Obama and Hagan Expand NC Poll Lead

October, 20, 2008

Both Democrats Barack Obama and Kay Hagan have expanded their lead in the latest Public Policy Poll released today.

Raleigh’s Obama Presence

October, 17, 2008

The sprint to the finish line is on for candidates and the numbers are looking good for Democrats in NC. Statewide, Obama is holding a 1-2 point lead in the most recent polls.

Wake County Early Voting Begins

October, 16, 2008

Early voting for President, Governor and more starts today in Raleigh and surrounding Wake County.

Boylan Bridge Graffiti: The Angry Man

October, 15, 2008

There is was a new addition to the view from Raleigh’s Boylan Bridge, a towering angry face on an industrial hopper with “U LIVE AND YOU BURN” scrawled across the bottom. Why the scowl?

Obama Winning Over McCain at Flying Saucer

October, 13, 2008

Barack Obama has a healthy, almost 400 point lead, over John McCain in the pint glass elections.

McCain Obama North Carolina Ad Spending

October, 08, 2008

Ben Smith at Politico has the full report but it looks like Obama is outspending McCain in North Carolina ads 10 to 1. The next 28 days will be lots of fun in the Tarheel State.

Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl Endorses Barack Obama

October, 06, 2008

A lot has happened today in the world of the Charlotte Observer, first you have the paper endorsing Republican Pat McCrory for North Carolina Governor and now Hugh McColl, the former CEO of Bank of America has a letter in today’s paper chanting his “respect” for John McCain but Barack Obama is “whom we need now.”

Local Band, Local Beer, National Politics

September, 30, 2008

This past weekend, Obama volunteers across the state exceed their goal of knocking on 100,000 doors, managing to hit 107,703 doors. While this is an incredible grassroots efforts, and while NC polls have drastically reversed in the past two weeks, there is much work to be done to ensure a democratic victory in NC. This Thursday, October 2nd, Tir Na Nog’s Local Beer Local Band night will double as a Rock the Vote event, or a Vote Early, Rock Late event if you prefer. More below…

Go Tell Mama! The Officially Unofficial Obama Art Show

May, 02, 2008

Click image to view slideshow Most of us have eagerly watched the rennovation of the Ladys Shop at 20 East Hargett Street, anticipating the next addition to Hatem Lane. For now, the corner space is teeming with color. The windows are filled with posters of Barack Obama that are atypical from the usual propaganda seen on the campaign trail. These posters are hand-made screen prints that walk the line between Warhol and Banksy, celebrating Obama’s message of Hope with a hip-hop sensibility. Read more

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