White Rabbit Books Moving

March, 11, 2009, by David

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White Rabbit Books will be moving from their current location on Martin Street at the end of the month (March). There is no confirmation as to where they are moving, but the rumor is one of the new ground floor retail spaces at Hue. This would probably be a good business move, but a sad day for the ever changing Martin Street where they have been located for years.

Big sale going on all merchandise now at the current location on Martin Street. Hippity. Hoppity.

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  • Brian Smith
    03/12 05:53 AM

    Glad they’re still in business! Hope the new spot works well for them and we don’t lose them to the Borders/Amazon/Barnes & Noble wasteland.

  • RaleighRob
    03/12 09:13 AM

    Being the closest thing downtown has had to a bookstore in the past decade or two, it would be a big loss if they left. 
    I hope the rumor that they’re only going a block over to Hue is true.  Being on the same block as CC, Legends and Our Place would probably have a perk (not to mention R Line goes by). 

    I bet Stuff Consignment wouldn’t be happy to see them go though…with Joe’s closing, that block needs help.
    But whatever happens I just hope they stay downtown.

  • mgd
    03/12 12:36 PM

    See if they would extend the Wifi one more block.  LOL JK

    There needs to better lighting at night to make people feel safer.

  • northcutt
    03/16 05:14 PM

    Where’d you hear the rumor RaleighBob?

  • Larry
    03/16 07:07 PM

    I heard the same rumor.
    I wonder if that will impact the sales at Hue.
    It seems like it might limit the scope of potential buyers.

  • RaleighRob
    03/17 09:19 AM

    me?  I was referring to the one in the above article.  Granted…I LIKE that rumor.  :-)

  • Brian Smith
    03/17 08:50 PM

    How would a book store be bad for sales of a condominium project that is on the same street as two gay bars and an adult book store?! Are you serious?

  • Larry
    03/17 09:36 PM

    Not a bad point, Brian.  Those aren’t major draws either (to most people), but at least they aren’t in the same building.

  • mgd
    03/18 02:09 AM

    I would say it wouldnt be bad at all.  I have the impression that the very people who want to live downtown would be more open as a whole than those who wouldnt want to live there.

  • RaleighRob
    03/18 01:12 PM

    Heh….I would think anyone who was gonna live in the Warehouse District, would just consider all the “gay stuff” around as just part of being in the neighborhood.
    Kinda like moving to Gorman Street and expecting a lot of college kids around.  It kinda comes with the territory.

  • reed
    03/18 01:57 PM

    Oh no, will there be homosexuals shopping downstairs?  They will spread the gay through the entire building.  I’m taking my condo money elsewhere.

  • mgd
    03/18 02:00 PM

    They’ll spread like jack Rabbits!  LOL

  • Larry
    03/18 03:59 PM

    Yes, I am actually worried about the gay spreading.  I don’t want to catch it.

  • Larry
    03/18 04:01 PM

    I caught it once, but the church helped me get straight.  I don’t want to be tempted again.  I don’t think I’m strong enough.

  • mgd
    03/18 05:36 PM

    Was it Rev Ted Haggard’s New Life Church?

  • Dan
    03/19 12:22 AM

    This is just sad.  It’s a shame that a business like this has to put out a gag order on its future location.  Most business owners would bend over (backwards) to let their customers know where they were moving.

  • Matt Comer
    03/19 10:40 AM

    That line was meant to be funny. Guess it got lost.

    Sometimes businesses can’t let out all info. Sometimes details haven’t all been ironed out.

    The temporary location, though, is public knowledge: Right next door at 307 W. Martin St.

  • RaleighRob
    03/19 02:09 PM

    ^Wait a minute.  That’s where Stuff Consignment is.  Ah…

  • Joe
    03/19 02:18 PM

    The rumor about Hue is true.  As Matt suggests, details are being worked out. I don’t see what all the hubbub is about. Who cares?

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