Wayne Sutton on CNN’s Black in America 4 Sunday

Wayne Sutton on CNN’s Black in America 4 Sunday

November, 11, 2011, by David

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That's Wayne, second from the right!

Raleigh resident and social media extraordinaire Wayne Sutton made a name for himself in Raleigh and across the internet for being the most social man alive.  Dwarfing the biggest social media user you know by an order of magnitude, Sutton has continuously leveraged his savvy to achieve greater and greater heights. Sutton moved from small time consulting to doing web savvy journalism for a local NBC affiliate, from their he went on do be a partner in local startup "Tri-Out" and consulting big brands on their social media prescence.  

Now Sutton is working with NewMe Accelerator, a Google backed Silicon Valley startup incubator designed around helping minority startups succeed. Always the biggest celebrity-non-ceblebrity in the room, Sutton is now being featured on CNN's Black in America, a series of documentaries covering black life in the United States.  This chapter, number 4, will focus on Black Entreprenuers in Silicon Valley.  Edited to sensationalize, the trailer features an uncharacteristly riled up Wayne Sutton, the normally smooth operator.  Catch Black in America 4 on CNN, Sunday at 8pm. Learn more about Sutton on his website.  And also, check out his profile over at CNN.

Sutton will return to California for NewMe 2012.

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  • Niki
    11/11 03:50 PM

    GO WAYNE!!! :)

  • Raleigh Raised
    11/14 06:47 AM

    Great show!

  • MotownMusicLvr
    11/14 08:35 AM

    Congratulations Wayne! My cousin Carla Reed is very proud of you! She watched CNN Black in America 4 and the live discussion with Mario Armstrong! NC is proud of you!

  • The red head kid from Problem Child 2
    11/16 09:35 AM

    Wait, I don’t get it. Obama is supposed to put money in our pockets?

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