Wake County in Top 25 Election Counties to Watch

November, 04, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Poltico has listed their top 25 counties to watch tonight in the election return data. Raleigh will be in the thick of things all across the country tonight!

Of the 2,530 counties that George W. Bush carried in 2004, or the 583 that John Kerry won, just a few dozen stood out for reasons of competitiveness, population size or for what insights their voting habits revealed.

With that calculus in mind, here are 25 critical counties that could help determine the winner of this year’s race.

22) Wake County, N.C. : Though twice carried by Bush, Wake County’s trendline is Democratic as the affluent and educated electorate in the Research Triangle moves away from the GOP. The state’s second-most populous county after Charlotte’s Mecklenburg County, if Obama wins big here that’s a troubling sign for McCain.

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