Triangle Modernist Houses on WPTF

December, 14, 2007

Triangle Modernist Houses has become a very great web resource for locating modern homes in the triangle and their designers.  George Smart has been getting lots of publicity in the past couple of months with the publication of his list which grows almost weekly. Tomorrow (Saturday December 15, 2007) Triangle Modernist Houses with be on WPTF 680am at 9pm. Tune in to the Bob Langford show for one of the Triangle’s few radio broadcasts on Modernism - with George Smart, Jr. and alumnus Vinny Petrarca, owner of Tonic Design and Tonic Construction. It should be a well informed design discussion as Tonic (who recently completed a lovely pavilion at the NC Art Museum) is one of the most progressive housing firms in the Triangle, the state and soon the entire nation.

AIA NC Awards Videos

December, 04, 2007

New Raleigh recently posted about the AIA North Carolina design awards.  The videos from the presentation in New Bern have been released and can be viewed below.  The Intro video is about as kitschy as a video can be but the projects which won awards were not. More Info and Videos

Jim Hunt Library to be NCSU Centennial Campus Centerpiece, Signature Building

December, 01, 2007
Jim Hunt Library to be NCSU Centennial Campus Centerpiece, Signature Building

Snohetta, the Norwegian architectural firm that designed the WTC Cultural Center (middle), has been chosen to design the new $114 Million Library to be built on North Carolina State University’s cutting edge technopolis, Centennial Campus.  Read more below the fold… 

Raleigh Architect in Dwell Magazine

November, 14, 2007

Local architect Frank Harmon, FAIA appears in the new [December/January] issue of Dwell Magazine in the Conversation column.  Frank speaks his mind on Regionalism, sustainability in relation to vernacular, and some of his recent work.  He lives and works in Raleigh has recently received much attention for his contemporary and sustainable work.I am not interested in vernacular to be sentimental.  I am interested in what it can teach us.  All vernacular architecture is sustainable.  It is always inherently related to its region.  But let me emphasize that regionalism should not be confused with parochialism any more than you would call Faulkner a local Southern writer. - Frank Harmon

DOCOMOMO North Carolina Chapter

November, 06, 2007

DOCOMOMO, The International working party for documentation and conservation of building sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement, is a nationwide organization devoted to the preservation of mid-century architecture and it’s surroundings. A North Carolina chapter of DOCOMOMO has recently opened and a Raleigh kick-off meeting has already been held at the Urban Design Center. DOCOMOMO-NC is in the early stages of building a community of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people interested in modernism. The group plans to promote public interest through events, lectures and tours and will organize advocacy efforts to protect endangered sites and buildings. Read More

Bloomsbury Estates: 19th Century France or 21st Century Raleigh?

October, 31, 2007

“My vision is to make a positive impact on the skyline of Downtown Raleigh… Our approach is different. We are focused on quality design, ambience, quality building and craftsmanship, in an excellent location with the greatest view of the Raleigh skyline. One hundred years from now I would love people to look up the hill from downtown Raleigh and observe that this building started the second wave of beautiful historical structures in Raleigh.”-John Bruckel, Bloomsbury Estates Developer Despite spelling and grammatical errors, there are so many things wrong with this statement.  This developer’s thinking is flawed at the very core of the “approach.”

Green Drinks and Discussion at The Borough

October, 23, 2007

All this talk about green architecture and the identity of the USGBC has generated a local concern for more discussion on these issues in Raleigh.  On Thursday, these issues can be discussed informally at The Borough over drinks, Green Drinks.  Green Drinks is a grassroots organization that is active in over 280 cities worldwide and claims to be an “organic, self-organising network.” It looks to bring together like minded individuals in various professional fields under a common goal to save our planet.  The event is open to the public, free,  and does not require an RSVP.  It does, however, require an open mind. More information on Green Drinks Below the Fold

8 Raleigh Buildings on AIA-NC Favorite Architecture List

October, 23, 2007

Following the lead of the National AIA’s Top 150 Buidings List, AIA North Carolina has released their top 25 buildings in North Carolina in 2 Lists. The first list is a result of a public survey, the second, a survey of AIA North Carolina Members.  The Biltmore in Asheville topped both lists, but 8 buildings from Raleigh made the cut on one of the two lists (4 of which are in the top 10 of the AIA Members Survey).  Dorton Arena was the only Raleigh building to grace both lists.  Raleigh has more buildings on the two lists than any other North Carolina city, reminiscent of this year’s AIA North Carolina State Awards. Below is a list of the buildings that made the lists, along with their architects (survey rankings are in parentheses).  Dorton Arena - Matthew Nowicki and William Deitrick (AIA: 2nd, Public: 21) Catalano House - Eduardo Catalano (AIA: 6th) Kamphoefner Residence - Henry Kamphoefner (AIA: 7th) NC State Capitol - Ithiel Town and Alexander J. Davis (AIA: 9th) Matsumoto House - George Matsumoto (AIA: 16th) Milton Small- original office - Milton Small (AIA: 19th) NCSU Bell Tower - William Henry Deacy (Public: 24th) Governor’s Mansion - Samuel Sloan (Public: 12th) Full Results and More Information on the Surveys Here

Design Expo Opens Tonight

October, 19, 2007

As we previously reported, Design Expo Raleigh 07 is being held at North Hills Mall a few doors down from Vivace Restaurant this year and will be showcasing various design work from all over North Carolina.  The opening Gala starts tonight at 7pm with $5 tickets still available at the door.  All other events are free and open to the public. The full schedule has been released and can be viewed at

Charlie Rose In Raleigh

October, 18, 2007

with Dean Malecha, Thom Mayne, Dick Jackson on Sustainable Design Tuesday night on NC State’s campus, Rose and 3 other heavy hitters gathered to deliver a panel on sustainable architecture.  The conversation was engrossing, the crowd was ecstatic and politically charged and Rose was every bit the brilliant journalist, weaving three disparate and impassioned points of view into the future of what architecture can do for this world. The panelist’s views below the fold.

G. Milton Small Building on Goodnight, Raleigh

October, 11, 2007

One of my favorite Raleigh haunts on the web is Goodnight, Raleigh!.  The site captures the energy of Raleigh nights in a unique way.  Recently the site featured the G. Milton Small Building that sits on Brooks Ave. near Hillsborough Street. I love this building so much.  In addition to the structure itself, the ground beneath the structure features a beautiful Koi pond. Check out Goodnight, Raleigh!

Competition for AIA North Carolina Headquarters

October, 10, 2007

COMPETITION WINNERS - IMAGE SLIDESHOWS OF RECEPTION AND COMPETITION ENTRIES Why do cities get new, funky, and famous (or sometimes infamous) buildings?  Why has Raleigh still not received any of these since its influx of modernism, except hopefully CAM?  One of the main reasons is the lack of architectural competitions in the area.  Architectural competitions are rare in Raleigh especially.  I am not sure I remember the last open competition that was held in Raleigh.  Yesterday this all changed. Read On

Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum (CAM)

September, 27, 2007

Pugh + Scarpa Architects, a Nationally Award-Winning firm in Santa Monica, California, was chosen last year as the design architect for Raleigh’s forthcoming Contemporary Art Museum. CAM was founded in 1983, and entered a public/private partnership with NC State and City of Raleigh in 2006.  Local Raleigh firm Clearscapes will serve as the architect of record. click the image for slideshow Pugh + Scarpa has just released design concepts for the new building on their website.  The project is only in the predesign phase, so please note that these designs are not final, and represent conceptual directions that the museum may choose to pursue. More below the fold…

NCMA extension by Thomas Phifer and Peter Walker

September, 25, 2007

You probably know that the North Carolina Museum of Art has been under construction for a while now.  Although it looks like the museum isn’t open, outdoor events and many exhibitions have rolled through in the mean time.  In fact the Monet show drew record numbers daily during its entire hanging.  The museum has a vast collection of undisplayed work and the extension will allow NCMA to show more of it as well as use the existing structure to house temporary exhibitions.  Click above for slide show More from Phifer on his design

2007 AIA North Carolina Design Awards

September, 21, 2007

In a clean sweep across the board, Triangle-based architects took all ten design awards at this year’s AIA North Carolina Annual Design Conference, held in New Bern last week.  The Triangle chapter of AIA-NC is only one of seven that comprise the whole.  Clearscapes, the design architect of Raleigh’s new convention center, received the coveted AIA North Carolina Firm Award for this year. Images and details of the state’s highest recognition for architectural design… Below the fold.

Lowe’s Pavilion at NCMA Opens with Celebration!

August, 16, 2007

The North Carolina Museum of Art has a new pavilion among the many sculptures on its yard designed by Vincent Petrarca of Tonic Design, and Mike Cindric of Design Dimension.  More information below the fold

Dorton Arena in Architectural Record

August, 16, 2007

Raleigh’s Dorton Arena is part of the cover story focus in this month’s Architectural Record.  The issue focuses on the engineering aspect of architecture and illustrates a handful of projects that served as precedents in this field.  from the article: Midcentury masters “Those Modern structural design engineers engaged the next generation, who by the 1950s and 1960s inserted themselves into larger consultancy roles for new building typologies, such as massive skyscraper projects. For example, Frederick Severud, with architect Matthew Nowicki, made possible the design of the suspended roof of the Raleigh Arena in North Carolina (1952). With its unique saddle shape, it fast became a pilgrimage stop for engineers Frank Newby, Ted Happold, and Frei Otto on their first visits to the U.S. in the early 1950s. Severud’s ability to free structure to express the potentials of nonlinear space, breaking away from the rigid grid, also inspired Eero Saarinen’s concrete shell for Ingalls Rink in New Haven (1956–59).” Full Architectural Record Article More info on Dorton HERE and HERE Construction photos and more HERE Also in this issue of Arch. Record is a review of Victoria Ballard Bell’s new book Materials for Design.  Victoria is the wife of local architect and former NC State Design School Professor Bryan Bell who runs community design build Design Corps

Frank Harmon to Chair Awards Competition

August, 13, 2007

Local architect Frank Harmon, known for various design projects in the triangle and North Carolina, has been chosen to serve as Chairman for the Brick SouthEast’s AIA/Georgia “Design With Brick” awards competition. This will be the first such for AIA/Georgia.

Raleigh’s New Public Safety Center to be Designed by Signature Architect

August, 10, 2007

City officials issued an RFQ on Wednesday for a new $100M, 15-story building which will contain offices for the city’s police and fire departments.  A local firm will be hired, who will serve as the architect of record for the project, and subsequently a nationally recognized firm to serve as the lead designer for the new tower.  This is an exciting opportunity for Raleigh to gain a significant architectural work, and an important show of initiative by the city.  More below the fold…

The L Building Replaces Kings Barcade

July, 30, 2007
The L Building Replaces Kings Barcade

As I was sitting in Abou Ghanouj (across from the Wachovia tower, above Subway) last week eating lunch and reading a book about the calamity of the World Trade Center’s site development, I overhead a couple of guys talking about the future and past of downtown Raleigh and it’s buildings.  After 15 minutes I discerned that the main one speaking was an architect and he kept referring to a new building in downtown Raleigh that he called The L Building.  Having no information about this building, I was puzzled to where it would exist in the new skyline that is developing in our downtown. After a bit of research and a walk past the Urban Design Center today, a rendering and location have been established.  Designed by Kling Stubbins Architecture, a national firm with a local office, The L Building will inhabit the lot that used to hold Kings Barcade and a private parking lot at the corner of West Davie and McDowell St (MAP).  From the description and numbers it looks like it will be office space and the upper floors and retail on the ground floor.  To those of us that frequented Kings, this is a sad turn around for this lot.  Somehow I don’t see the retail and office space replacing the downtown vibe/culture that King’s and Vertigo/Poole’s added to this site, but then again, I am only one opinion. More info HERE The L Building Website Property Overview and More Info bye bye Kings, hello L Building…..

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