A Deal That Stings: Local Burt’s Bees Bought by Clorox

December, 04, 2007

Triangle based company Burt’s Bees might have been my favorite billion-dollar corporation… almost. Granted, the only product I’ve used is the underarm spray. It was one of those products that I actually felt good about purchasing because I knew my money was supporting what was, at one time, a locally established company. Having sold a stake in 2003 for $177 million to AEA Investors, Burt’s Bees maintained their air of locality. It is produced 20 minutes away and they seemed to understand my needs. It’s an underarm deodorant and not an anti-persperant. I knew as a human I was meant to sweat and they knew that too. It also helped me smell like lavender instead of ‘Dioxyuberclogo-Roygbiv-69’. The buy-out company that bought Burt’s in 2003 just sold it to Clorox for (what!?) $925 million. Clorox has got faith.

Five Points: Changing Faces?

November, 10, 2007

Five Points might be the hippest, most authentic mixed use neighborhood in Raleigh.  Authentic, because it has had a chance to mature and evolve over many years without some major development intervention or overhaul.  Hip because of places such as Lilly’s Pizza and Third Place, and because of the close proximity of daily activities to houses and apartments.  One could spend hours discussing why this area lends itself to urbanity.  The highlighted area in the image above consists of three parcels, with a house on each, owned by Bobby Lewis.  It has been rumored for some time that Mr. Lewis, principal of Raleigh Development Company, plans to tear down these houses and build something else. Read on… 

Section N is a Nuisance, Many Say.

November, 09, 2007

It seems that North Raleigh News is not “new” but is available only in the North Raleigh edition and somehow snaked its way into a downtown edition of the paper today, inspiring the following commentary. There’s a relatively new section in the print version of The News and Observer.  One might think it would be about downtown considering the amount of growth there.  It could highlight all the new shops, restaurants, and condos being built, collected into a full section, once a week.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  The new section of the News and Observer is entitled North Raleigh News and comes out once a week, Friday. Along with Auto Friday and the What’s Up entertainment section, North Raleigh News attempts to become another specialized section of the Friday paper. Let’s take a peak into today’s issue and see what’s going on up in North Raleigh. More on the New Section Below the Fold.

The Imagined City

November, 08, 2007

The purpose of the crowd: “It is only in a crowd that man can become free of this fear of being touched. That is the only situation in which the fear changes into its opposite. The crowd he needs is the dense crowd, in which body is pressed to body; a crowd, too, whose physical constitution is also dense, or compact, so that he no longer notices who it is that presses against him. As soon as a man has surrendered himself to the crowd, he ceases to fear its touch. The Imagined City

November 7th Raleigh City Council Meeting: Water and Roundabout

November, 07, 2007

Today city council discussed the current status of our low water supply and usage as well as the Hillsborough and Morgan St. roundabout proposal. More…

Haunted Hike: Hillsborough Halloween Uneventful

November, 01, 2007

A successful event,  the business/student organized Haunted Hike went as smoothly as a moving mass of drunken, costumed(well, some of them) college kids can go.  Citations were minimal and the participating bars were all at fire safety capacity with “1 out, 1 in” entrance for most of the evening.

Hybrid Bus Viewing, Downtown, Right Now

October, 11, 2007

The City of Raleigh Public Works Department, Transportation Operations Division, would like to invite you to view one of the most technologically advanced buses in production today.  A 40 Foot Gillig, Low Floor, Hybrid Electric Bus will be available for viewing and test rides between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. on Thursday October 11, 2007.  The bus will be parked on the eastbound side of Hargett Street by the City of Raleigh Administrative Complex, 222 West Hargett Street. The City of Raleigh¹s transit program is considering the use of this vehicle for special transit services.  Test rides will be available at 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 Noon. Please join us as we evaluate our bus procurement options. David Eatman Transit Administrator City of Raleigh For questions regarding this event please call 890-3030. Thx HT!

Halloween on Hillsborough Street - Businesses Unleash the Dragon

October, 09, 2007

We have no idea which of “businesses” mentioned are actually condoning this Hallow’s Eve event but we have all seen the end-of-semester Hillsborough Hike render the street in a teaming chaos. I can also attest to the saturation of police officers that the city will provide, both marked and undercover, ready to arrest those violating open container and property laws. This fact alone will make it tough for the event to rival the Chapel Hill bohemian energy or the ECU anarchy. It’s time to make traveling to ECU or Chapel Hill for Halloween a thing of the past. The Hillsborough Street Businesses are teaming up with student organizations to create a party similar to the Hillsborough Hike on Halloween Night. From Sadlacks to East Village, businesses will be open and serving alcohol. A $500 prize will be given to the best costume at East Village as well (1:45 am). If you’re interested in the costume contest, judges will be placed throughout all the businesses, so be sure to make the entire hike! Lets start a new tradition now…Get the word out, tell all your friends, the Party is in Raleigh this Halloween! Found on Facebook Event Page

Raleigh No Law School No More: Campbell Law to Move

October, 04, 2007

After years of debate and planning, Campbell University will move its law school to downtown Raleigh. The plan for the move has been in the works for sometime, and the move will not only remove Raleigh from the position of being the only state capital without a law school, but will add the city to the growing trend of urbanization of law schools.

Raleigh Homeless

September, 30, 2007

Homelessness in Raleigh is a tough issue that deserves attention. But this sad display is the wrong attitude.

Barney’s Army

September, 29, 2007

What is Barney’s Army? Once, long ago in the far off late 70s and early 80s, in the Triangle area of North Carolina, there was a show. A show for kids that was hosted by a strangely animated puppet. A show that had a live video game and cartoons. A show that was nearly lost to the sands of time, and vague recollections of aging Gen Xers. I was forwarded this link yesterday, and not having grown up here I don’t know much about it.  But from the video I guess that in the Carter/Reagan era college kids and cops both watched Hana Barbera because they are running to catch them in the Barney intro.  Barney’s Army seems to be such quintessential TV from the era that we had to share it here.  I suppose that Barney’s was a way of branding Saturday Morning(Weekday Afternoon?) cartoons as part of Barney’s collection. The Barney’s Website

New Name Revealed for Exploris & Playspace Merger

September, 28, 2007

Click here for the new name and more information on the new space and opening.

One Progressive ACRe of Land

August, 07, 2007

  The News and Observer reported today in their Lifestyles section about ACRe, a local non-profit activist group that is located on the corner of Mayview and Chamberlain in Oberlin Village, a village not to far from the below mentioned Cameron Village.  Considering the conversation that has been happening on the subject of Cameron Village, it seems fitting to extend more information about another local entity that adds character and culture to the Oberlin/Cameron Village area.  ACRe is a handful of various activist organizations all wrapped up in one small building.  The various organizations located here include 1304 Bikes, Food not Bombs, ACRe, and Mayview Collective.  More below the Fold

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