Euripides BartolomeTuesday, April 14, 2009

This Toon and every other toon on New Raleigh does not offer any factual information.  It should be read as satire or parody and judged as such.

ECU Updates New Pirate Logos

  • wg
    04/14 01:42 PM

    seriously?? WTF??!!

  • kyle
    04/14 01:42 PM

    poor form why would you post that on a website that obviously has ECU grads check it.  You lost a visitor and have gained an enemy to the site.

  • DPK
    04/14 01:48 PM

    Is this really something that needs to be posted here on New Raleigh.  One, this is not Raleigh related and two this is associating a school in the UNC system with a malicious terrorist group.

    Come on NR, seriously?  Way to go.

  • Darin London
    04/14 02:07 PM

    ‘associating a school in the UNC system with a malicious terrorist group’

    unlike the happy-go-lucky, swashbuckling, ear ring wearing pirates of yore signified by the actual logo.

  • Pirate
    04/14 02:16 PM


    just lost a loyal reader

  • Pirate
    04/14 02:17 PM

    just curious….any chance Eüripides Bartolomé is a State grad????

  • neal2zod
    04/14 02:18 PM

    i was just about to post that the cartoon’s biggest crime is being incredibly unfunny, then i noticed the ridiculously literal over-explanation of it at the bottom. Now THAT was hilarious.

  • mcg
    04/14 02:24 PM

    Hilarious!  Always love a good pie-rat joke!

  • ECU Grad!
    04/14 02:25 PM

    New Raleigh “was” my homepage.

  • David
    04/14 02:28 PM

    My such a serious group today. Reminds me of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.

  • Jessica
    04/14 02:28 PM

    Thought-provoking and well done. Brings some perspective to us here on the other side of the world.

    Keep it up NR.

    04/14 02:30 PM




  • Tyler
    04/14 02:50 PM

    Call me the devil’s advocate… but who made the association?

    Acts of atrocity at the hands of pirates off the Carolina coast in the early 1700s were hardly any less ruthless than those being committed by the thugs off the coast of Somalia today. (In fact some stories would suggest earlier pirates were much more ruthless than those in the modern age.)

  • Jenny
    04/14 02:54 PM

    Seriously, did everyone check-in their sense of humor at the door today? Come on peoples, take the joke.

    Brilliant point, BTW, Darin.

  • AW
    04/14 02:55 PM

    Yeah not very funny.  Bad move.

  • DPK
    04/14 02:56 PM

    “unlike the happy-go-lucky, swashbuckling, ear ring wearing pirates of yore signified by the actual logo.”

    I sense sarcasm in yee voice, yarrrrrrr!  On a more serious not though, a pirate is a pirate is not always the same kind of pirate.

    There’s a time/place for everything, and this was not the place.

  • revolu
    04/14 02:58 PM

    uh oh this is going to explode

  • David
    04/14 03:12 PM

    NC State students didn’t take offense to our comparison of Wolfie to Suicide bombers

  • TE
    04/14 03:17 PM

    Thanks funny! ECU you are taking yourself toooo seriously

  • Capt. Richard Phillips
    04/14 03:32 PM

    For a party school you Pirates sure take yourselves seriously.

    Hey kyle, what does it mean to be an enemy of the site? Are you gonna take New Raleigh hostage or just vow revenge?

  • Hank
    04/14 03:42 PM

    “Lighten up Francis.”

  • DiscoStu65
    04/14 03:52 PM

    don’t get your panties in a wad people

    no matter what your logo looks like, you will still bow down to the Wolfpack in pretty much every sport that counts, and no baseball isn’t a sport, it’s a contest.

  • Ricky Patrick
    04/14 04:13 PM  Crashing planes into your morals since 2007!

  • sarah
    04/14 04:15 PM


  • will05
    04/14 04:33 PM

    Mildly funny, but not at all offensive.  Get a friggen grip people.

  • Joey Ellis
    04/14 04:53 PM


  • Seann
    04/14 06:05 PM

    I’m an ECU grad and I found this HILARIOUS!

  • Chad
    04/14 06:24 PM

    In four hundred years kids will be dressing like Osama Bin Laden for Halloween. It sounds ridiculous but it also would have seemed ridiculous in the 1500s to name a university mascot after murderous sea-faring thieves or indigenous North Americans.

  • chippa
    04/14 07:53 PM

    Good show, New Raleigh! Awfully funny.

  • Lollz Royce
    04/14 09:01 PM

    This shit made me laugh.  It’s even funnier to read the comments.  Good job, NR.

  • roflcopter
    04/14 09:32 PM

    i think it’s hilarious

  • Tony
    04/14 10:37 PM

    This is one of the four most offensive things I have ever seen in my life.  The title of that article slamming leaf blowers was #62.

  • Clefter
    04/14 10:45 PM

    You took it too far this time. This is not what Al Gore designed the Internet for.

  • Joshua
    04/14 11:04 PM

    Hank, I’m down with you.

  • smitty
    04/14 11:26 PM

    The best kind of art is the kind that pisses people off.

  • Cardello
    04/15 03:44 AM

    More please. Thanks.

  • John Doe
    04/15 09:52 AM

    I think it is funny as all he$$.  Lighten up folks remember the US only had one ship boarded. There are about 200 other people from other countries being held for ramson. Remember if you are alive when the sun comes up you have had a good night if you are alive when the sun goes down you have had a good day, all the other stuff that happened in between does not mean anything.

  • eam
    04/15 01:07 PM

    this is yet another time satire fails to bridge the gap between potential for comedy and comedy itself.

  • Harry Seaward
    04/15 02:58 PM

    There should be a poll on which place is better to live, Greenville or Somalia.  I’d go with Somalia if it means I won’t have to deal with the idiots above who are saying they will no longer read NR.

  • packpigskinfan25
    04/15 03:03 PM

    I have a good sense of humor, but I also know when something is overstepping the boundaries of decency.

    Too soon NR… too soon.

    This is probably the lowest thing I have seen on this blog.

  • MC
    04/15 03:35 PM

    I suppose this “editorial” cartoon is troublesome since it doesn’t appear to have a message to me.  Pirates are topical, yes, but what does that have to do with ECU?  The use of swashbuckling “pirates” for sports teams and summer-blockbusters can be considered ironic when compared to our real problems today, but this cartoon does not fully highlight a pressing issue (other than just being current in the news).  Why not have Obama reciting “We must stop the pirates!” while handing over a bag of money to an AIG executive on a cargo ship named “The Economy”.  Although I bet the Economist already did something like that…

  • rachel
    04/15 03:41 PM

    well-executed & timely.  nice work, euripides.

  • kg
    04/15 04:24 PM

    come on… don’t you think that maybe those pirates out of somalia are a little miffed by the fact that their beloved profession is being spoofed by a bunch of drunks from greenville?

  • T-Plain
    04/15 04:37 PM

    I find it neither funny or offensive. Kind of like Marmaduke.

  • GhostLikeSwayze
    04/15 05:03 PM

    I am an rapid ECU fan. I woke up this morning thinking about the relationship of my Alma Mater’s mascot and these effin’ Somali pirates. This picture made my day. Thank you!

    It is definitely the low blow that ECU fans should expect from NCSU and Raleighwood folk. I don’t find it offensive at all and have been laughing for a while. I posted it up on ECU’s page. Two of the members can’t figure out why this is funny. I think they may be idiots.

  • packpigskinfan25
    04/15 05:07 PM

    GhostLikeSwayze- if you take your time to look at the rest of this “artists” work, I think its safe to say he is a Tarhole.

  • Maz
    04/15 06:05 PM

    I went to ECU and still found this pretty funny

  • Ryan Foster
    04/16 10:49 AM

    that is offensive to the somalian pirates. they don’t want to be associated with that school.

  • Rob Hebrank
    04/16 02:22 PM

    Dont worry about those fans you lost… Because you just gained a NEW FAN!! I love it. Get that on T-shirt and sell them in G-vegas STAT. IT is just a modernized mascot.

  • appmaj
    04/16 02:34 PM

    Very funny!

    No time to laugh at ECU, there are far too many STD’s to catch

  • haha
    04/16 03:06 PM


  • HAHA
    04/16 04:15 PM

    Hahahaha, damn you people get cranky easy. I personally like the new look.

  • Larry Dickman
    04/16 04:42 PM

    NR *is* my homepage, and I will continue to be a loyal reader.

  • Hank
    04/16 05:05 PM

    If you make that a T-shirt, I will buy one and wear it @ our next show. Seriously.

  • Eric
    04/17 12:41 PM

    I think its funny. Lighten up people geeesh, you take everything so serious.  “Like oh my god, I can’t beilive this.. I am offended and you lost a visitor like oh my god”  Honestly its kind of weird if you think about it, its a comparison between what we thought pirates looked like in the old days and now its comparing it to modern day history.  If your so offended then change the mascot from Pirates to something else, and stop being offended by every little thing you wimps.

  • random
    04/17 12:48 PM

    Excuse me Mr. Pirate but whats what wooden wheel doing in your pants?  Arrgggghh its a drivin me nuts!

  • Anon
    04/17 03:16 PM

    Wow, this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.  Thank you!

    Oh yeah, by the way, I am a huge ECU fan.  I am not offended at all.  Some of you people need to learn how to laugh, and get those sticks out of your bums.

  • Karl
    04/17 03:40 PM

    Yeah, for real, you’re insulting the people who make their living killing and terrorizing innocent civilians trying to deliver goods and services to needy countries.

  • Lee
    04/17 08:23 PM

    Damn, I bleed Purple and Gold and think this is too funny to not horse laugh at.  It would be a great idea for a t-shirt, not sure it would sell in Greenville.  Folks are a little sensitive to middle eastern culture here since we have such a large population of Egyptians, Pakistanis, Indians and others represented in the community as professionals and students alike.  Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan have greater incidences of piracy off their coasts, just Somalia makes more headlines because they have no government to counter the threat.  It’s what happens in a lawless society without a Coast Guard, our beloved Edward Teach and Steed Bonnet were simply practicing against an oppressive government and heavily laden Spanish vessels that were within reach of the coast…. Wow a historical economics lesson from an ECU MBA

  • state fan
    04/17 11:01 PM

    what makes a pirate sad ?

    (besides getting their ass kicked 2 straight years to state)

    a sunken chest and no booty


  • Brian
    04/18 07:39 PM

    Not offensive in the slightest.

    Not funny in the slightest, either.

  • ECU Fan
    04/21 09:28 AM

    I’m an ECU grad and this is absolutely hilarious. Well done. Come on ECU fans, get a grip. This is just a joke, I’d hate to see what happened if someone made a joke about you personally. Keep up the good work NR.

  • Chris
    09/19 09:55 AM

    Huh. But offensive and obscene *postings* are apparently peachy keen?

    I’m stuck in Greenville. I can’t *stand* ECU because it’s full of idiots who’d rather party than actually get an education. But..frankly, I still think this is in exceedingly poor taste. For that matter, so is the Wolfpack bomber one that someone linked to. What’s next, Tarheel Nazis?
    Some might say I’m lacking a sense of humor, to which I’d reply ‘I have a great sense of humor—when something is actually funny, as opposed to something you’d only laugh at if your name was Beavis or Butthead.’

  • mkd0514
    10/18 04:08 AM

    I am a graduate of ECU and a loyal supporter of all things ECU.  I think that a lot of people are getting too worked up over an editorial cartoon, a piece of satire.  I don’t think the article is as funny as some are making it out to be, but I don’t find it offensive in the least.  However, I do find some of the comments that have been left to be in rather poor taste.  Some of the comments that have left are disparaging to not only the school, but to the students and graduates of ECU.

  • fuhuo
    09/05 09:12 PM

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