Wake County Justice Center Construction Ahead of Schedule, $24 Million Under Budget

Wake County Justice Center Construction Ahead of Schedule, $24 Million Under Budget

September, 30, 2011, by Mark

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Phil Stout, the Facilities Design and Construction Director for Wake County, takes us on a video tour of the new Wake County Justice center, which is currently under construction in Downtown Raleigh. According to Stout, the building is a whopping $24 Million under budget.

The justice center combines contemporary neo-Gothic architectural design elements with 21st technology to adapt to a rapidly increasing instant-media society. The center's design also address a range of post-9/11 security concerns. To answer environmental calling cards, the building will employ energy efficiency measures and attempt basic LEED Certification. See below for the video with a full tour of the building during its construction.

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  • RaleighRob
    09/30 10:26 AM

    Under budget and ahead of schedule is certainly welcomed news these days.

    I know you said “neo-gothic” but there’s also some design elements that kinda remind me of a nod to Art Deco styles in a way.

  • Charlie
    09/30 01:22 PM

    I was going to say the same thing about the Art Deco look. It somewhat reminds me of the Wake County office building. Can’t wait to see how nice it looks when it’s done. It’s refreshing to actually see an attractive skyscraper in Raleigh. Most of the other skyscrapers are hideous and all of the newer buildings downtown have been absolute flops aesthetically.

  • hackles10
    09/30 01:25 PM

    Use that $24 million towards the Public Safety Center plan….should make that project a lot more palatable!

  • ncmyk
    10/01 12:59 PM

    just to point out the obvious, wake county is not going to use $24m of their money on a city of raleigh project.  these are two different governments.

    rank that idea right on up there with the other article’s idea that the city of raleigh should build an amphitheater on the state of north carolina’s nash square.

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