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February, 12, 2009, by Vince

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image by Ellie Blake, Linc Hancock & Neill Prewiit

RTN, that group of local access channels with some “interesting” programming is host this bizarre show of video compositions.  Yuxtapongo is the creative baby of Neill Prewitt.  He sees it as a variety show of local video art and music.  It is also a growing network of artists collaborating with each other in video and music.  Prewitt established the show by doing the music, filming and editing for the first episode.  The second episode, which airs throughout February, features work by Prewitt, Nick Speaks, STRANGE, Lincoln Hancock, Finn Cohen, DATAHATA, Ivan Villanueva Solano, Ben Spiker and Ellie Blake.

The word Yuxtapongo (Spanish for “I juxtapose,”) refers to the principal video style for the show: video collage.  Prewitt has been working in the medium of video collage for a couple of years now.  It started in Mexico City, where Prewitt and his wife taught English as a second language at a private high school for 3 years.  He was handed the English department’s film studies program.  Practical considerations led Prewitt to look for a way to boil that down to more concentrated and achievable exercises in filmmaking.  Prewitt hit upon juxtaposition as an intellectual theme and artistic technique that could allow his students to explore situations and inclinations.  He eventually designed a full curriculum exploring international relations and semantics through juxtaposition, via static and video collage.  The class was a rousing success.

Now back in the States, Prewitt wishes to continue the ideas of the class and to express creativity through the medium of video art.  Anyone who wants to contribute to Yuxtapongo should get in touch with Prewitt: yuxtapongo@gmail.com

The Stats:
Neill Prewitt’s variety show of local video art and music
RTN 10: Raleigh cable channel 10
Thursdays at 11:30pm • Sundays at 10:00pm
A new episode at the beginning of each month

You can view Episode 1 here.

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