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February, 12, 2009, by Acree

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If you listen to WKNC regularly, you know DJ Stevo as the seemingly ever-present voice of local music, coaxing comments from the newbies in the studio, interviewing local bands, and generally making your evening commute more pleasant while keeping you up to date on the “Local Beat.”

Stevo’s ease behind the mic and encyclopedic knowledge of the local scene is no surprise when you consider he’s been in the WKNC studio for almost five years.

Sadly, he issued his official farewell today on an email list-serv, in which he announced that replacing him as Local Music Director will be Mike Alston (DJ Mick of Local Lunch), assisted by Rachel Sloane (DJ Ray).

Join DJ Stevo for his last show next Friday, Feb. 20th, at 5:00 on 88.1 WKNC, and afterwards for some drinks and celebration at Tir Na Nog.

Well, it’s gotten to be that time, and it’s been a hell of a wild ride.
I’m pushing five years here at WKNC, and with that level of seniority
comes the tough realization that it’s finally time to hang up the
headphones and move on.

In the words of my good friend Bryan Reed, “the hardest thing to do is to
let go of the reigns,” and, for me, it’s been especially difficult.  Let’s
be honest: I love you guys, and local music is a huge, huge part of my
life.  Still, it’s time to leave so that others can rock out as hard as I

I don’t know if I’ve ever really expressed how much of a privilege it’s
been to do this job, and so I’d like to take that opportunity now.

When I started at KNC, I was a timid, trepidatious kid from Delaware, as
afraid of cracking the mic as I was talking to girls, it seems.  Through
covering this music scene, I learned about myself as much as I learned
about you, and now, almost five years out, I’m a confident
conversationalist, miles removed from who I once was.

Simply put, this job has made me a better, stronger person, and my only
regret is that I can only say a simple ‘Thank you’ for all of the
wonderful things that you guys have done.  Along with making some of the
best damn music I know, you’ve welcomed me into your homes and your
hearts, you’ve been patient with my shortcomings, you’ve featured my name
in your albums, you’ve given me shoutouts from the stage, and you’ve
nominated me for some really amazing awards.  Did I ever tell you guys
about how much my mom and dad beamed after that Independent article?

Well, e-mail is such an ineffective mechanism for expressing these
sentiments, so I’d like to thank you in person.  My last show is taking
place next Friday, the 20th of February, starting at 5PM, and you’re all
invited to hang out and reminisce while we spin some of our favorite

Afterwards, we’ll be headed to Tir Na Nog to get righteously wasted (and
score some delicious Scotch Eggs in the process).  When our collective
hangovers clear on Saturday morning, we’ll call it a day.

I’d now like to take the opportunity to introduce you to your two new
soon-to-be local music freaks:

Taking over from me as Local Music Director is Mike Alston (DJ Mick), a
witty and quick-witted fellow who’s already demonstrated his great passion
for local music during his time hosting the Local Lunch.  His intelligent
banter and thoughtful commentary make him a natural interviewer, and his
ability to learn about station processes has already made him an effective
music director.  He’s more of a rocker than a progger, now, but he’s one
of the best damn DJs we have and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s
going to kick some serious ass.

Assisting Mike will be Rachel Sloane (DJ Ray), whom many of you know
already know.  She too has a great passion for local music, aiding us in
planning our Double Barrel Benefit this year, and she’s a sophomore, so
she has many years remaining here at the station.

With Mike and Rachel in charge, I know that the next few years at WKNC
will undoubtedly be as awesome as the last, and I can sleep easy knowing
that we will continue to support local music as vigorously as we have
during my reign.  You might want to introduce yourselves to them at our
newly-established e-mail address, localmusic at wknc.org.

As a short postscript, there are a few exciting local music-related
projects coming from my general direction, so y’all aren’t rid of me just
djstevo at wknc.org

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  • DJ Stevo
    02/17 04:00 PM

    Hey guys,
    Due to an NC State baseball game, we’re going to start my show this Friday at 6PM instead of 5PM.  Sorry for any confusion, and thanks for listening!

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