UPDATE: Man v. Food dates change

January, 26, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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The dates listed in the previous Man v. Food article have changed.  According to The Pit, they will be filming there Wednesday the 28th, not the 27th. The Roast Grill filming has moved to the 30th during normal business hours. Not sure what that means for Mama Dips… neither the Travel Channel nor MD were sure yet.

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  • Angus
    01/27 04:36 PM

    Oh man!  This makes me sad as I absolutely love this show and I’m not going to be moving back to town until Thursday.  But I’ll at least get to see the filming on the 30th.

    Where is the ginormo-food final challenge being filmed, and what’s he slated to eat?

  • ladye jane
    01/27 05:07 PM

    He is going to do the “hotdogger” at the Roast Grill on the 30th. The “hotdogger” is 15 hot dogs, 15 buns, 3 drinks, half-pint of mustard, and a pint of chili.

  • Angus
    01/27 05:12 PM

    Bitchin.  I’m so there.

  • Angus
    01/27 05:17 PM

    Anybody know if he’s allowed to dunk the buns in water before eating them?

  • Fanta
    01/29 03:20 PM

    Angus, he is not a competitive eater, so he will not be dunking the buns in anything before eating them.

  • Angus
    01/30 02:01 PM

    Thanks for the answer, but I was asking about the challenge, not the challenger.

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