Wooden Shjips, Birds of Avalon Saturday November 12th @ Kings

Wooden Shjips, Birds of Avalon Saturday November 12th @ Kings

November, 10, 2011, by Vince

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Wooden Shjips and Birds of Avalon finish their brief trek together this Saturday, November 12th at Kings Barcade.  Be prepared to get hit with a heavy, heavy dose of kraut inspired psychedelia.  Raleigh's wonderful Savage Knights bring their jazz impressions to open the show.

Both Wooden Shjips and Birds of Avalon are supporting new releases.  Wooden Shjips newest, West, is a series of jams dancing the lines of hypnotic repetition while shifting the bands sound towards a very slight classic-rock vibe.  Ripley Johnson sings in his trademark ominous tone as he guides the listener through the garage-laced sonic fray.  The songs melt the mind at every turn, showing listeners that Wooden Shjips still do what they do very well.  Pitchfork said that "As hard as the band can rock, expansive nod-out music is still its focus, and the album works best when you give yourself over entirely to its pounding grandeur."  This type of music tends to thrive in a live setting.

Birds of Avalon's latest self-titled LP is easily the band's best work to date.  The guitar work of Paul Siler and Cheetie Kumar with bassist David Mueller and drummer Scott Nurkin combine in such a way that its hard to avoid the tangible energy they create when they are on stage.  Saturday night is your chance to catch this group doing what they love the most.

Wooden Shjips, Birds of Avalon and Savage Knights play at Kings Barcade, located at 14 W. Martin Street in Raleigh.  Tickets are $10, doors open at PM.  The show is all ages.  For more information, visit kingsbarcade.com.

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