaleigh Tavern.”

  • John
    04/10 11:05 AM

    How about Fayetteville Street Taproom? I mean every location they open seems to do well. They turned Prime Only into Leesville Taproom in a couple weeks.

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