Photos of Bill Clinton Speech in Raleigh

November, 05, 2012

Despite Bill Clinton never winning North Carolina, the former president stopped into Raleigh’s Pullen Park on a chilly Sunday afternoon to help spread President Barack Obama’s reelection message.

Obama 2012 North Carolina Headquarters Moving Into Raleigh’s Warehouse District

January, 25, 2012
Obama 2012 North Carolina Headquarters Moving Into Raleigh’s Warehouse District

Obama wants to win North Carolina in 2012 and is getting a head start in the capital city again. The campaign opened their Charlotte HQ this month but at the end of this week, they will start moving their main state HQ into the Warehouse District.

Overheard: Obama Name Drops Raleigh in the State of the Union Address

January, 24, 2012

Raleigh got a nice shoutout in the State of the Union address tonight by President Barack Obama. Speaking about jobs and General Motors returning as the number #1 automaker in the world, Obama dropped Raleigh into the mix of cities where jobs could get a push.

Hopscotch Untweets Michelle Obama Invitation for 2011

November, 08, 2010
Hopscotch Untweets Michelle Obama Invitation for 2011

Hopscotch tweeted, and then promptly deleted.

High Speed Rail to connect Charlotte, Raleigh, RTP and Washington DC

January, 28, 2010
High Speed Rail to connect Charlotte, Raleigh, RTP and Washington DC

This afternoon President Obama will make the announcement that North Carolina will be the recipient of $520 Million in federal funds to pay for improvements of our rail infrastructure between Raleigh and Charlotte.

Obama Coming To Raleigh Wednesday

July, 24, 2009
Obama Coming To Raleigh Wednesday

The health care tour.


January, 22, 2009

My faith in systems, political, economic, religious, has been over the years largely eroded away. Presidents, Popes and Plutocrats. Paah! So 9/10. A dimming ember of interest in the piddly, jittery pond of humans, save what we inflict upon this home of ours, this fragile world, has led me back to a renewed, always humbling study of geology, put on the back burner apres my undergraduate years at NCSU and a general requirement class, Rocks for Jocks it was called, conducted in a cavernous lecture hall by Dr. Victor Cavaroc, an ironic and wise sort imbued of the patience perfect for a geologist. [Below the fold, Tuesday’s inauguration becomes embedded in the sedimentary layers of time.]

Obama Inauguration Day Raleigh Parties

January, 19, 2009

Below the fold is a summary of many of the Inauguration Day Parties in Raleigh on Tuesday.

Obama Inaugural Ball at Designbox and Humble Pie

January, 15, 2009

The best part about this one is the Bye Bye Bush Photo Booth.

Alternative Inaugural Ball at The Oxford

January, 15, 2009

Woo-ee-oo, I look just like Barack Obama. Oh-Oh, and you’re Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It’s Official: NC Goes Blue, Obama Wins

November, 06, 2008

For the first time since 1976, a Democrat has won North Carolina.

The Next President

November, 05, 2008

Downtown Raleigh Election Celebrations

November, 05, 2008

From Shaw students singing at The Capital Building to The Raleigh Times spilling into the streets, downtown was full of sights and sounds after the election.

Raleigh Times Election Night Party

November, 04, 2008

We know about 101, Tir Na Nog and other parties, now the Times throws its hat into the celebration tonight.

Final North Carolina Early Voting Numbers

November, 02, 2008

Early voting ended Saturday at 5pm and premilinary results are in.

Chris Rock Talks for 11 Minutes in Raleigh

November, 02, 2008

Some things are very funny, especially when told by Chris Rock. Speaking for only 11 minutes isn’t such a thing.

Raleigh Muslim Obama Outrage Protest Video

October, 31, 2008

Things got a little out of hand on the side of the grassy knoll at Halifax Mall on Wednesday.

Obama’s Speech in Raleigh

October, 31, 2008

On Wednesday, October 29th, Barack Obama held a rally in downtown Raleigh, just six days before the 2008 election. Approximately 28,000 supporters poured into Halifax Mall, the otherwise vacant green space covering the parking deck for the government complex, to hear the presidential candidate’s message of hope and unity. Obama’s Raleigh Speech below the fold.

Sarah Palin Raleigh Ticket Information

October, 29, 2008

Sarah Palin will be in Raleigh on Saturday and we have the ticket details below the fold.

James Taylor Moore Square Sound Check

October, 21, 2008

A few lucky fans were given a treat this morning in Moore Square, an intimate (and open) sound check by Mr. James Taylor.

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