Fox Liquor Bar Named One of Best Southern Bars by Garden and Gun

February, 16, 2012

Old or new, grungy or grand, Garden and Gun lists the South’s choicest places to order up a round and unwind and one of Raleigh’s newest bars, Fox Liquor Bar, makes the cut.

The Rockford on Glenwood South Closed

April, 06, 2010
The Rockford on Glenwood South Closed

Very sad day for lovers of the upstairs restaurant and bar on Glenwood South.

Club Raleigh Live Opening Friday with Jermaine Dupri

March, 16, 2010
Club Raleigh Live Opening Friday with Jermaine Dupri

Another new bar for the warehouse district.

Smoking Ban Now in Full Effect

December, 30, 2009
Smoking Ban Now in Full Effect

North Carolina Rings in the New Year Smoke Free

2009: Banned in Raleigh

December, 16, 2009
2009: Banned in Raleigh

2009 was all about the “NO,” with several surprising bans taking shape, both in Raleigh and across the state.

2009: The Year in Local Music News (Jan-May)

December, 15, 2009
2009: The Year in Local Music News (Jan-May)

Below the fold is a summary of some of the local musical events that occurred in 2009, month by month.

More Information on Natty Greene’s Upcoming Opening

December, 14, 2009
More Information on Natty Greene’s Upcoming Opening

The (soon-to-be) newest brewpub in Raleigh answers a few questions about their new location.

Natty Greene’s Brewpub Hiring, Opening in January

December, 11, 2009
Natty Greene’s Brewpub Hiring, Opening in January

Another brewpub on the block soon.

Raleigh Undercover at Tir Na Nog: Save the Date(s)

November, 19, 2009
Raleigh Undercover at Tir Na Nog: Save the Date(s)

Raleigh Undercover returns for a second year at Tir Na Nog.

Issac Hunter’s Tavern Makes a Comeback

October, 30, 2009
Issac Hunter’s Tavern Makes a Comeback

The area’s favorite watering hole from the late 1700s plans to reopen on Fayetteville Street.

What’s Your Favorite Cocktail in Raleigh?

September, 11, 2009
What’s Your Favorite Cocktail in Raleigh?

With all the wonderful places to wine and dine popping up all over town, Raleigh has no shortage of places to go grab a specialty drink. What is your favorite cocktail around town? Does anyone have a drink they love outside of the downtown area?

In the Spotlight: Foundation Bar

July, 07, 2009
In the Spotlight: Foundation Bar

For the inaugural edition of a new feature series In the Spotlight, designed to highlight local destinations that stand out among the crowd, I decided to shine the spotlight on Foundation Bar because of their inventive seasonal cocktails, commitment to North Carolina draft beers, stunning architectural design, and of course, their new Summer drink menu. I recently sat down with Foundation’s owners and head bartender, Drew, to sample several drinks from the new menu and can say without hesitation that these are the best cocktails I have ever tasted. Thankfully they were generous enough to allow me to take some pictures of the new drinks which I have published below the fold.

Foundation Bar Summer Menu

July, 02, 2009
Foundation Bar Summer Menu

Best cocktails in town

Cashmere Upscale Martini and Tapas Lounge Now Open

June, 06, 2009
Cashmere Upscale Martini and Tapas Lounge Now Open

nothing else feels quite like it…

Borough First Annual Pine Car Classic Roundup

April, 20, 2009
Borough First Annual Pine Car Classic Roundup

From the funky, to the sleek, to the cars that were there just to make a social statement, the First Annual Pine Car Classic at The Borough had variety and lots of entertainment.

Unnamed Bar to Replace Fayetteville Street Tavern

April, 07, 2009

Let’s play name the bar game!

Fayetteville Street Tavern Closed

April, 05, 2009

Old school goes out the door.

Poll: Smoking Ban Amendment

April, 04, 2009

With readers and contributors, there has been a lot of back and forth about the proposed smoking ban. In light of the latest amendment, which would prohibit smoking in businesses that employ or serve anyone under the age of 18, we thought it was time for another poll. Take Our Poll

Local Beverages on WUNC’s State of Things

March, 19, 2009

Think Globally, Sip Locally.

Foundation Opens in Downtown Raleigh With Local Flavor

March, 05, 2009
Foundation Opens in Downtown Raleigh With Local Flavor

Get one of the many North Carolina beers, locals wines or snazzy cocktails underneath Fayetteville Street at downtown Raleigh’s newest bar, Foundation.

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