Christian Karkow’s VAE Art Installation Looks Within the Mind of a Genius

October, 04, 2012

Christian Karkow is one of Raleigh’s most creative and interesting artists. Over the years, he has created art from found objects. Nothing about his art is standard. He talks at VAE on Friday about his latest piece.

Art + Technology Talk at Visual Art Exhange

November, 18, 2009
Art + Technology Talk at Visual Art Exhange

Thursday night VAE hosts artists to talk about the connections between tech and Art.

Bain Project Q&A

May, 08, 2009
Bain Project Q&A

This weekend welcomes the most innovative art initiative to ever hit Raleigh, The Bain Project. A lot of you have heard of it, and are familiar with what the group of artists are putting together. For those that are not, the project is a group of artists from different disciplines working on a collaborative site-specific art installation that will take place in an abandoned water treatment plant, the E.B. Bain Waterworks. Well… what exactly does that mean? I spoke with Daniel Kelly, the project’s creator and organizer, and asked him to help explain a little bit more about his thoughts behind the process of the project.