Nancy McFarlane, New Council Sworn In

December, 06, 2011

Monday night the new city council and Mayor Nancy McFarlane were sworn in by District Court Judge Jane Gray.  The event was a humble celebration for a city approaching 400,000 residents, held in the convention center lobby, a formal but Spartan affair and a reflection of the fiscal caution that marks this era.

2010: The Year In Politics

January, 03, 2011
2010: The Year In Politics

A year of Raleigh politics in five sentences.

Election Results: Charles Meeker Wins, Koopman Defeated, School Board Goes Neighborhood

October, 06, 2009
Election Results: Charles Meeker Wins, Koopman Defeated, School Board Goes Neighborhood

A rainy election day with thin turnout across the city.  Slightly over 11% of eligible voters made it to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes for Raleigh’s city elections and four of the Wake County School Board district elections. The biggest news of the day: the clean sweep by the Republican backed school board candidates who have vowed to end diversity based busing.  Chris Malone, Deborah Prickett, and Debra Goldman were all elected by a highly vocal and organized group of parents.

New Raleigh’s City Council and Board of Education Endorsements

October, 02, 2009
New Raleigh’s City Council and Board of Education Endorsements

Elections are next Tuesday for Raleigh citizens and as such your faithful NR contributors put forth their picks for city council and the board of education. David Millsaps, Khaner Walker, Betsy Kane and Steven Waters talked it over, here are their nominations for 2009 municipal and board of education elections.

R-Line Begins Service on Friday, Feb 13th

February, 05, 2009

Mayor Meeker will preside over the launch of the new downtown circulator bus service at the Raleigh Convention Center on Feb 13th, at 8:30am.

Arts Commission to Review Public Art Funding

February, 04, 2009

Designated funding for public art on the brink of approval.