Aviator Brewing Co. Has The Right Stuff

February, 24, 2009

Aviator Brewing Company owner Mark Doble learned his craft while playing around - as he puts it - on his family’s equipment at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City, Florida.  During the hour or so I spent at the brewery last week, Doble played mostly nonchalant about the awesomeness of his establishment. More below the fold.

Natty Greene’s to move into Powerhouse Building on Jones St.

February, 02, 2009

Over the course of 2009, Greensboro-based Natty Greene’s Brewpub will open a new location in Raleigh. The location will be 505 West Jones St., the former location of Southend Brewery and Prime Only Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. Both Natty Greene’s and Greensboro were named for for Nathaniel Greene, the Revolutionary War General who commanded Colonial troops into battle throughout North Carolina. While the pub shares its namesake with a specific city, Natty’s owners are eager to establish Natty Greene’s as North Carolina’s premier brewery. In an article in Greensboro’s News & Record on January 23rd, co-owner Chris Lester stated “We want to become North Carolina’s brewery…We need to establish ourselves in the large metropolitan areas to achieve that goal.”

Exchange Bar to Open at the Mint

January, 13, 2009

The new investors are getting right to work.

Jibarra Opening in Downtown Raleigh This Week

January, 03, 2009

The long wait will finally come to an end this week and Jibarra in the Downtown Raleigh Depot will open its doors for lunch and dinner.

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe Launches Website

January, 02, 2009

The website is 100% smoke-free too!

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe Open on Glenwood South

December, 24, 2008

It’s not just bar food for this sports bar. Tobacco Road Sports Cafe opened its doors on Tuesday night for a preview dinner and was crowded out the door. The restaurant is owned by the brothers behind Amras just a block away on Glenwood South. A sporty atmosphere with good food for once.

The Official Santa Rampage Saturday on Glenwood

December, 01, 2008

Dress in a Santa suit. Go bar hopping. Spread cheer. BE 21 OR OVER.

Downtown Raleigh Election Watch Parties

November, 03, 2008

Below the fold are a few different election night parties at local bars/restaurants.

The Oxford Gastropub Opens Tonight

October, 31, 2008

Gone is Yancy and the southern cooking. In comes G and the British flag. Stop in tonight for a pint, mate. Preview photos below the fold.

Obama Winning Over McCain at Flying Saucer

October, 13, 2008

Barack Obama has a healthy, almost 400 point lead, over John McCain in the pint glass elections.

Fourteen Bar Replaces Downtown Event Center

October, 07, 2008

Raleigh Music Hall, Martin Street Music Hall, and Downtown Event Center all Rest in Peace. You now have a new successor with the hope to survive in this fantastic, yet cursed spot in Downtown Raleigh. The bar will be called Fourteen and is located at 14 W. Martin St.

Fosters Gone Ugly - Triple X or Triple Whammy

October, 07, 2008

What to make of this. A new bar has opened in Raleigh’s Five Points with the name, Fosters Gone Ugly and by ugly, I can only assume they mean drunk and disorderly.

The Black Flower Bar Coming to Glenwood South

August, 21, 2008

Black Flower is a new Raleigh bar with the motto La Vie Boheme. More on The Black Flower Below the Fold

Cursed Location? The Hook Up MarinaBar and Resort Casts a Line onto St. Marys

August, 18, 2008

*UPDATE* One might think that any restaurant on the edge of Glenwood South should fare reasonably well.  Apparently not so.  The building at the corner of St. Mary’s and Johnson Street has an interesting track record.  The original tenant that the space was designed for, Cold Mountain Creamery, lasted two or three years before shutting down.  Cape Fear Crab Shack, which came away with nothing but good feedback, put in a similar 2+ year tenure before closing its doors.  More recently, and notwithstanding countless positive reviews, the BBQ & Ribs Co. at the same location closed down several months ago. The Hook Up Marina Bar and Resort” below the fold.

El Cerro Raleigh: Bar & Grill Coming to Mission Valley

August, 12, 2008

A member of the same family who brought us El Rodeo and Jibarra Mexican Restaurant will be opening El Cerro Bar and Grill in Mission Valley on Avent Ferry Rd. This restaurant will utilize the space formerly occupied by RockOla.

Air Guitar Championships at Deep South Bar

July, 24, 2008

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Bjorn Turoque or C-Diddy? You will have your chance to rock out without your guitar out at Deep South Bar and could win a chance to (air) perform at Downtown Live. Start learning your favorite Slayer song now.

Cameron Bar and Grill - T.G.I. Not Village Draft House

May, 12, 2008

Cameron Village has few good dining options that involve a tasty glass of wine, pint of beer, or stiff bourbon drink.  The Grape opened last year and quickly shriveled up.  It seems that Nelson’s has shut its doors but will be returning as Foster’s (the original name of the space).  Cafe Cyclo has been gone for years and the Village Draft House is, as a bartender recently told me, “just like a T.G.I.Friday’s but with the name Draft House stuck on it.”  Not my words, but I can’t disagree with that statement.  Luckily, Cameron Bar and Grill, which opened this past week, has a more sleek, minimal presence and looks to be a nice addition to the neighborhood.   

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