Vernacular Studio becoming Gensler Raleigh (Updated w/ Announcement Letter)

Vernacular Studio becoming Gensler Raleigh (Updated w/ Announcement Letter)

August, 17, 2011, by David

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This afternoon news broke that  Gensler, the nation's second largest architecture firm with 2,500 professionals in 38 locations, will be absorbing Vernacular Studio to become the Gensler Raleigh office.  

Vernacular is known for their modern style that could most publicly be seen in the former 101 Lounge, Marigold Parlour, the building that houses David's Dumplings and the upcoming Alfred Williams office and furniture studio in downtown.

This follows Ratio Architecture's aquisition late last year of downtown's Cherry Huffman Architects.  

The Vernacular Studio office at the corner of  Glenwood and Hillsborough will become the Gensler Raleigh offices and the change is expected to happen September 1st. 

Below, the complete letter from the Vernacular Partners:

Dear friends, family, clients, and collaborators –

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we write today.  After months of careful consideration, focused discussion, and thoughtful reflection we have made the decision to join Gensler—a world renowned architecture, design, and planning firm. Realizing that this news may surprise many of you, we look forward to speaking with you in more detail about this tremendous opportunity and how it will allow us to continue our commitment to well-conceived design solutions and unparalleled client service. Starting September 1, 2011 we will both serve as Studio Directors of Gensler’s Raleigh office. In this position, we will continue to play similar roles on project teams, bringing the same energy and enthusiasm we always have.

We would like to take this opportunity to give sincere thanks for the roles you have played in making Vernacular Studio a success over the past six years.  The relationships we have built and the friendships we have made will stay with us for years to come and the memories will last us the rest of our lives. We are truly humbled to have been accepted into your businesses, as well as your lives. As the transition occurs, we will continue to work with our existing clients to ensure that Vernacular Studio completes each ongoing project with the same level of quality and attention to detail that you have come to expect.

So, be on the lookout for an announcement of our new relationship to be released in the coming days and please feel free to contact either of us with any questions or concerns that you might have. Thanks again for all of the things, large and small, that each of you has done along the way to make this opportunity possible.

To the next chapter.

Brett + Chad

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  • AndyO
    08/17 10:02 PM

    Where to start with this . . . this is a big deal.  Congratulations to Vernacular, please keep your local voice.

  • Grassfed
    08/18 10:14 AM

    I wonder if they will be hiring? Lots of underemployment amongst architects.

  • AUDIV2
    08/19 06:57 AM

    Anytime great talents and genuinely compatible leaders come together to do better architecture in the design profession, it’s a wonderful opportunity. These are two great firms that obviously share a common vision.

    Congratulations to both organizations.

  • Grassfed
    08/19 10:39 AM

    Looking at the quite large project types that Gensler usually does makes one wonder if the former V studio will give up small home additions and the other small projects. Maybe when not doing larger local projects, G will feed them some work from other cities. The other scenario is that so much of the large project work has dried up that Gensler is willing to do a nice but small modern coffee bar or other thoughtful small projects. Not sure how this will work. I can’t think of any project, however nice, which compares to the scale of Gensler projects.

  • Jake
    08/19 03:30 PM

    Gensler already had a small presence in RTP - does this mean that Brett & Chad will have to work with that ditzy lady?

  • Josh
    09/01 03:34 PM

    Another loss to greed….feed the sheep

  • SRarc
    09/23 03:41 PM

    Jake - I am just now getting around to commenting, but I know both Chad and Brett and feel they would not make this decision without considerable thought…of which I would never see either of them making this decision based on greed. They are great individuals and have done more at a young age than most will in their professional career, so I would suggest you spend even five minutes with either of them before you pass judgment. I too was rather surprised at the announcement, but I feel Gensler is making a really smart move asking VS to join their practice. VS is a hometown firm rooted in design and personal integrity and I wish them the best.

  • srarch
    09/23 03:43 PM

    Sorry Jake…I meant to address Josh on the above post.

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