Downtown to Light Up on December 10

November, 26, 2008

In the light, everybody needs the light.

Stuff Consignment Website, Sale and Holiday Party

November, 25, 2008

Just in time for the holiday season, Stuff Consignment revamps for another year of retail in downtown Raleigh.

Frank Harmon Unveils Sustainable Addition for Downtown Raleigh Church

November, 25, 2008

For an architect, a historic church renovation might sound like a snooze of a commission amongst the more high-profile ongoing projects in town (like a new building for the country’s largest art museum campus or the library for North Carolina State’s technolopolis, Centennial Campus). But when Frank Harmon’s studio turns to such a project here, the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Raleigh, the results are quite impressive. See Downtown Raleigh’s newest, greenest design by Frank Harmon, Architect.    

Last Minute Alert: Speak Your Mind on Public Transit!

November, 20, 2008

The City of Raleigh is planning a new bus line that will provide service in a loop around the Downtown and Glenwood South areas in 2009.  A public forum will be held today at 3:30pm to discuss the new route.

The Pit’s New Lunch Menu

November, 11, 2008

Burgers, meatloaf and BBQ fries. Yum!

Capital City Grocery - What’s the Deal?

November, 10, 2008

The shelves have been staying empty lately… what’s the deal?

Downtown Raleigh Election 2008 Recap

November, 06, 2008

As mentioned yesterday, there was a convergence of two large crowds at the corner of Hargett and Wilmington Streets after the election was announced for Obama. This was not the first time this election season saw a bit of energy in downtown Raleigh.

Handmade Market Saturday at Marbles

November, 05, 2008

Another year, another fabulous handmade market in downtown, this year at Marbles Kids Museum. Should be quite colorful!

Downtown Raleigh Election Celebrations

November, 05, 2008

From Shaw students singing at The Capital Building to The Raleigh Times spilling into the streets, downtown was full of sights and sounds after the election.

Downtown Raleigh Election Watch Parties

November, 03, 2008

Below the fold are a few different election night parties at local bars/restaurants.

Obama’s Speech in Raleigh

October, 31, 2008

On Wednesday, October 29th, Barack Obama held a rally in downtown Raleigh, just six days before the 2008 election. Approximately 28,000 supporters poured into Halifax Mall, the otherwise vacant green space covering the parking deck for the government complex, to hear the presidential candidate’s message of hope and unity. Obama’s Raleigh Speech below the fold.

James Taylor Moore Square Sound Check

October, 21, 2008

A few lucky fans were given a treat this morning in Moore Square, an intimate (and open) sound check by Mr. James Taylor.

Dos Taquitos Centro Year Anniversary Party

October, 01, 2008
Dos Taquitos Centro Year Anniversary Party

Has it only been one year since Dos Taquitos opened its second location on Wilmington Street in Downtown Raleigh? Next week, they’ll celebrate their first year with a big party full of dancing, drink specials and Mariachis!

The Oxford Gastropub to Replace Yancy’s in Downtown Raleigh

September, 17, 2008

It was only a matter of time after Yancy’s closed its doors before someone would jump at the opportunity to grab up the massive space it occupied at the bottom of The Hudson. Already fit up for food service, it will soon be home to The Oxford, a restaurant more than a few miles from home.

Annuals Tour with Minus the Bear, Play Lincoln Theatre

August, 05, 2008

Annuals are becoming a daily thing around these parts. It seems we haven’t been able to go a week without mentioning a new album, a date at Raleigh Wide Open, a new album from their alter ego, and now a full US tour with Minus the Bear including a stop at Lincoln Theatre in Downtown Raleigh.

Annuals and The Bowerbirds Talk 2008, Coachella and SXSW

January, 31, 2008

All the talk about Raleigh’s music scene rising from the ashes could use some boost in the early part of the year 2008.  When discussing local music scenes, it is evident that Raleigh needs to step outside of the shadow that Chapel Hill sheds over it.  To do this, it may need to ride on the shoulder of a couple of local “giants”, while the scene slowly builds back up.  Although not necessarily considered giants (yet), Annuals and The Bowerbirds each received a good amount of national recognition in the year 2007.  Both have fantastic debut albums and both are traveling across the country to very well known festivals this spring.  I spoke with Mike Robinson, the bass player for Annuals and Phil Moore from The Bowerbirds about the year ahead for both bands. Annuals, Bowerbirds and new Video

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