Sparkcon Kick Off Art Show

September, 07, 2007

As many in Raleigh may know, SparkCon will bombard the streets, squares and venues of Downtown Raleigh on the weekend of September 21-23.  Vintage 21, a newly designed space (rehab by Tonic Design) in the warehouse district, former Jillian’s space, will open it’s doors to an Open House this Sunday and then host an Open Art Exhibition, together with Artspace and CAM as a preview for ArtSpark. More Information on the Show and Entry Requirements Below the Fold

The First Friday Agenda - September 7th 2007

September, 07, 2007

This month we asked the downtown art brain Tracy Spencer to do our First Friday coverage. Here is her run down of the best of what Raleigh has to offer, remember to use our Raleigh First Friday Map and Guide. -David Lots of good things to see this month!  Seriously- Fall is the best time of year for Raleigh art, and September is looking like a great kickoff.Things not to miss: Flanders: (18 Seaboard) Between Worlds: Recent work by Amy Funderburk.  This show looks phenomenal, if just from the card image.  The new kid on the block, Flanders is proving to be an incredible gallery.  Let’s support it. Lump:  This month Lump showcases the kinetic sculpture of CoD professor Dana Raymond - Mechatronic Symphony.  Dana’s large scale wooden pieces are always inviting and clever, but this time he is introducing electronic motors.  Worth the two block walk. Many More Shows Below the Fold

Fashion Show Tonight at Riviera

September, 06, 2007

One of the Hargett Street District’s newest restaurants and lounge, Riviera, will be the scene of a touring fashion show in conjunction with renowned John Casablancas.

Paperhand Puppet Intervention - Puppet Show Tonight & Tomorrow

September, 06, 2007

If you’ve never been delighted, moved, inspired, or fascinated by a puppet show before, or at least since you were a kid, you should give the Paperhand Puppet Intervention a chance.  If you’re looking for something different from your usual rock show or movie, something that’s—what’s the opposite of commercial?—check out this show, tonight or tomorrow, at the NC Museum of Art.  More on Puppets Below the fold

College of Design Fall Lecture Series Starts Today

August, 27, 2007

Tonight is the first lecture in the NC State College of Design’s Fall Lecture Series.  The list includes a handful of different speakers from various areas of the design field, from The Rural Studio to former a Sci-Arc Professor to Urban Planning to Finnish Architecture.  The first lecture is Kim Tanzer who graduated from the College in 1983 and currently works at the College of Architecture at The University of Florida.  Text and fall schedule below the fold. 

This Month’s First Friday - August 3rd 07

August, 03, 2007

A BIG First Friday tonight for sure.  New Raleigh is proud to invite you to check out our new First Friday Map, a work in progress that is currently in alpha testing. Let us know how we can improve it. The map should help you figure out what you are doing tonight.  Below are the many shows that we will be trying to go to.  Hope to see you out, and if you have any tips drop them our way.  Plenty more below the Fold

Urinetown, The Musical: Seriously

July, 18, 2007

Raleigh Little Theatre will present late this summer, the Tony Award winning musical “Urinetown”.

This Weekend in Raleigh 7/06

July, 06, 2007

July’s first friday is here!  Here is a list of events and shows that look tasty to the NewRaleigh staff- You might see us out with our video camera- shooting for the upcoming podcast.  Morning Times: Our Play- work by Empire Properties staff.  A mix of photography, painting, sculpture, restoration, woodwork, etc- all done by people from Empire. Riviera: at 9pm they’re showing the video from the 2006 FashionSpark fashion show.  Get there early because this one will be packed. Artspace: Ann Marie Kennedy- Summer artist in residence.  She’s one of the Bonded Llama artists, and she’ll have a drawing installation in the main gallery. More info Design Box:  Genesis: Mishaps in the Kitchen   What if God had to cook up a new world? New Videos and Installations by Francesca Talenti Miriam Block Gallery: Chances Are, Creatures That Richard Marshall, Keith Norval - Animals, both familiar and strange, invade the imagination of two local artists – and now you see the results. Fiery Furnaces will be at the Lincoln Theater tongiht tickets are 16$ today and the show starts at 9:30.  See the Lincoln Theater’s website for more information:

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