Little Raleigh Radio to Give Downtown Raleigh a Big Voice

July, 27, 2012

Little Raleigh Radio , an open-source radio station with a hyper-local focus is coming to Downtown Raleigh.

Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District Gets Its Own Website

March, 21, 2012

Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District is one of the fastest growing districts in downtown and has accumulated a handful of great businesses and galleries over the past few years. Now, it can add an online presence to its resume.

Obama 2012 North Carolina Headquarters Moving Into Raleigh’s Warehouse District

January, 25, 2012
Obama 2012 North Carolina Headquarters Moving Into Raleigh’s Warehouse District

Obama wants to win North Carolina in 2012 and is getting a head start in the capital city again. The campaign opened their Charlotte HQ this month but at the end of this week, they will start moving their main state HQ into the Warehouse District.

New Raleigh Presents Between Me and You, Works By Brittain Peck at Designbox

May, 19, 2011
New Raleigh Presents Between Me and You, Works By Brittain Peck at Designbox

We will be presenting an art show on the first friday in June at Designbox.

PBaRt v2.0 Show Friday at Designbox

May, 03, 2011
PBaRt v2.0 Show Friday at Designbox

Fire, bands, acrobatic fashion, PBR, Onionhead Monster and more? Yes, please!

Insta-Greetings from Raleigh Friday at Designbox

March, 30, 2011
Insta-Greetings from Raleigh Friday at Designbox

Photos of Raleigh from Cheryl Gottschall and also through the lens of iPhones around the city.

Designbox Retail Shop Now Open

February, 03, 2011
Designbox Retail Shop Now Open

Designbox Shop opens for a year-round selection of local goods.

SPARKcon 2011 First Meeting on Monday

January, 12, 2011
SPARKcon 2011 First Meeting on Monday

Sparks will fly again in Downtown Raleigh in September.

Brand Fandango at Designbox Open All Week Until Christmas

December, 21, 2010
Brand Fandango at Designbox Open All Week Until Christmas

Brand Fandango is back for another year of local holiday gifts.

The First Friday Agenda: November 2010

November, 05, 2010
The First Friday Agenda: November 2010

Big, graphic things, in the city tonight.

PBaRt Show and Concert Friday at Designbox

May, 04, 2010
PBaRt Show and Concert Friday at Designbox

Storm Squad, retro photo booth, Locopops, PBR, art, music. All at Designbox on Friday night.

Squirrel Flash Mob Tonight

December, 31, 2009
Squirrel Flash Mob Tonight

Where there are acorns, there are sure to be squirrels.

Shotbox Featuring Crumb Opening at Designbox Friday

November, 30, 2009
Shotbox Featuring Crumb Opening at Designbox Friday

As hinted last week, Crumb and Coffee is indeed coming to downtown and will open this coming Friday.

Giant Donkey Kong in Raleigh

June, 26, 2009
Giant Donkey Kong in Raleigh

Those slick designers at designbox get retro.

The First Friday Agenda March 2009

March, 05, 2009

A piece from Penned by Aimee Andrea A huge first Friday.  Lump hosts Penned, a traveling group show that can be previewed here on Flickr Designbox has some beautiful new stuff by Luke Miller Buchanan. The Collectors Gallery hosts the wood-fired pottery of Daniel Johnston. Visual Art Exchange presents “Pulp,” an exhibit of large, unframed works on paper. First Friday Map and Guide to the Art Exhibitions >