WKNC’s Dance Dance Revolution Is the Best Show on Radio

January, 08, 2009, by Acree

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If you ever happen to turn on the radio during one of the worst time slots of the week, 8-10 Sunday evening, tune to 88.1 and check out WKNC General Manager DJ Kyle’s Dance Dance Revolution. It’s always a pleasure to come across this show by accident, while absently surfing the air waves on a malaisey drive home from the grocery store and counting hours left in the weekend. This Sunday I endured a long drive back from Atlanta at the end of the holiday weekend, and, serendipitously, I’d left my iPod in a friend’s car back in Cobb County, Georgia. So with no CD player, I cruised from station to station for six hours, suffering endless plays of “Heartless” and “Womanizer” in between classic rock and oldies. (Don’t judge; it’s all you can do through South Carolina to avoid Christian “rock” and pop country.) Then, on the last leg of the trip, scanning the stations outside Chapel Hill, my ears were suddenly greeted with a bit of bliss. “Finally!” I said to myself, then, “Of course!” as I looked at the dial. “This is 88.1 and I am listening to Dance Dance Revolution.” I immediately called in and requested my latest favorite track – “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. DJ Kyle knew exactly what I was talking about and played it the very next song. This guy seriously rules. Check out the feature Goodnight, Raleigh! did on him in November.

The only downside to listening to Dance Dance Revolution is the inevitable buzzkill when 10:00 rolls around and reggae starts playing. Blech.

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  • Dwight
    01/08 03:20 PM

    I can’t agree more about how awesome this show is. Also great on WKNC: classical guitar hour.

  • John Morris
    01/08 04:59 PM

    In complete agreement about DDR being the best program on radio. Kyle does a great job and you can tell he cares about what he does - not just in running the station but also in running his show.

  • bandsxbands
    02/01 05:31 AM

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