Heads on Sticks -  Oak City Version

January, 26, 2010
Heads on Sticks -  Oak City Version

David Mueller’s aural reflections on Raleigh.

Garland Jones - Last Night Standing

May, 06, 2009
Garland Jones - Last Night Standing

If Garland Jones was for lovers, it would be the haters that are rejoicing tonight.

R.I.P. Garland Jones

April, 30, 2009
R.I.P. Garland Jones

The Garland Jones Building in downtown Raleigh has seen its last day.

Garland Jones Building Loses its Marbles

April, 08, 2009
Garland Jones Building Loses its Marbles

The day that some of us have been dreading for a while is finally here. The Garland Jones Building in downtown Raleigh is, as of today, finally being deconstructed.

Garland Jones on WUNC’s The State of Things

January, 16, 2009

Jon Zellweger takes his New Raleigh essay on the air. Audio below the fold.

Everything Comes At A Price - A Living Eulogy For The Garland Jones Office Building

January, 14, 2009
Everything Comes At A Price - A Living Eulogy For The Garland Jones Office Building

This article was originally posted almost exactly one year ago, on February 15, 2008. Since then, there has been little fight to save the building and in the last few weeks before its demolition, a handful of sources are starting to identify with the historical aspects of the building. In only 2 more years it would be eligible for nomination to Historic Registers but sadly it will make way for a massive Justice Center that could have been built around it. Clearscapes Architect Jon Zellweger, who wrote the original article, has been quoted in the News and Observer recently regarding the building and will be on WUNC’s The State of Things on Friday.  It is with all the influx of new information that we present to you the original article in its full glory.