World Beer Festival Raleigh Tickets on Sale Now

March, 07, 2011, by David

World Beer Festival Raleigh Tickets on Sale Now
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THe 2011 World Beer Festival makes its yearly round in Raleigh's Moore Square on April 9th with both a 12pm afternoon session and 6pm evening session. Tickets are $40 (and $75 for VIP).

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  • stan
    03/07 11:31 AM

    Weren’t the prices around $15 just 2 years ago?

  • hackles10
    03/07 12:26 PM

    Supply and demand stan….they sell out every year, thus the prices creep higher.  $40 is pretty reasonable for 4 hours of all you can drink fun.

  • gtoddh
    03/07 03:02 PM

    Loosen your lederhosen!

  • DPK
    03/09 11:56 AM

    I can agree with hackles.  The prices rise because they ALWAYS sell out every year with the tickets available.  They have to cap it due to issues like safety, alcohol supply, number of people that can fit in the venue at a given time, etc.

    Also the higher price allows for a set of customers that are a bit more responsible.  You’re less likely to have a bunch of drunken frat guys if you charge more.  Higher prices will yield people who are more “serious” about appreciating the beverages they drink.

  • John Blake
    03/10 12:24 PM

    “You’re less likely to have a bunch of drunken frat guys if you charge more.”

    Wrong. The last two years we all witnessed passed out / vomiting fratastic idiots littering the event. The night event was almost horrific.

  • Marky Mark
    03/10 07:32 PM

    The higher price, instead of allowing for a set of customers that are more responsible, seems to have caused the drunken frat boys to drink even more to “make sure they got there money’s worth.”

    John Blake is correct, the night events the last two years have been pretty bad. I was at Tir Na Nog after the night event last year, and it was seriously the drunkest group of people I have ever witnessed.

    The time constraint, mixed with the higher price, seems to bring the frat boy binge drinker out in everyone (not just the frat boy binge drinkers.) Mix that with the prevalence of high gravity beers in recent years, and you have a recipe for a train wreck.

  • Jonn
    03/11 10:55 AM

    I agree with many of the sentiments stated above. As lucky as I am to have two great beer festivals nearby, the World Beer Festival could learn from other festivals.

    Last summer i went to the Oregon Brewers festival in Portland and there was no charge to get in. You paid for tokens if you wanted to drink. So you could pay as much or as little as you wanted. It was an event that was accessible to all and the behavior that I witnessed was responsible.

  • Michael
    03/17 10:28 AM

    World Beer Festival = Amateur Day. A day to avoid DT Raleigh at all costs thanks to people that have no business ever drinking in public.

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