Yawn. Death Cab for Cutie Playing Koka Booth, Tickets on Sale Now

Yawn. Death Cab for Cutie Playing Koka Booth, Tickets on Sale Now

May, 03, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Announced last week, Indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie will play Koka Booth Amphitheatre on August 8th. Scottish indie folk rock band Frightened Rabbit will open the show and are worth a bit of that $40-$45 you spill out for this show. Luckily, the decibel level has been raised in the Cary-land, but I'm not thinking that Death Cab will need too much of an increase.

Tickets are on sale here (Ticketmaster) with the presale password Crooked. Presale lasts until Friday and public tickets are on sale Friday at 10am.

Now go get your indie sway on and iPhone lighter apps out.

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  • andrew
    05/03 02:28 PM

    Not the most exciting show but definitely one of the best shows happening at the amphitheaters this summer.

  • Isaac
    05/03 02:46 PM

    I realize this isn’t a unique rant, but Jesus, do I hate me some Ticketmaster service fees. I would pay $27 or whatever for this, but NOT the $40 that becomes once fees are include.
    Does anyone know if fees are able to be bypassed if I go to the boxoffice and buy direct from Koka Booth?

  • matt
    05/03 03:06 PM

    Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park
    8003 Regency Parkway
    Cary, NC 27518
    Phone: 919-462-2025
    Have a Question? Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    Box Office Phone: 919-462-2052

  • bruce
    05/03 04:17 PM

    you guys are so soft rock!

  • Adam
    05/03 04:19 PM

    bypass fees? ha. you do realize you’re in america, right?

  • taylor
    05/03 05:26 PM

    Jesus NR. A few years ago you hipsters would had your vintage panties in a wad over Death Cab.

  • Behki
    05/03 11:52 PM

    if by years you mean 10 years ago, yeah, maybe, but NR didn’t exist then!

  • Carl
    05/04 12:37 PM

    No, New Raleigh is far more entrenched in the deep musings of such hardline acts as the Avett Brothers and Megafaun.

    Yawn indeed.

  • Andigator
    05/04 03:05 PM

    Am I missing something—what’s with the yawn?  Seems a tad pretentious.  Might as well not report on it.

  • ncguy32
    05/04 03:11 PM

    This site has really gone downhill over the past year. Less frequent updates, lots of stuff that doesn’t have much to do with Raleigh (moview reviews??), and now pretentious posts. Has their been a lot of turnover at NewRaleigh? It certainly feels like it.

  • bc
    05/04 04:47 PM

    Seriously, you just did a movie review of Fast and Furious.

    NR the past few months - Double Yawn.

  • rifraz
    05/04 06:23 PM

    @Isaac - you don’t have to pay fees if you go to the box office to buy tix.

  • Response-able
    05/04 08:24 PM

    Agreed.  I get the impression that the site has lost touch with what it had originally done so well.  Support the transition of Raleigh.  Continue making Raleigh New, as opposed to beating the value out of what’s taking place here.  You will quickly lose your influence, and your relevance.

    This is not a harsh criticism, but more of a “c’mon guys, stick with it”.  Things are able to grow and change as a result of your supportive journalism.  Quit complaining.

    05/05 05:24 PM

    What influence and relevance?

  • pretentious_much
    05/06 11:29 AM

    Yawn. Really?!!? That’s funny cause I thought Yawn was the new name NR was going by these days. I’ll let you get back to your insightful write up on the awesomeness of Vampire Weekend.

  • arthurb3
    05/06 03:59 PM

    You commentors all are funny!

    Koka hasn’t completed it’s schedule so hopefully they will have a mix of fresh new bands, the classical NC Symp, and bring back some old school band touring this weekend.

    But, NR is a blog so it is opinion based.

  • Hipstater (Hipster that loves to hate)
    05/06 04:03 PM

    You stole my “Yawn” comment from the Hopscotch Lineup announcement (4/20, 3.47pm).  NR, you can’t even be original when hatin’. 

    Come on, now!

  • Hipstater (Hipster that loves to hate)
    05/06 04:04 PM

    And, of course, I was being coolly ironic.  I love both the Flaming Lips and Death Cab.

  • gregoryrme
    05/07 10:49 AM


  • Tyler
    05/10 10:31 AM

    The “yawn” headline is really about the douchiest thing ever.

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