Sugarland Making its Way to Raleigh

October, 10, 2011
Sugarland Making its Way to Raleigh

Renowned Chapel Hill bakery set to open in Cameron Village

Fosters Closed, Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar Coming Soon

August, 10, 2011
Fosters Closed, Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar Coming Soon

Charlotte sushi/burger bar rumored to open in Cameron Village.

Spork This!: Cafe Caturra in Cameron Village

June, 04, 2010
Spork This!: Cafe Caturra in Cameron Village

Spork This! takes on the newest restaurant in Cameron Village, Cafe Caturra, home of the Neo-Pizzas.

David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar coming to Hillsborough Street

May, 04, 2010
David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar coming to Hillsborough Street

More local Asian food on Hillsborough Street, hopefully it kills the noodle chain.

Cantina 18 Now Open in Cameron Village

March, 24, 2010
Cantina 18 Now Open in Cameron Village

The newest restaurant in Cameron Village is quite tasty.

Slightly More Than a Rumor: Brixx Pizza Coming to Cameron Village

March, 19, 2010
Slightly More Than a Rumor: Brixx Pizza Coming to Cameron Village

What’ya know, another Pizza joint in the downtown Raleigh area.

Bevello Focuses on Service with New Cameron Village Boutique

July, 24, 2009
Bevello Focuses on Service with New Cameron Village Boutique

At a time when many retailers are cutting hours, cutting prices and cutting costs, bevello, a new women’s clothing store in Cameron Village, opened its doors this week with a mission to bring style, value and a great customer service experience to all who walk through the doors.

North Raleigh Great Outdoor Provision Co. Closing

April, 28, 2009

Great Outdoor will only have one Raleigh store, the current Cameron Village Location.

How our Shop-and-Spend Society Contributed to the Current Economic Meltdown ™

February, 17, 2009

Peter Eichenberger takes a look at spending, shopping malls, and our current recession. As the end of this decade will more or less mark the sixtieth birthday of pioneer shopping center Cameron Village as well as the very first credit card purchase ever, at Major’s Cabin Grill in the Empire State Building the same year, 1950, some scritchings on da money mess: With typically savage ironic synchronicity, I recently found myself at Quail Ridge Books (love the place) in a Christmas return pickle. The more I dug into what I walked out with, James Carroll’s latest, House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power, the more I was struck by parallels between the “defense” morass and the “Economic Crisis,” “Financial Crisis,” or whatever the Meltdown (TM) will be called five years from now. As the shopping center/card synthesis gelled around the same time the Department of Defense consolidated its power, the comparison is timely—and appropriate.

Put up a Parking Lot

December, 19, 2008

With an all-too familiar lack of imagination, aesthetics, history, safety and disregard for it’s own procedures City Council, in a seven to one vote (Thomas Crowder being the only renegade), sent a message about its fealty to the internal combustion engine and how easily cowed it apparently can be by a gaggle of self-indulgent youngsters staging a sit-in on the front lawn – sitting in Daddy’s cars. [Continued below the fold.]

What Business in Another City Would You Transplant to Raleigh?

December, 12, 2008

For this week’s Q&A we fantasized that the normal rules of physics didn’t apply and some fairy godmother of urban development had granted us a wish to transplant one business to Raleigh from another city. Once we got going we couldn’t shut up about the places we miss from the cities of our past, and many of us had a hard time picking just one. You know the drill: See our answers below the fold; tell us yours in the comments.

Andy’s Burgers Coming to Cameron Village?

November, 12, 2008

This sign for Andy’s Burgers, Shakes and Fries was spotted on a truck in Cameron Village outside the new Noodles & Co., where construction has been underway for months. Where is the sign headed?

Sold: Raleigh City Council

October, 15, 2008

The City Council’s reflexive, automatic, predictable approval of the Stanhope and Cameron Village towers should be illustrative enough of the meaninglessness of Raleigh’s Comprehensive Plan as to remove it from the serious list. Despite all the grand talk, it is a matter of history that a great majority of our elected officials seem possessed of the vision of a Chihuahua, the backbone of a frankfurter and the ethics of a five dollar road whore. I’m not much of a bettin’ man, but I saw this one coming so far off that there was no sense in keeping up with the news, automatic. I’m not to the level of insouciance of Joe. That’s next. Petrblt on New Raleigh

Council Votes on Cameron Village Rezoning

October, 07, 2008

Today at 1pm city council will vote on going forward with rezoning part of Cameron Village to make way for the5 to 9 4 to 8 story residential/retail mixed use project proposed by Crescent Resources LLC.  The group behind Save Cameron News is asking the council to perform an Infrastructure/Traffic Analysis in advance of any rezoning that will allow for larger structures in the area.  That same group claims to have been shut out of meetings and feels betrayed councilman and neighbor Russ Stephenson’s support for progressing the project without such analysis.

Save Cameron Village News

September, 04, 2008

The City Council just approved the Cameron Village Mixed Use Project that was opposed by many residents living in neighborhoods around the project.  Now those residents have formed a website to collect information and catalog the milestones relevant to the project.  Residents are angry for many reasons, concerned over the infrastructure impact of such a large project as well as the possiblity of monstrosities like a 12 story parking garage.  More on Save Cameron Village News Below The Fold

The Raleigh Underground on Goodnight Raleigh

July, 08, 2008

Good Night Raleigh has an excellent post on the Raleigh Underground, a late seventies, early eighties Rock club in Cameron Village, underneath where Fresh Market now sits.

New Mixed Use Project in Cameron Village

June, 20, 2008

Crescent Resources, a joint venture between Duke Energy and the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund, applied for an amendment to the Cameron Village streetscape plan, allowing for new construction up to 120 feet tall at the corner of Oberlin Road and Clark Avenue. More…