Videri Chocolate Factory Coming to the Warehouse District

Videri Chocolate Factory Coming to the Warehouse District

August, 26, 2011, by Jedidiah

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photo of the Depot Building by John Morris

Years ago, we were excited when the Depot Building in the Warehouse District started filling up with tenants. Unfortuantely, all of those tenants were nightclubs that only brought foot traffic to that area at night. The Warehouse District was almost solely a nighttime district. This has changed drastically in the past two years with more day time additions popping up in West of Dawson Street. From the Contemporary Art Museum, to the new VAE space, to Tasty Beverage Company, Spy Raleigh and a handful of new restaurants, the Warehouse District is slowlying becoming the place to be in Downtown Raleigh, day or night.

The latest addition to The Depot Building that currently houses Jibarra, Tasty Beverage Company, Tuscan Blue and The Union will be Videri Chocolate Factory. According to WRAL, the owners (who used to work for Escazu) are bringing in a full production line for milk and dark chocolate and eventually the ability to bring your own beer and wine. Yes, please! Videri will open in the space formerly occupied by Ess Lounge on Davie Street. This is the first time that the Depot Building has been full of tenants since that disaster trio of bars that crashed and burned back in 2007. It's nice to see it full again, with a variety of tenants.

This isn't the first chocolate factory to open in the Downtown Raleigh area. We have been huge fans of Escazu since they popped up on Glenwood South back in 2008 and then moved over beside Market Restaurant in the Mordeci area. I'd say downtown is a big enough place for two chocolate factories. 

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  • Christine Martin
    08/26 10:42 AM

    As a frequent Jibarra customer and a big lover of chocolate, I am very excited about this.

  • frank
    08/26 11:05 AM

    when is Raleigh going to get a booze distillery? Otis’ Secret Stash must happen.

  • wallochamp
    08/26 12:59 PM

    ” ...eventually the ability to bring your own beer and wine.”

    Yes, please.

  • Cindy
    08/26 03:48 PM

    That’s linked to WRAL, not the N&O.

  • Jedidiah
    08/26 06:52 PM

    Errr….Thanks Cindy.

  • brian_M
    08/26 08:44 PM

    I love Escazu…I’ll give this new one a try, but I can’t imagine a better chocolate shop.

  • RaleighRob
    08/29 08:37 AM

    Isn’t there yet another chocolate place downtown?  Maybe not a factory but a shop?  Like Glenwood South, towards the Hillsborough end?

  • sally
    08/29 10:33 AM

    RaleighRob -

    Escazu used to have a retail shop on Glenwood South. But they consolidated it into their workshop, which is at North Blount, near Mordecai/Peace College. It’s right next to Market Restaurant as well.

    Like brian_M said, I can’t imagine any new place being better than Escazu!

  • C
    08/29 10:54 AM

    There was a chocolate shop called Peche de Chocolat on Glenwood near Hillsborough.  I’m not sure if it is still there, but it was pretty good.

  • smitty
    08/31 08:44 AM

    I’m still confused as to why the state (NCRR) still owns this building.  Why don’t they sell it?

  • Obnoxious Pedant
    08/31 12:04 PM

    Isn’t Videri the third word of our State Motto?  And doesn’t it mean “seem”?  Seems like an odd name for a chocolate shop.

  • Can't Comment With Pictures
    08/31 12:55 PM

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