What is Your Favorite Business from Raleigh’s Past?

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May, 26, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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As any growing city does, Raleigh has had many staple businesses that have come and gone over the years. Natives often lament over their closings, and fondly remember the days you could go see a movie on Fayetteville at the Ambassador Theatre, and get fresh milk home delivery from the Pine State Creamery. If you were a kid, your first stop when going downtown would be Royster’s candy shop. Adults were more likely head for a bite at the Upstairs restaurant (the chairs of which grace the downstairs of the Morning Times today).

What is your favorite business from Raleigh’s past? Could be from last year or thirty years ago. First 10 people to post their answer and why they miss it win a copy of the Raleigh City Museum’s book Businesses that Built Raleigh.

If you have won one of the Olde Raleigh contests before, you are ineligible to win a book, but we’d still love to hear your response. Winners will be notified at the email address provided in order to comment.

A few Raleigh businesses that aren’t around anymore…

The Globe Clothing Company

Ambassador Theatre

Boone Iseley Drugstore


All images courtesy of the Raleigh City Museum




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  • Ray
    05/26 11:57 AM

    Only been in the area for 15 years, but I always enjoyed Greenshields.

  • Sarah
    05/26 12:15 PM

    Hayes Barton Pharmacy. The old style pharmacy soda shop that was where the Hayes Barton Grill is now.

    I got to go there and get an orangeade or a milkshake after every doctor’s appointment. We picked up our prescriptions at the pharmacy. At least that is still open.

  • Rex
    05/26 12:19 PM


    Burke Brothers, 5227 Hillsborough St heading west towards Cary, is still open, so I suppose it doesn’t count, but they’re still in the fight of their lives, amid the hounding of big-box, big-boys such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

    Still family family-owned and family-operated. And they still give away free house-popped popcorn.

  • Mark McLawhorn
    05/26 12:30 PM

    The Rathskeller, 2412 Hillsborough St.

    I remember eating there after one of the big “F” hurricanes… no power to cook at the house, so we all went and chowed down at the Rat. They had one of the largest menu selections I’ve ever seen on the street.

    It all seems like a dream now…the entire space is gone… Porter’s ripped everything out and remodeled the building.

    There was a place called The Rathskeller on Franklin Street (which has also since closed), but it wasn’t even close to the same joint.

  • erik
    05/26 12:33 PM

    My grandmother’s favorite lunchspot was Ballantine’s Cafeteria in Cameron Village.  Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the food, it will always be a special place since she loved it so much.

  • Wally Lang
    05/26 12:51 PM

    I love Mecca for this topic.  When you walk in the doors you can visit Raleigh hospitality and a photo history of the Capital city people who met and discussed our future in this state.  The food is always good too!

  • rb
    05/26 01:08 PM

    I would agree with Mark, The Raths. My husband and I still talk about it. We were both regulars, before we ever met!

    The staple that also comes to mind is still standing (thank god!): Askew Taylor’s 110 Glenwood Ave. The staff is knows what they are talking about. I hate to think that it might be gone one day (a la Ferguson’s Hardware on Hillsborough St., RIP). Askew’s is where I have bought the majority of my art supplies since before college, and at one point they had a ton of old wallpapers but I think they liquidated them. They still have house paint and primers and are good at telling you exactly what you will need for a project. Despite their size, their prices cannot be beat… not by the big box monstrosities & not be the internet.

  • Kim Cumber
    05/26 01:10 PM

    The Upstairs - definitly!  Ms. Nell Styron telling us that the cherry pie needs ice cream because it’s so tart; Ms. Genevieve at the cash register; Ruth in the kitchen, and Ms. Levine taking orders, giving orders (!) and rationing out the sweet n’ low!  GOOD TIMES!

  • Paul
    05/26 01:28 PM

    I have always loved to dine at Cooper’s BBQ in downtown. It is a staple of my diet when I am in Raleigh and has a perfect complement of great people and wonderful southern flavors. Every day without a pink lemonade is a sad day in my life. Thank you Coopers for continuing to provide great people and food for over 70 YEARS!

  • Doug
    05/26 01:48 PM

    Only been in Raleigh 20 years, but I miss Darryl’s on Hillsborough and also Glenwood

  • Joe Seale
    05/26 01:56 PM

    Comet Lounge, Hillsborough St.
    Best late night in Raleigh.

  • ct
    05/26 02:09 PM

    There was a shop at the old North Hills that sold art prints. Still miss it.

  • WiseOne
    05/26 02:28 PM

    I enjoyed the ice house located where Charlie Goodnights is now. I have vivid memories of seeing big blocks of ice sitting out on the loading dock. And when you would go an get some it would be so cold when they opened the bay doors. I could list many more…underground at Cameron Village, Turner’s pond, Culture Club, old Boylan Bridge, Red Barn, the drive-in’s, Morgan St. bus station, Sugar and Spice, the Catholic orphanage, swimming pool at Hayes Barton and Pullen Park…

  • Robert Bohinski
    05/26 02:33 PM

    I miss Ivey’s - was a great store!

    And the milk that PineState used to deliver -

    finally…..the evening paper with the delivery of the Raleigh Times

  • wg
    05/26 02:38 PM

    have a nice day cafe
    johnsons pharmacy on fairview road
    wicked smile
    the comet
    “the emporium” at the old north hills
    hayes barton pharmacy
    simple pleasures(glenwood village)
    neptunes seafood restaurant
    tippys mexican restaurant

  • John
    05/26 02:51 PM

    Why are people listing places that are still in buisness? (ie. Mecca, Coopers)
    I am a transplant from Durham. Been here since ‘98. I wasn’t a big fan of their beer but I miss Greenshield’s. I can’t believe no one has opened a restaurant in this location.

  • Chad
    05/26 02:52 PM

    Poole’s Diner

  • VaNC
    05/26 02:54 PM

    The Rathskellar definately.  This town seems so busy adding fancy restaurants, that there are no unique independent places to just get something to eat anymore.  It was great freshly made food for a reasonable price.  I miss the salads, the sweet potato ravioli, the lemon tahini dressing, the burgers….I could go on.  It was a great place to take a crowd, cause they had meat, tofu, salads, everything.  Miss it.

  • itb4life
    05/26 03:00 PM

    studio I & II movie theater on hillsborough st
    details, also on hillsborough

  • CD2
    05/26 03:33 PM

    Free Advice on Hillsborough St

  • oakcity
    05/26 03:41 PM

    crooked beat! best record store raleigh ever had.

    there used to be a place at cameron village that made the best oragneade ever, we’d get an orangeade after going to penney’s but only if we were good.

  • nostalgette
    05/26 03:42 PM

    Oak City Diner.  It was good enough for Eva Gardner, and it was good enough for 16 yr old me!

  • Rob J
    05/26 03:58 PM

    Man…I miss JOhnson’s Pharmacy big time.
    Also, Battle Stations at Cameron Village.
    K&K Toys
    Sears Arcade

  • smitty
    05/26 03:58 PM

    Don Murray’s, Scotty’s, Dunderbak’s, the old Arby’s on Hboro, Bourbon Street, City Gallery, Five-o

  • John
    05/26 04:23 PM

    I am another disappointed Rathskeller fan.  I have so many fond memories from that restaurant with friends.  The closest thing I find to it now is The Rockford.  But, The Rockford will never be able to replicate the dark wood, cave like intimacy of this former jewel on Hillsborough St.  I miss it so much!

    I miss the old Hudson Belk on Fayetteville St. with its bargain basement department.  It was sort of Raleigh’s version of Filene’s Basement. 

    I miss the Hobby Shop that was in North Hills Mall before it was torn down for its latest incarnation.

    I miss Cherry Modern Furniture that was on Glenwood.  I am glad that I bought some nice pieces there before they went out of business.

    I also miss that European modern furniture/accessory store that used to be in North Hills.  For the life of me, I can’t remember its name.  But, it was like a really high end IKEA.

  • Michele Little
    05/26 04:32 PM

    I also miss the Rathskeller.  There are some evenings where I wish it were still here.  I miss Greenshield’s, as well as Barista Java in City Market.  BJ was such a fun coffee house and I had many great times there.  And of course I miss my old dress shop, Head Over Heels.  Ah, the good old days.

  • Miss K.C.
    05/26 04:36 PM

    Off the top of my head—

    Cafe Cyclo (I frequently crave their bubble tea and spring rolls)
    Wolfman Pizza on Glenwood
    Kings (Duh)
    Alibi (technically still there, but different now)

    I’m sure I will be thinking of these all afternoon!

  • TheWaveLife
    05/26 04:44 PM

    Kings… hands down.

  • Miss K.C.
    05/26 05:02 PM

    I forgot to mention that I also miss Bickett Gallery and its bar, and Enoteca Vin, which hasn’t been gone long but I miss it a lot already.
    And the MARRZ entertainment complex ... SIKE, like I was ever lame enough to go to that place every single Thursday night my junior and senior year of college!!!

  • arthurb3
    05/26 05:13 PM

    Don Murray’s on Capital Blvd.
    El Rodeo performance hall on Six Forks Road (or what ever it was called.)

  • ford
    05/26 05:31 PM

    the hobby shop in cameron village. so many afternoons spent agonizing over which model i should build next while eating daquiri ice from baskin robbins next door.

  • kg
    05/26 05:42 PM

    how could i forget oak city diner?!?

    so much for progress.

  • kg
    05/26 05:44 PM

    or andy’s pizza in north hills for that matter…

  • Betsy
    05/26 06:17 PM

    North Road Bike Shop.  They got headhunted away by Caswell County.

  • mwyatt
    05/26 07:09 PM

    All of the businesses collectively at Five Points during my childhood years: Gattis’ Drug Store (now called Hayes Barton Pharmacy), Morgan’s Barber Shop, The Chicken House, Eagle Coin Shop, Colony Theater (now called Rialto), Laughlin’s Music Company, Piggly Wiggly, Rainbow Grill, the Atlantic Station, Johnnie’s Food Store and Sandlin’s Hardware, among others. Even the Five Points Post Office was a favorite hangout. (And there were two barrooms that of course were off limits to kids: The Anchorage and The Office.)

    And here’s my Pine State story: Our milk man was Mr. Lee. Not only would he deliver milk to our house, he’d come right in the front door and back to the breakfast room where we’d be eating breakfast, greet everyone by name, then go on into the kitchen and put the milk in the refrigerator. If by chance he arrived just as we were having our morning devotional, he’d bow his head reverently and wait till we’d finished- then put the milk in the fridge.

  • chippa
    05/26 07:11 PM

    Cameron Village Underground, especially Battle Stations

    I miss The Big Sky Bread Company more than anything. great bread and STELLAR coffee.

  • aws
    05/26 07:32 PM

    WOW - How many Friday nights did I spend at Bourbon Street??? Cheap Beer, Free Pool, and good sandwiches! Nothing could beat it! miss that place!

  • worbler
    05/26 07:36 PM

    hey ....how bout the old briggs hardware? what a cool place.

  • AberZombie
    05/26 09:05 PM

    Does anyone remember Old Historic Millbrook?  Train used to run through there and was a nice landscaped area..  It has [since] been bulldozed over and made into some living establishments..

  • AberZombie
    05/26 09:10 PM

    one more.. 

    Cock of the Walk

  • brian_M
    05/26 09:16 PM

    I really miss Ballantine’s Cafeteria in Cameron Village. I moved to Raleigh in 1993, and befriended a neighbor, and we used to eat there all the time…not a salt-mine like the other cafeteria over there, and it was a real slice of old Raleigh. Sorely missed. Also, The Studio on Hillsborough Street. A great set of screening rooms for extremely indy films…wish we still had a place like that.

  • Gennie
    05/26 09:18 PM

    Big Sky Bread, for sure. Ballantines, definitely. Greenshields too.

  • Ryan
    05/26 10:11 PM

    Mr Dunderbaks

  • ChiefJoJo
    05/26 10:19 PM

    AZ, yes I remember historic Millbrook.  It had it’s own post office and a series of shops.  I used to stop at a little ice cream shop as a kid after soccer practice.

    I remember the Cardinal Theater at North Hills.
    It was similar to the current Colony Theater on Six Forks.  I used to go there all the time as a kid.  They had a time capsule in the pavement there too—wonder what happened to it?

  • smitty
    05/26 11:06 PM

    I was wondering about that time capsule myself.  Ironic that they knocked down the movie theater and put up a Blockbuster.  Remember the Circle K behind it?

  • ninstaller
    05/26 11:07 PM

    okay, wayback machine:
    the record hole. hillsboro st
    the cultureclub, morgan st
    barry’s II, hillsboro st.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    05/26 11:25 PM

    Hayes Barton when it was the “original” (to me in the 90’s) soda shop.

  • Micah
    05/27 02:20 AM

    They didn’t knock down the Cardinal after it closed.  Well, they removed the mostly glass lobby and front canopy from the front of the auditoriums.  The video store opened in what was the auditoriums.  Just before they built the new building that houses the Kerr Drug about 4 years ago they demolished the 1970’s addition to the Cardinal (known to employees as “Cardinal 1”).  The Bonefish is inside what was the original Cardinal auditorium.  It sat about 700 people and was a fantastic place to see a movie.  The loss of the Cardinal was nearly avoided and the landlord regretted causing it’s demise.  The K&W cafeteria space at Cameron Village was also a cinema into the 80’s.  It was built as a one screen called the Village and was twinned and dubbed Village Twin.  The long skinny auditoriums after the twinning made the theater a little uncomfortable to see a film in, but it was a fun place to visit.  The Valley Twin at Crabtree (in the building where Best Buy and Barnes and Noble is now…In the actual space where the post office is) was very similar.  Studio I and II would still be open today if it weren’t for a slightly greedy landlord (he finally sold the building a year or so ago), along with lack of parking and problems with the homeless.  The owners had no choice but to get out between leases.

  • Micah
    05/27 02:21 AM

    (Correction, obviously the large, original auditorium at the Cardinal was “Cardinal 1”.)

  • AberZombie
    05/27 02:25 AM

    the theater at Crabtree was called the Imperial..  it was at the very back of the building where Best Buy is..

    do you remember the Hardee’s that was once on that corner (about where the B&N cafe is..) also at Crabtree..

    North Hills Mall, had a store called Montaldo’s with overpriced lingerie..  Anyone remember Added Dimensions?

  • Micah
    05/27 03:34 AM

    The theater at Crabtree was the Valley Twin.  The Imperial was in the building that the Galaxy in Cary now occupies.  Imperial 6 was operated by United Artists (now part of Regal) until 2000 when they closed both Imperial and Mission Valley.  The short lived Madstone reopened Imperial, and Ambassador Entertainment (Rialto, Colony, Studio folks) reopened Mission Valley.

  • RaleighRob
    05/27 09:40 AM

    Definitely Rathskellar, the Studio theatre, and Big Sky Bread.  Really wish all three were back. 
    (Yes, I do like Porters, but there’s no reason why the street couldn’t support both them and the Rat.)

  • Ken Metzger
    05/27 09:48 AM

    As a kid I loved Heart’s Delight after a soccer game.  I also miss Jungle Golf, which I think was on Hodges.  I remember driving by years ago and seeing the Giraffe still there.

    There was not a better late night spot for food than Oak City Diner.  When the Longbranch (can’t really say I miss that one, but wish it was still there) let out, that place got real interesting.

  • Reader
    05/27 10:33 AM

    I will always miss The Record Hole on Hillsborough Street. It closed after the owner, John Swain, died. You basically bought records and paid cash directly to John, who occassionally told you to “watch the shop” and he left the store for a bit. He always played records on a small turn table and worked the honor system back when you still could.

  • G
    05/27 10:56 AM

    The Fallout Shelter!

  • junkyschristmas
    05/27 11:25 AM

    Kings :(

  • Beckton James
    05/27 11:38 AM

    Balentine’s Cafeteria.

    Good Food at a reasonable price.

    It is a shame that space has sat empty all these years.  What a mistake by York properties not to renew their lease so they could remodel.

    Warren, we miss you buddy.

  • rdaniel
    05/27 11:47 AM

    The time capsule is still there and I believe it is scheduled to be opened in 2017. I remember being there when the Cardinal opened and watching the items being put in the capsule. I was around 12 years old at the time. I saw so many movies there over the years and the last one I saw was “Raising Arizona”. The theater closed soon after. The convenient store located behind the Cardinal theater may have been a Circle K at the end but I remember it being a Fast Fare while growing up. I also have fond memories of the Record Bar on the lower level at the old North Hills Mall near the JC Penney store. That was the place I bought a lot of albums from over my teenage years and remember having to take a few back to exchange becase the record was warped. The place I miss the most has to be Ballantine’s Cafeteria, where I would dine frequently with my mother and father. You could see all types of people there from the common folk to judges, politicians, CEOs and US Senators ( I once saw Senator Jesse Helms eating there which by the way was not one of my life’s highlights since I come from a Democrat family ) Ballantine’s did not always have the best food but it was good, especially their pies. You just don’t see places like that anymore and I was truly heartbroken when I saw they were closing. I thought it was the centerpiece of Cameron Village.

  • smitty
    05/27 11:59 AM

    Ah yes, I think it was a Fast Fare. They seemed to be all over the place back in the 80’s.  There was one around the SE corner of the building where Best Buy is now at Crabtree.

  • lynn
    05/27 12:05 PM

    I can’t beleive there was no mention of the best pizza place this city has ever seen, Brothers.  Going to Brothers was always a fun trip.  Another favorite was the original Darryls on Hillsborough st.  They had a huge copper topped table as you walked in and also served wonderful pizza.

  • lynn
    05/27 12:11 PM

    Who can forget the Villa Capri in Ridgewood Shopping center.  The same family owns Casa Carbonne on Glenwood.  I still measure all Italian food by the standard set in my youth by the Villa Capri.
    There was also a Drive In theater located on S. Saunders or S. Wilmington st.  During my early childhood so I dont remember exactly.

  • meg
    05/27 12:54 PM

    Brother’s Pizza
    Glenwood Village Pharmacy - best chocolate milkshakes EVER!!
    Black Dog Cafe
    Simple Pleasures

  • Rex
    05/27 12:55 PM

    I’ll always miss the Brothers’ Pizza on Hillsborough Street. Between there and the still extant Two Guys’, it came down to choice and our family preferred the Brothers’ variety. I was thankfully able to swing by on their penultimate day for a a pepperoni and peppers pizza.

  • Matthew Brown
    05/27 01:58 PM

    I liked the Nur Deli on Hillsborough St. They had great falafel and other middle eastern specialties. And fried okra, of all things! They were a victim of 9/11! They closed down and I think the same people opened “PizzAmerica.” It’s fine, but it’s just one pizza place among a gazillion. Bring back the Nur Deli! There is no anti-Muslim BS around here!

  • roi
    05/27 04:01 PM

    In the 1960’s Ballentines was down town near the old Sir Raleigh Hotel; Greens Cafe on Wilmihgton Street near the Highway bldg; Person Street Cafe a great Greek cafe across the street and down the street from Krispy Kreme;Hudson Belk Cafeteria when Belks was downtown; The Toddler House on the corner of Glenwood and Hillsborough streets; the Rat; and of course the Gateway cafe across from the NCSU Bell tower. All of these were great restaurants and were cafes of the PAST.

  • bfb
    05/27 04:47 PM

    Does anyone remember Alligator Alley across from the bell tower? Was that the actual name? Anyway, best breakfast…always packed!

  • WiseOne
    05/27 07:46 PM

    bfd: yeah that was it’s actual name…it replaced the breakfast house.

  • mwyatt
    05/27 08:10 PM

    Raleigh once had three drive-in theaters. The Center Drive-In was on Highway 70 between Raleigh and Garner. I remember seeing the double feature “The Giant Gila Monster” and “The Killer Shrews” there. I think there’s a Golden Corral on the site now. The Tower Drive-In was on New Bern Avenue, later replaced by the Tower Shopping Center. The Forest Drive-In was on Route One north of town (now Capital Blvd.) I probably saw “Thunder Road” at all three of them at one time or another…

  • DonnieOsmondDarko
    05/28 09:49 AM

    The Stingray
    The ORIGINAL Moonlight Pizza-when it was in the MoJos location
    Kings (we NEED a rock venue of this caliber desperately!)
    The greasy hamburger place that was in north hills mall across from andy’s pizza, the name escapes me
    The Rat!
    Oak City Diner

    -old places that are still kicking and worthwhile keeping around-
    Mitch’s-best food bargain in town
    The Rialto & The Colony
    Roast Grill
    The Burger Hut

  • roi
    05/28 12:07 PM

    Oh I forgot about Newton’s Grocery located on Peace Street close to Peace College….great hot dogs and country ham biscuits.  And the College Grill (aka Red Campbell’s place) under Mitch’s Tavern mow owned by Mitch, but never opened afterwards. Red’s was the only bar in Raleigh that had only one black and white TV, where you could get insulted, and with no AC. What a wonderful sports dive.

  • rdaniel
    05/28 05:14 PM

    As one of Rob J’s listings, the name of the, “greasy hamburger place that was in North Hills mall across from andy’s pizza” was named Scotty’s. I thought they had had some tasty hotdogs that were just as good as Snoopy’s are today.

  • David
    05/28 06:58 PM

    I PLAY GAMES on Hilsboro

  • nhb
    05/29 02:02 PM

    Wow.  What a trip down memory lane.  From my college days:

    The Car Shop
    Edwards Grocery-nickel draft night
    Crazy Zac’s Friday Happy Hour
    Circus Room at Darryl’s
    Buckets of beer at Blimpies on Hillsboro
    Basketball at Reynold’s
    Holsters of fries at Arby’s
    late nights at The Breakfast House
    Mr. Edgerton in the Shoe Department at Nowells
    Cameron Village Soda Shop
    Cameron Village Record Bar
    The Pier
    National championships for the Pack…

  • sherry
    05/29 02:30 PM

    Several mentioned by nhb

    The Car Shop (Peace Street)
    Crazy Zack’s Friday Happy Hour
    Circus Room at Darryl’s on Hillsborough
    Tut’s on Western Blvd.
    Thalheimer’s (sp) in Cameron Village
    The Pier Underground
    The Rat
    Brother’s Pizza
    Cafeteria at Belk’s (downtown location)
    The Raleigh Times (our evening paper)
    Woolworth’s luncheonette
    Newton’s Grocery (hushpuppies)
    Neptune’s Galley
    Theaters (Tryon & North Hills and Crabtree)
    Silver Bullet Saloon
    Ed’s Grocery
    Harpo’s on Western Blvd.
    The Record Bar
    JC Penney’s at Cameron Village

  • nhb
    05/29 02:43 PM

    I couldn’t remember the name Tut’s to save my life!  Had a ball in that place as well Harpos and the Silver Bullet.

    Loved parking in the deck at Thalheimers and taking the escalator up.  As I child, I thought it was so BIG CITY!

    What was the Pizza place in Mission Valley Shopping Center?  It started with an M… I think?

    There was a Gulf Station on Hillsboro Street that let me get cash on parent’s gas card… loved that place too!

  • sherry
    05/29 08:26 PM

    OMG - I totally forgot the Canton Chinese restaurant that was on Hillsborough near the Capitol building and Belks’ basement!

    I remember Kings and Arlans (precursers to Kmart), too.

    Moonlight bowling at Western Lanes was a treat, too! I know it is still there, but no moonlight bowling any more.

  • roi
    05/31 11:13 AM

    OMG back to Sherry for remembering the Canton Chinese restaurant. Do you remember the old 42nd Oyster Bar which was just a small whole in the wall?  I think its last days were in the 1960’s.

  • NCSU
    06/03 02:57 PM

    This could take forever.

    We used to get all my back-to-school clothes at Hudson Belk downtown, Penny’s and Wrenn-Pharr at Cameron Village. Wrenn-Pharr had all the Cub/Boy Scout stuff. I bought a pair of pants back in the ‘70s from there, wore them to school a few times, and, lo and behold, Jan Brady wore a pair just like them. I’m a guy and never heard the end of it from my friends.

    We always went to Hayes Barton pool in the summer because it was closer to our house. We’d get really excited when we’d get to go to Pullen Park and ride the train and merry-go-round.

    Anybody remember Scotty’s Hamburgers where the Flythe store is on Peace Street? I found a fly in my hamburger there once. My mom immediately pulled my brother and me from our seats and we left. Remember eating hot dogs at Scotty’s Chuckwagon in North Hills and peering through the hobby shop window at the train layout?

    What about the Better-Life store on Western Boulevard, next to the A&P, with the mod Strawberry Fields hippy section in the back? The entrance was shaped like a big strawberry and they had love beads and incense and lava lamps and “Keep On Truckin’” shirts.

    Remember when both the NH and CV K&Ws;had two sides? The question when you would go with friends was always, “Which side do y’all eat on?” And remember how they had men with red jackets and black bow-ties who would line up at the end of the line to take your tray to your table for you?

    I would give a large amount of money to spend just one more Friday Happy Hour at Crazy Zack’s.

    I saw “10 Million Years BC” at the Forest Drive-In and “Night of the Living Dead” at the Tower Drive-In. Saw “Dr. Doolittle” at the Colony at Five Points and “Song of the South” at the Cardinal.

    Saw “Earthquake” in Sensurround at The State theater, in the Lawyers Building, whose recent demolition was overshadowed by that of the Garland Jones building. Saw “Midway” also in Sensurround, at Cameron Village.

    The last movie I saw at the Ambassador was the 1976 “King Kong.” At the point in the movie where Kong was playing with Jessica Lange, someone yelled from the balcony, “Hey lady! That big monkey gonna **** you!”

    I’ll end on that one.

  • tnj
    06/03 05:03 PM

    i truly miss northern star deli - where zely and ritz is now.

  • James C.
    06/09 12:39 PM

    Baxleys on Hillsborough St. where the hookah bar is now. My uncle worked there when he was in college and my grandfather took me there for a burger and a shake when I was in high school and on the doorstep of enrolling at State.

    By the time I got there, it had been turned into a dang Starbucks.


    I miss the 5-0 and Brother’s Pizza, as well. And Schoolkids Records doesn’t feel the same in its new location down the street in the old Eckerd’s.

  • James C.
    06/09 12:42 PM

    Check that…Schoolkids is now down where the winos hang out waiting to donate plasma. So I guess that’s better.

  • Emily K.
    06/16 11:58 AM

    My favorite old-Raleigh location, hands down, is the Belk’s downtown.  Oh, how I miss it.  My mom and I would search the bargain basement for deals and she would take me to eat lunch in that run-down cafe or Cooper’s. 
    Such great memories!

  • J
    06/20 11:01 AM

    cherry smash at longview pharmacy
    Dunn’s milkshakes on New Bern Ave.
    Mister Peanut
    Little Raleigh Airport
    Papagallo’s on Hillsboro St.
    meadow gold on Glenwood Ave.
    Belk’s downtown and the 208 Shop
    Pine State Ice Cream
    McCellan’s,turned McCrory’s
    THOSE are memories

  • J
    06/20 11:02 AM

    Penney’s at Cameron Village
    Rose’s also in the Village

  • Todd
    06/23 11:12 AM

    Moved to the area 9 years ago but as a child passing through to the beach we would always stop at the Mister Peanut Candy store. I know it is gone but can anyone tell me where it was.

  • Raleigh Boy
    06/23 12:12 PM

    Todd—The Planter’s Peanut outlet store was on S. Wilmington St. near Montlawn Cemetery—I think just before or just past the cemetery as you are heading north into town. The building itself is still there, but I’m not sure what’s in it now. A friend of mine was “Mr Peanut” one summer in the early ‘80s. He’d parade up and down the road in front of the store wearing the costume, beckoning to passersby to stop and buy peanuts. That was of course before traffic sped by there at 70 mph.

  • NCSU
    07/02 11:14 AM

    The Planters Peanuts store is here:


    Sorry for the long URL.

    It’s a shame what has happened to that section of Wilmington Street. Here are the businesses I remember along there from my youth:

    O’Neal Chrysler Plymouth
    Coca-Cola bottling (still there)
    Pizza Inn with a train motiff. You could eat in a caboose.
    Planters Peanuts
    Bonanza Steakhouse
    Colonial grocery store
    Par-Golf Driving Range
    VERY NICE funeral home - building still there, but might not be a funeral home any longer.
    The motel on the right just before the peanut place used to be fairly nice. I went to a formal a Meredith once back in the early 80s and a group of us got rooms there.

    That use to be the main route into town from the South, before S. Saunders was widened and traffic was directed in that way.

    Any body remember the Homer Briarhopper Club where the Wilmington/S. Saunders split is now? Or was it the Jim Thortnon Club? I always got those two confused. They were both local country performers. One had a club there and the other way out on Poole Road. That building still exists. I think there’s a body shop in it now.

  • mwyatt
    07/02 01:36 PM

    Jim Thorton’s Dance Club was located at the Wilmington/S. Saunders split. Homer Briarhopper’s Club was out Poole Road.

  • Larc
    07/15 06:32 PM

    Briarhopper’s was on Poole Rd. at Barwell Rd.  The building is still there or was a couple of years ago when I last rode by.

    Some places I remember really go a long way back.  Anybody else remember Dunn’s Ice Cream store on New Bern Ave., Royster’s Candy Co. downtown on Fayetteville St. or the Windmill Drive-In on S. Saunders St.?  The Windmill was one of the first places in Raleigh to serve pizza.

    Also, I remember when Players Retreat was on Hillsborough St. (Hillsboro then) just across from Dan Allen Dr. where Wolf Mart is now.  There were shoe prints painted on the ceiling that led from the front door to the bar about midway, then from there to the men’s room.

    Another place was Chris Webee’s Subway Tavern.  It was on Hillsborough in the basement under the spot where Darryl’s eventually located.  Chris originally operated a tavern on Fayetteville St. called the Log Cabin that burned sometime in the early 1950s.

  • Matt Burns
    08/28 02:52 PM

    Stool Pigeons.

  • Chris
    09/23 08:22 AM

    Does anyone rememnber The Square Tavern?  It was on the corner near the bell tower.  Darryl’s, Ed’s Grocery, The Char Grill, The Rat, My Apartment, Triangle Billiard Parlor, The underground at Cameron Village were all favorites of mine.  If any one does remember The Square I would love to know what happened to it. It has been a while since I have been back.

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    10/07 03:38 PM

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  • TomZ
    10/20 05:20 PM

    How about:
    The L&M - AKA the Long Meadow Dairy Bar on Glenwood Ave.  This was the place to bring your muscle car (if you had one)in the 60’s and show how fast you could leave heading towards the old Kid Brewer sign (You’ll Be Glad You Did”)in the field where Crabtree Valley is now.

    There was Chips Drive In (later Hardees) on Downtown Blvd right at the Crabtree Creek bridge.  It was the place for teens to see and be seen as you slowly made the loop between Chips and Shoney’s (was next to Johnny’s Motor Lodge across the street from Hill’s Sporting Goods).

    The Scramble Dog club was on Hillsboro St. extension near Buck Jones Road.  For the really adventurous (some might say brave) there was Ed’s Hut near Oak Park and Jim Thorton’s Club where S. Saunders St and Wilmington St intersect.  These places hired off-duty Raleigh police before it became more commonplace.

    The first Villa Capri was off Hillsboro St about where Appleby’s is now.  It was right next to Amburn Pontiac where I first saw the Embers perform for the 1962 or 1963 new car introduction.  Remember the candy cane taillights on the 63 Bonneville?

  • Gregory Rasputin
    04/04 07:55 PM

    When Ballantines closed I took it as proof positive that the Raleigh I had loved was dead and gone.  So I moved to Northern New York to get away from all the Yankees. I miss the clouds of cigarette smoke encircling me while I ate my special order fried oysters. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Ballantine was the symbol of old southern hospitality in Raleigh

  • Kathy Harrod
    05/01 08:30 PM

    Please help me remember the name of my favorite used bookstore on Hillsborough St. The older couple who owned the store were very kind. Seems the name had 3 syllabels. (Steinbrenner’s?-something along those lines)I spent my entire allowance there on a weekly basis. It was between Baxley’s and the restaurant at Western Lanes that my parents owned. There was a dime store(name?) in the same block and in the next block there was Bill Kiger’s The Stagg Shoppe and of course The Varsity Theater.

  • KSL
    07/12 11:55 AM

    Does anyone have any fond memories at McLellan’s or McCory’s?

    Or any other memories of shops/events on Fayetteville Street?

  • Micah
    07/12 02:13 PM

    I remember McCrory’s well.  They were open on Fayetteville St. until at least the late 1990’s.  One of my relatives worked for Kresge stores (now Kmart) and then spent many years at the Raleigh McCrory. I remember going there when I was very young and the store was pretty nice and well-kept, but this all changed in the 1990’s.  The store downtown had an interesting and very unique smell that I have never encountered since.  I don’t remember McLellan’s in Raleigh, but I am familiar with their stores in some other southern cities.  They were very similar to McCrory’s.  I am pretty sure McCrory owned McLellan stores.

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